The Myth of the “White Male Mass Shooter” in America: Actually, 50% have been Nonwhite

Fifty percent of all the mass shootings in America since the Columbine incident were carried out by nonwhites, a statistic which lays waste to the myth that “white males” are responsible for this phenomenon.

A review of all the mass shooting incidents in the US, carried out by the New Observer, shows that proportionately, nonwhites make up far more mass shooters than do whites, and that a disproportionately large number have been Asians.

The claim that whites are responsible for mass shootings in America has often been made in the controlled media, all as part of their ongoing anti-white racist campaign.

Yet, of the 22 mass shooters recorded since Columbine, two were American Indians, one was South Korean, one was Palestinian, one was Vietnamese, one was Black, one was mixed-race, two were Pakistani, one was an Afghan, and one was Hispanic.

Of the remaining 12, at least one was Jewish or part-Jewish, while another appeared to be a Hispanic born in the US who for all intents passed as “white.”

The full list of mass shootings since Columbine is as follows:

– February 14, 2018: Hispanic Nikolas Cruz kills 17 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.  (His former teacher said he had a “pride issue” with his Hispanic background and “didn’t feel comfortable in his own skin, in his culture.”)

– January 23, 2018: White 15-year-old Gabe Parker killed two students and injured 18 others at the Marshall County High School in Benton, Kentucky.

– October 1, 2017: White Stephen Paddock opens fire on a concert crowd in Las Vegas, killing 58 and injuring 851.

– November 5, 2017: White Devin Patrick Kelley kills 26 and injures 20 in a shooting at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

– June 12, 2016: Afghani-origin Omar Mateen kills 49 and injures 58 in a mass shooting at a homosexual nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

– December 2, 2015: Pakistani-origin couple Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik kill 14 and injure 22 in a shooting at a San Bernardino County Department of Public Health training event and Christmas party.

– November 2015: White Robert Lewis kills 3 in a shooting at a Colorado Planned Parenthood (abortion) clinic.

– October 1, 2015: Mixed race Chris Harper-Mercer kills 9 and injures 8 at a shooting at the Umpqua Community College shooting near Roseburg, Oregon.

– June 17, 2015: White Dylann Roof kills 9 at a Charleston, South Carolina church.

– October 24, 2014: American Indian Jaylen Fryberg kills 4 and wounds one at the Marysville Pilchuck High School in Marysville, Washington.

– September 16, 2013: Black Aaron Alexis kills 12 and injures 3 at a shooting at the headquarters of the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) inside the Washington Navy Yard in Southeast Washington, D.C.

– August 5, 2012: White Wade Michael Page kills 6 and wounds four at a shooting at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.

– December 14, 2012: White Adam Lanza kills 27 and injures dozens more at the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

– July 20, 2012: White James Eagan Holmes kills 12 and injures 70 in a shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado.

– April 3, 2009: Vietnamese Jiverly Antares Wong kills 13 and wounds four in a shooting at the American Civic Association immigration center in Binghamton, New York.

– November 5, 2009: Palestinian-origin Nidal Hasan kills 13 and wounds 30 at a shooting at the Fort Hood military base, Texas.

– March 10, 2009: White Michael Kenneth McLendon kills 10 in a shooting carried out in two counties: Kinston, Samson and Geneva, both in Alabama.

– April 16, 2007: South Korean origin Seung-Hui Cho kills 32 and wounds 17 at a shooting at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia.

– January 30, 2006: White Jennifer San Marco kills eight in a shooting at a postal center in Goleta, Santa Barbara County, California. Although born in the US, Marco appeared to have Hispanic origins.

– October 2, 2006: White Charles Carl Roberts IV kills five Amish school children in a shooting occurred at the West Nickel Mines School, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

– March 21, 2005: American Indian Jeffrey Weise kills 9 and wounds five in a series of shootings at his grandfather’s home and at his former school at the Red Lake Indian Reservation in Red Lake, Minnesota.

– April 20, 1999: White Eric Harris and part-Jewish Dylan Klebold kill 13 and wound 21 at the Columbine High School in Columbine, Colorado.

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  1. One question to examine is, how many of the white shooters were leftists. You can attribute those to leftist-liberalism. And of those race-motivated whites who went after nonwhites, I would say these incidents help put the lie to the leftist-liberal myth that “Diversity is strength”.

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