The Flooding of America

New nonwhite “immigrants” to America now form over 25 percent of the population in six states, and over 15 percent of the population in 16 states—making up a total 61 million people.

All of these “immigrants” have come to the US since 1970, pushing the white element of the US population down from 84 percent to less than 62 percent today.


The extent of the nonwhite invasion was revealed in a new analysis of the US’s racial demographics conducted by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), which called into question the country’s ability to absorb the immigrant flood in schools and the job market.

According to the interactive maps unveiled by the CIS, there were no states in 1970 that recorded immigrant populations over 15 percent.

Today one third of the nation’s states register over 15 percent immigrant: California, Nevada, Texas, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Washington, Arizona, Illinois, Maryland, Georgia, Virginia, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Delaware, and Oregon.

And the population of immigrants and their children in six states are over 25 percent immigrant: California, Nevada, Texas, Florida, New York, and New Jersey.

California, for example, went from 13 percent immigrant in 1970 to over 37 percent last year. Texas went from 5 percent to 25 percent over that same period.

Referring to their earlier analysis that 61 million legal and illegal immigrants and their children are in the country, the experts wrote, “The numbers represent a complete break with the recent history of the United States. As recently as 1970, there were only 13.5 million immigrants and their young children in the country, accounting for one in 15 US residents.”

But since 2000, the number of immigrants has increased 18.4 million, and now nearly one of every five US residents is an immigrant.

The 61 million figure included an estimated 15.7 million who are illegally resident.

The CIS analysis found that 45.3 million, or three-fourths of the 61 million, are legal immigrants and their children, illustrating once again that legal Third World immigration is in fact a far greater threat to America than illegal immigration.

“These numbers raise profound questions that are seldom even asked: What number of immigrants can be assimilated? What is the absorption capacity of our schools, health care system, infrastructure, and labor market? What is the effect on the environment and quality of life from significantly increasing the nation’s population density?” the CIS Director of Research, Steven Camarota, wrote.

“With 45 million legal immigrants and their young children already here, does it make sense to continue admitting more than one million new legal permanent immigrants every year?” he added.

“The number of immigrants and their young children grew six times faster than the nation’s total population from 1970 to 2015—353 percent vs. 59 percent,” he added.

“The number of immigrants and their minor children from 1970 to 2015 has been nothing short of astonishing,” Camarota said, providing three examples:

— In Georgia, this population grew 3,058 percent (from 55,000 to 1.75 million), 25 times faster than the overall state population.

— In Nevada, this population grew 3,002 percent (from 26,000 to 821,000), six times faster than the overall state population.

— In North Carolina, this population grew 2,937 percent (from 47,000 to 1.43 million), 30 times faster than the overall state population.

It is clear that unless this growth is not only halted, but reversed, America will slip into a nonwhite majority far earlier than previous predictions.

This will occur despite the real numbers of whites in America actually increasing, from 169,622,593 in 1970 to 196,817,552 in 2010.

This white increase is, however, being steadily outpaced by the nonwhite growth, which is primarily being fed by legal immigration—which remains the single largest threat to the existence of America as a First World nation.

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  1. You`re doing a great job there Obummer old lad !
    Whites will be outbred in no time at all.
    Rest assured we won`t forget.
    Your name`s on the list with Merkel, Junker,Tusk et al.

    1. This all started much much earlier than the current Bolshevik-in-Chief Obama, Obomba is just mopping up now. The plans to destroy any and all White European peoples around the world has been in progress for centuries.
      But here’s an idea; let’s all just keep talking, writing, reading, and hoping this will all end when somebody comes along and actually does something about it.

  2. They can’t be assimilated. They have an extremely low level of self control. They also have very low intelligence. If that were not so then the places they come from would not be chaotic hells.

  3. The quality of American life is dropping….nobody overseas even wants to watch these multicultural movies. You would think Hollywood would get a fkn clue but they insist on doing the wrong things even harder.

    1. Overseers watch: Indeed

      Those wrong Hollyweird things be just Protocol, by design, enslaving the unwary one sheep at a time, The Bolshevik holohoaxes and crimes down every line, this be the time to eliminate the earthly slime.

  4. I was vey naïve growing up in the U.S. As far back as thirty years ago, I was constantly hearing anti white talk from non-Caucasian foriegners in all kinds of places including my places of employment. Yet, neither I nor any of my fellow white workers,ever talked cr-p about them.

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