The “Helping Europe’s Economy” Myth Smashed Again as Dutch Government Report Reveals Nonwhite Invader Parasitism

The myth that “immigration is necessary to bolster European economies” has been smashed yet again by an official report which shows that nonwhite invaders in Holland mostly live off state welfare instead of contributing to the economy.


The report, produced by the Dutch government’s socio-cultural think tank SCP, shows that the unemployment rate among nonwhite invaders in Holland is more than triple that of the white Dutch people.

Young Moroccans in particular, most of whom, the report says, leave school without any qualifications, are some of the worst offenders, with an unemployment rate—and a state welfare use rate—of well over 50 percent.

According to the report, invaders who moved to the Netherlands as “refugees” are the most likely to live on welfare benefits. Half of Somali “refugees”, for example, claim welfare.

One in seven adults and one in four children with a “non-western” background live in poverty, the report says.

The report did, of course, blame white people for the situation, claiming that “people with a minority background are more likely to be out of work than the native Dutch even if they have the same qualifications”—as if there is some type of grand conspiracy to discriminate against the invaders, which there is not.

If anything, the liberal state bends over backwards to promote and preferentially treat the nonwhite invaders, and their unemployment rate is simply the result of biologically-based differences in IQ and psychology.

The far leftist  Deputy Prime Minister of the Netherlands and Minister of Social Affairs and Employment  Lodewijk Asscher said in his response to the report that the “picture painted by the report is dramatic” and then proceeded to blame white Dutch people for discriminating against Moroccans in particular.

Asscher promised to soon publish a “tough package of measures to tackle discrimination at work, especially during the recruitment process.”

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  1. No surprise here; however, you are not factoring points of the one percent. The one percent hates well fare and doesn’t care if it is destroyed. It’s also not their money. The one percent benefits from immigration because it lowers wages, increases unemployment, and more bodies means more money to make from services, like shopping, groceries, rentals, etc. It’s despicable and short-sighted.

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