The Knockout Game Questions That Must Be Answered

Matt Quain.
Matt Quain.

By Joe Adams from the White Voice. Why is it that when Blacks commit mass organized violence it isn’t considered terrorism or racism but instead a “game” with hundreds of their enabling advocates coming to the rescue making excuse after excuse for their abhorrent behavior?

On the rare occasion that White Americans commit senseless acts of interracial violence it is a national scandal. In fact, the instances of this happening are so scarce that the media makes non-Whites White just for the sake of pushing their anti-White agenda.

Here are some images of victims, Whites or otherwise, of the knockout game that the media doesn’t want you to see.

Meet Matt Quain of St. Louis Missouri who was taking his normal trip to the grocery store before a pack of petulant black thugs viciously attacked him leaving him in a pool of his own blood.

This story garnered a comment from St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay: “These individuals have absolutely no respect for human life.”

But why is it that Mr. Quain, a pizza parlor worker was attacked? Was it for money? Was it for fun? Or was be because he was White?

How about Mark Cumberland of Virginia who out of the kindness of his altruistic heart offered to give one of the black thugs a cigarette? Mark said sure! Went to give the terrorist a bummed square and later woke up seeing stars. He told his story on a local CBS affiliate:

Wanna know something really sick about the negro knockout game?

Its that most of the victims are too terrified to show their faces. That’s right, people who were unassumingly walking down a city street are afraid of retaliation at the hands of vicious non-White terrorists.

A 79-year-old woman was walking down the street before having these terrorists mob her and beat her face in for no good reason whatsoever. She was afraid to tell her story, embarrassed to show her face, and her own daughter did a blackout interview where she was unidentifiable. The key about the clip to the right is that NYC Police commissioner Ray Kelly admitted that these are acts of interracial violence. He acknowledged that the game is called (as it originally was) “Polar Bear Hunting.”

Now lets get to the nitty gritty and ask the questions that must be asked.

1. Why are acts of senseless violence considered a “game” when blacks do it? Does their race qualify acts of ideologically organized terrorism anymore benign than if, say, Whites did it? If Whites were doing this Obama would be giving statements from the White House lawn, Holder would be holding press conferences, Sharpton would be organizing national protests in every major city, and the media wouldn’t stop covering it. It would be considered a hate crime, not a child’s game.

2. Why did it take having a Jewish victim of black terrorism for an epidemic that we all knew about for a year now to get attention? Also, does having a gentile victim make the crime any less hateful? Why is it that when Jews are viciously assaulted it merits the attention of the hate crimes task force but when countless White victims were subjugated to the same crimes on exponential proportions it was called a “racist conspiracy theory?”

3. Why is it that the media continues to identify the perpetrators as “youths” or “teens” implying that this organized violence is somehow an age-related problem and not a black-related problem? We were all teenagers at one point in time and sure, perhaps we were up to mischievous activities but I am willing to bet that none of those activities included bashing in the faces of unassuming pedestrians. The media is continually insulting the common sense of their viewers. Have they opened pandora’s box?


4. Is the widespread coverage of this black terrorism epidemic a part of something bigger? I personally do not believe that the coverage of this story is coincidentally coinciding with the recent wave of race hysteria as promoted by Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama, Trayvon Martin, Barney’s department store, and other racial arsonists. Is the media and are the powers that be setting us up for something bigger that is contrived or has the combustible multicultural  balloon been filled to capacity?

5. Why is it that there are dozens of black apologists lining up to make excuses for this inexcusable behavior? They claim that lack of jobs or education are at the root of the problem here but that just isn’t the case. Terrorizing people does not achieve getting hired or graduating high school. When Whites, on rare occasion if ever, commit senseless interracial violence nobody ever makes excuses.

6. Finally, when are White people in America going to decide that they have had enough? When is enough enough or when is enough too much? We understand that there are always going to be insidious individuals who to their core are reprehensible but it is becoming more and more obvious that there is an organized war on White people in this country. We have given American-Africans over 50 years to assess the content of their character, and rightfully so. We said that no longer should we judge people based on the color of their skin and it was time to offer American-Africans who were here through no fault of their individual own a seat at the table. We’ve answered the call of civil rights leaders of the mid 20th century for 50 years now to judge the content of their character and quite frankly, the content of their character sucks.

By Joseph Adams, Author of : “Murdering Multiculturalism: A candid conversation on how cultural and racial diversity is destroying America” and host of “The White Voice” podcast.

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  1. I’ll try to answer your ?’s the best I can:

    A large % of blacks lack morals and discipline, even blacks are aware of this. Young, teenage black kids are raised by unfit parents in a dysfunctional environment. These blacks DO NOT know how nor do they want to function as normal people. To do so means they’d be acting white or like white people. Older blacks teach the younger blacks this all thru their childhood. Even during the 60’s (the so-called civil rights era), blacks claimed/demanded integration but at the same time displayed a hatred for whites. These conversations took place when white ppl weren’t around. So blacks were fighting for something that they were against. For black people, the civil rights movement meant for whites/white supremecy groups to act civil toward blacks. No lynchings and attacks on blacks. The movement didn’t really insist or demand for blacks to be civil at all. In fact the majority of blacks who followed/believed/participated in the movement became their own worst enemies. And they made life a living hell for other black people.

    These blacks became a problem in black neighborhoods. So much so that while they were busy trying to integrate with whites, a large number of blacks weren’t capable of living together as couples because they had a “do what I wanna do” attitude. For all of those years and til this very day, blacks feel as though they’re entitled to do anything they want. No matter what it is. Any crime committed by blacks is blamed on racism and slavery, even if they are guilty. Black so-called leaders come out in droves to support criminal-like behavior because they’ve been doing this since the civil rights era. Protecting criminals/criminal behavior is what so-called leaders do because more than half of them are/were criminals themselves. Black so-called leaders were raised in dysfunctional homes with/among unfit adults.

    Jesse Jackson is the result of a rape. His mother was raped by an older

  2. black neighbor. Jesse blames all of his problems on whites, racism, and slavery, even his mom’s rape. Jesse has had issues for years. There’s a openly gay black male who has a lawsuit against Jesse for sexual discrimination and loss wages. You can read about online. The guy’s name is Tommy Bennett. You won’t hear an uproar among blacks about this because blacks don’t like to uncover immoral nor criminal behavior. Al Sharpton’s another so-called leader who’s just as crooked. His dad began a sexual relationship with Al’s step-sister. Have you seen Al lately? He looks like an AIDS-infested crackhead. Anyway, I have to go now. I have some housework and cooking to do but I will return to finish what I srarted. Promise.

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