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The Extermination of Whites in Europe: “We Are the Last 3 German Children in Our School.”

3h343-bildThere are now only three German children left in the Jens-Nydahl-Grundschule in Kreuzberg, Berlin—a shocking demonstration of how Europe is being ethnically cleansed by Third World immigration.

A story in the Bild magazine on the development was headlined: “We are the last 3 German children in our German school. The rest are Muslims.”

Kreuzberg in Berlin has long been a destination for Turkish immigration into the German capital, and now the inevitable point has been reached where Germans have been ethnically cleansed from that part of the city.

In the playground Talina (11), Svenja (11) and Jason (9) can’t understand a word. Because, here, their classmates only speak Turkish and Arabic, the Bild article continued.

Here 99 percent of the 313 pupils have an immigrant (Muslim) background. For 285 of those, the parents receive financial support from the state.

Talina is in the 6th year. “When she first went to school, she could read and write her first words. Her fellow pupils couldn’t say ‘Thank you’, ‘Please’ or ‘Good morning’,” says her mother Mara M. (45).

The German children are teased about being ‘pork eaters’. Her classmate Svenja: “I wish there were more pupils who could speak my language.” Jason’s mother says: “It’s not good that there are so few German children at the school.”

A teacher was quoted by Bild as saying: “We have tried in vain to get Germans in the school. Now we’re concentrating on the clientele that we have. In the canteen, there is no more pork.”

Kreuzberg is now the largest Turkish city outside of Turkey and is known as “Kleine Istanbul” (Little Istanbul).

According to Berlin government statistics, 90 percent of the inhabitants of certain areas of Kreuzberg live below the poverty level and subsist on taxpayer handouts—making a mockery of the liberal claim that immigration into Europe is needed to “keep the pension system and economy running.”


  1. This problem will only be addressed, wen we force the mainstream media and mainstream politicians to call this for what it is, ethnic cleansing and genocide.

    This is perhaps the most important task facing us, calling “immigration” and “multiculturalism” what they REALLY are, the processes by which white genocide and ethnic cleansing are carried out.

    It is such a shame to see this happening in Europe, and it is a travesty that this doesn’t get more attention. In Melbourne, there are some schools which are almost completely Asian.

    I will bet, that any school in Germany which is just Turkish, just like schools in Australia which are just Asian, are considered “diverse”.

    100% whites = no diversity.
    50% white = On the way to diversity
    100% non-white, single ethnic group = diverse.

    1. I’ve been calling this genocide and ethnic cleansing for some time now, under the terms of the ‘United Nations protection of indigenious people’, this is classed as genocide. People are slowly waking up but I’m afraid it’s all to late.

      1. so true, just a point to note about this pathetic media. Watch music videos that are made by african american, almost all black singers have only blacks! While white singers tend to have a mixture!…… WTF!! I definitely know who is racist here!!!!!

        1. Yes I have pointed this out to people many times. An ethnic dance troupe on the
          telly is allowed to be all Indian, all Chinese, all African, but if it is white dancing then there has to be a couple of non whites, invariably blacks.

      2. I am was born and raised in Germany until 6 years ago I decided to move to the States (I am 26 now). My country is going through a genocide and ethnic cleansing for as long as I can remember. The muslims in my high school always started fights with german boys, drank a lot of alcohol and used drugs. I am ashamed calling myself German, after my Government has let us Germans down so badly. Some people look at me, while I live here in America and say to me: “You are just as much of an immigrant here in America as they are in Germany.” I AM NOT. This is the biggest bullshit I have ever heard someone saying to me. I pay taxes, go to college, have a job, am very educated and speak the language perfectly. I do not demand, and I do not lower education standards in America, but rather higher it, nor do I live off any government financial systems. If my (german) government is not going to stop this genocide, I will renounce my german citizenship and become an American.

        1. It will get better, don’t worry. People are waking up and there’s soon gonna be a revolution in Central Europe.
          Take a look at what PEGIDA are doing.

  2. this is genocide by stealth and if white Europeans do not wake up and put a stop to this we are is bad enough that hard working non muslim families have to endure this rediculas situation but they should not be forced to pay for it adding insult to there own destruction..

    1. you just nailed it, islam will be a devastaing influence to Europe, just look at the way Mohamad did his wars, dirty tactics, lies, deceit in order to further his political system (islam). And now beheadings in the middle of London by a man shouting “Allah Akbar”. Too few people actually read the full length of the Quran. THIS IS NOT A PEACEFUL POLITICAL/RELIGION!!

  3. If we American’s don’t wake up & look around us we are going to be next it is knocking at our back door & noone is even paying attention!! Wake up America smell the roses listen to the trash u r being told from our top leader down read between the lines u r just so worried about YOU, MONEY, THINGS, start worrying about the BIG picture USA & WHAT is happening around you!! Look at what is going ipon in Sou Africa over 3000000 white people killed for NO REASON by the BLACKS & NOONE is doing anything about it NICE isn’t it!!! Our PRES was NOT at all welcome on his visit there by the whites!! Open your eyes, & your minds & THINK & DO SOMETHING NOW!!!

    1. Hi Joy! I just wanted to clarify some of the things you said. I am a white South African. There is a genocide of white farmers going on in SA, 3000 farmers have been killed since the ANC government came into power. There is also public anti-white racist hate speech by the president who sings “kill the boer”, even though this song has been banned as hate speech. There are also racist anti-white hiring laws which have displaced several hundred thousand whites into squatter camps. Gregory Stanton form Genocide Watch ingternational placed the white population of South Africa on stage 6 out of 8 stages of genocide at the end of 2012.

      Re Obama: It was actually the muslims and the blacks who were involved in anti-Obama protests when he came to visit here. However, any enlightened person regardless of race could be against Obama and any of the other illuminati puppet presidents all over the world for several reasons.

      As far as I am concerned, sanctions against the racist communist ANC government are in order. Please refer to the following websites to see what is going on in SA: and

      1. Hallo Anon
        The real figures are as follows:
        As from 1994 to date more than 370 000
        People has been killed in South Africa.
        70 000 of those where white people of which
        3000 where white farmers. The rape statistics
        is not far behind. I am also a South African.
        We the white minority makes for roughly 10 percent of the population, by my logic that means
        if there wasn’t a white genocide that only 3700
        White should have been murdered since 1994.

        1. I hate the way this sounds but there has been unrest in Africa in general for hundred’s of years. I don’t know much of what goes on except for what I see on the news obviously nothing is going to change, the USA is run by a bunch of pumped up nothings, so don’t count on being rescued or even helped. I’m sorry for the situation/race war you are in but if you cant win move

      2. Hi there, as we were told in SA, if you don’t like it get out! Well that is exactly what I did. Yes, I am white and VERY proud to be so and I was NOT prepared to live under a black incompetent racist government. God help all my fellow white compatriots in South Africa for what is and what is coming.

      3. I totally agree with you I feel the white race all over the world is being eradicated. If we speak out we are told we are racist.

    2. Joy you are correct. If you can forward this to as many people as you know. I blog every week on the Issues of Islam and Sharia. Islam is not a religion of peace, as Ayaan Hirsi Ali, former Muslim that has debated this issue for years and won every debate. America is still asleep on the issue, although the recent Hollywood demonstration helps get it into mainstream news for us.

  4. I was in Berlin in 1969 and it was a great place but now its more like the east end of London, Tower hamlets, Whitechapel, Bethnal Green and a few other estates in the capital which is full of muslim hate preachers. Their are other towns in Germany that are being overloaded with Bulgarian and Romanian Gypsies with one aim Free Housing and the 160 euros per child,so not only is the muslim caliphate in operation also the cleansing from the other countries of the scum they want to ofload to the west

    1. Tis a sad thing you say. Its the crap “Political Correctness” that seems to be doing this type of damage, in addition a disturbing observation i made is that the general society seems to be making laws that affect the greater population for the few misfits in our beautiful society! Just plain wrong!
      Imigration the way i see it= if you come to my house, i will respect for who you are but at the end of the day do not change my house to suit you! and this is what is happening.

  5. The Germans asked for it. They bought into the whole population myth and stopped having children. They imported Turks to do the jobs that they didn’t or couldn’t do. They have committed racial suicide.
    All of Europe will look similar very soon.

    1. When so many of us said this would happen the majority called us paranoid and conspiracy nutz

      NOW what will that majority do when their women and children cant even go out in daylight anymore?

    2. They did NOT “ask for it”. THat is like blaming the rape victim.

      They wanted Labour, sure.

      They “thought” they would get that labour AND help people at the same time. Why not? But … those people they helped are helping ONLY themselves.

      Without the benefit of what we now see, who would have thought it was an INVASION?

      We have immigrants here too – ONLY the Muslims cause any real trouble. AALL of the experience with immigration UP UNTIL MUSLIMS, was that they integrated and after a generation, fit in quite well and lived in harmony.

    3. Totally agree. I am an ex South African and now living in Germany (EU citizen, German parents) I cannot believe the complacency of the German population! It is like they are in a trance/comatosed, with NO idea what our politicians are doing. NSA, black north African illegal immigration, soft soaping of Islam, pro anything and everything, you name it. They are terrified to say NO to anything just in case they are branded “racist” or THE worst for them “Nazis” It is almost like they are willingly committing racial/cultural/religious and financial suicide. What in heavens name is happening in Germany/ Europe?

  6. Even my very liberal German (one is a German National, one is an American married to said German) friends call the Turks, “Schwarzes.”

    What goes around, comes around- we wouldn’t call Negroes ‘Other’ sixty years ago, and thought they would ‘Americanize,’ while the Europeans called us invented terms, like ‘racist.’

    Who’s the ‘racist’ now?

    OK, enough blame. Solution? America for Americans, Europe for Europeans, African for Africans, etc. Admit your mistake, and ship em ALL back to where they belong,… with NO MORE FOREIGN AID.

  7. Just my two cents, but there is a consequence to taxing the daylights out of wage earners.
    I cannot say I have the solution but when a couple makes decisions about reproduction, they cannot ignore the impact on their post-tax compensation.
    Germany needs a supply-side solution. Reduce taxes so that people have the option of more children. I do not know if it will resolve the issue; but at least it is worth a try.

  8. America and Canada must learn this lesson of the influx of Muslim refugees who will one day soon overtake both countries . The Koran tells them that followers of allah own the whole lands of the world and there is no such thing as a country. America better smarten up especially that we have a Muslim president.

    1. Angel you too are correct with your comments. Most of America families are simply too busy working two jobs, just to survive. They have no time for research or to get involved. I use to be that way. However, since Islam is not a religion of peace, and the fact that they lie, and “theprojectmuslimbrotherhood” is alive and well, i.e, the doctrine to destroy us from within, speaks volumes.

  9. It’s scary how far it has been taken

    I think more of us white women need to also wake up and realize we can help!

    Date your own men and respect and value yourself and your culture

  10. There used to be a running joke in the UK that, as immigration from the former British colonies became ever more the torrential flood it is today, you would be left with a strange dichotomy in every British classroom come Xmas time – with half the class at the front, practicing the Nativity play…………..while the ‘other’ half would be at the back, slaughtering a goat!
    Well, SOME British classrooms now speak over 50 different languages,SOME British cities now have whites firmly listed as a ‘minority’ group……………and NOBODY is laughing at said joke anymore.

  11. Don’t blame liberals, blame yourself. If white people made enough children there would be no room for the non white ones that their governments could import. Making children is the only answer and solution here but seems like white people don’t have balls to do that. Whining on internet doesn’t help at all it just makes us look even more pathetic.

  12. Europe you brought it into your selves and you deserve it, the worst is yet to come, I can’t believe how cowards and stupid you are to let such a bunch of ignorant bastards threaten your culture and way of living , have some dignity and do something about it or stop whining like babies.

    1. “Europe you brought it into your selves and you deserve it”

      We never voted for mass immigration and all that. You say that we deserve something, let’s see: If the Chinese invaded your country, replaced your people with mass immigration, I’m sure that there would be Chinese people who would happily argue “Your country brought it onto itself and your country deserves it.” That is bad logic, my friend.

      “a bunch of ignorant bastards threaten your culture and way of living”

      They threaten us, but again it is not the fault of the broad masses of the people. We are brainwashed into thinking that we are doing something good: many of us believe that the disappearance of the European people is good, but they do not realise that in fact White genocide is implied; the propaganda is quite good, I must admit that.

      “have some dignity and do something about it or stop whining like babies.”

      We need to talk about stuff in order to solve it. Help us if you want. You can wake people up and make them do something about the invasions into Europe. Good luck.

  13. We do have a devastating weapon . Our culture. THe human yearning to be free. The fight in Russia loved and wanted western culture. The Egyptians cant put that back in the bottle. In Iraq there is a fight to stave off 16th century Islam. Ask the Chinease or Indian govt’ can you take freedom from a people who have tasted it? That’s why islam cant allowy cell phones and the internet for their children. The poison bullet in in their youth.

  14. I lived in Berlin in the late 80’s even then you didn’t venture into Kreuzberg. It was a Turkish enclave and not safe. I can only imagine what it is like now. When immigrants to assimilate this is what happens. Advanced countries cannot continually accept the poor and wretched without consequences. Why move to a country for a better life and not assimilate? England will soon have this issue with Muslims and the US will follow within the next decade.

  15. Just another example of the liberal agenda. Does anything else really need to be said. The US will be overun by illegals before this is all over.. Wait, it already is.. So much for the parading peace keeping hippie ideals of the liberal mind.

  16. Most people in the West are in a comatose state of mind, mainly due to the pro immigration/integration rubbish the neo-lib media spews out all day long. This obviously suites Governments because it dumbs the population down, which in turn makes it easier for them to be controlled and to push laws onto them without encountering resistance.

  17. It used to be that immigrants came to a new country to work hard and make a better life, now they just flock in for the free money and have no interest in assimilation, indeed they insist that the country they have moved to accommodate their own views and culture. In the US it is exactly the same, go to many schools in southern California and you will see nothing but Mexican kids whose parents subsist on welfare and other government handouts.

  18. Having more white children will not stop foreign immigration, it will only make it more crowded. The places they are coming from rely on aid from western countries and the last 3 generations have survived at high percentage rates because of antibiotics, while NOT practicing birth control.
    A woman might have 5 children, carried to term, but only 2 would reach adulthood. Now, we monitor so there are fewer miscarriages, we hospitalize the mothers so they do not die in childbirth and we make sure that all the babies survive. It is our fault for doing so, so we get to feed and clothe way too many of them, either legally or illegally.
    The invasion of the US and Europe must stop, the only way to do so is to stop the aid. We are only creating expensive pets that we get to take care of. The ones that have the gumption to build something will be welcome in their own countries and should help their own.

  19. The point is why do the parents of those children make their kids go to such a school. There is no way I would have sent my children to a school like that. The girls will now probably end up as race mixers and the lad a red wanker or dead all because their parents are uncaring.


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