The Safest Town in Europe

While some of the municipalities of western Europe give their taxpayers’ money to nonwhite invaders, the Hungarian municipality of Ásotthalom—with the help of the government’s support—has instead equipped its local border guards with high-tech anti-invasion observation systems, the mayor of that town has announced.


Writing in a post on his Facebook page, Mayor László Toroczkai revealed the latest acquisition in his arsenal of border protection equipment: thermal cameras, which each cost a million Hungarian forints.

“We need them to see at night because the smugglers are also using modern technology—but at least here in Ásotthalom, they have no chance to pass the border,” the mayor wrote.

camera-01 border-guards-02border-guards-01

In a review of the past year published in the Szegededma newspaper, Mayor Toroczkai added that as a result of the measures he and his council had implemented, he could “state that Ásotthalom is today not only the safest town in Hungary, but also in Europe.”

In 2015, Ásotthalom and the neighboring region became a major crossing point for the Angela Merkel-created mass nonwhite invasion of Europe.


As outlined earlier by the New Observer, it was as a result of the practical and political work undertaken by Mayor Toroczkai that the invasion of Hungary was ultimately stopped, and that the border fence was built.

Mayor Toroczkai told the Szegededma newspaper that Hungarian police, army units, and police units from the Slovak, Czech, and Polish border guards had been involved in halting the invasion and patrolling the fence.

“Public safety is now excellent,” he said, adding that even the farms which had been overrun and occupied by the criminal invaders had been fully brought back under control.

Although the border has now been fenced off, he reported that every day there are still attempts made by the illegal invaders to enter Hungary, but, thanks to the sophisticated equipment and 24-hour patrolling system, they are always arrested and immediately deported back over the border.

Although 2015 had mainly been taken up with protecting his town against the illegal invasion, there had been time to engage in development in Ásotthalom, he continued.

The town had, for example, completely cleared its debt inherited from the previous administration, increased the number of its vehicles, and built a large number of new roads and sidewalks.

“When I was first elected, I inherited a very difficult financial situation,” he told the newspaper. “There was a town debt of about 50 million forints, which has now been successfully paid off, so that this year we can say that every aspect of the local government shows only positive indicators,” he said.

In real terms this means that there has been about a 300 percent increase in available public funds. This has been used for many development projects, including the innovative increase of six hectares of arable land in the municipal area.


In addition, two minivans were acquired to provide social services such as school bus networks to the town’s outlying areas, a service which had always been sorely lacking in the widespread outlying areas.

In addition to this, local and national culture have not been neglected. Mayor Toroczkai oversaw the creation of a new and unique museum devoted to national Hungarian hero and freedom fighter Rózsa Sándor, who lived locally during his 30-year campaign for Hungarian independence.

Mayor Toroczkai also held what is to become an annual event, the Rózsa Sándor festival which celebrates Hungarian culture and drew thousands of tourists to the town, boosting the local economy.

rozsa_sandor_feszt_2015BB_cart rozsa_sandor_feszt_2015BB_crowd rozsa_sandor_feszt_dancing rozsa_sandor_feszt_mayor-speaks

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    1. Will that be for the 795th anniversary of the Golden Bull of 1222 and Article lV says “If the King wishes to send his armies outside of the Kingdom the Noblemen will not be under obligation to go with him, if the Monarch doesn’t pay them. However if an invading army enters the kingdom, all of them must serve to expel it.”

      1. No worries. There are more countries in eastern Europe fighting the Islamic invasion. You will be able to choose. As long you are not a liberal. We will not accept those. 😛

        1. Yeah, Croatia held otoman empire back for over 300 years and Napoleon said “give me 100.000 Croats and I’ll conquer the world. Perfect place to see some action and utilise payback.

  1. Besides obviously a very positive initiative to fence the border seem slike these people enjoy their old tradition, folk dances and are definitely proud of their heritage. That’s so refreshing and worth following in view the Western Europe is almost cleansed from its own roots!

    Way to go Hungary! Köszönöm!

  2. That is what Britain should be doing.Our navy should be patrolling the English channel,not the bloody Mediterranean ocean,and our Army should be at every port,searching,and interning every swarthy african/arab type.

    1. No so – Macedonia built the border fence with Greece and Bulgaria has its fence on the border with Turkey.for quite some time now!

      1. Good point, but i was referring to how he turned his town around…from debt…to increasing and bettering their way of life….putting money back in the town…

    1. The UK is quite well protected by the Channel and it’s not a part of Schengen fiasco – why do you think there are thousands of freeloaders “camping” in Calais jungle? Hungary had been invaded by fundreds of thousands of invaders thru all of 2015 and they had enough after the famous Keleti Station crisis in Budapest!

      1. Yes, I will kol u krazy if you really believe that we are “protected”. 10 of thousands invaders are still getting into country smuggled by their muzzi “brethren”. And there is allready 3 million of them here already, perfect recruiting ground for more extremists.
        You know what they say, nip it in a bud…

  3. As of yesterday the leftist Greek govt. decided to send all economic migrants back to Turkey or Africa whichever is applicable – seems that Ugly Angie had enough already 🙂
    They also admitted that it’s not an easy process as Afghan govt. requests “relocation” money for accepting them “refugees” back into the country and Pakis outright refuse to take back anybody at all.

  4. On Wednesday, i.e. 13th Jan. our Jewish leader of the “united” Europe and personal puppet of Ugly Angie from Berlin, Juncker, is expected to try to implement sanctions against Poland. There is one hurdle thou – an unanimous vote of all UE members is necessary for implementation of any sanctions.
    Viktor Orbán already announced that Hungary will vote against – once again Hungary shows the way!

    1. This article is showing thet complete lack of democracy in virtually all European countries? Are you sure you referring to the article above?

        1. Strange, because I think the above article brings a very positive message (!) that if the right guy is elected for a mayor for the previously very troubled small community, then there is a good chance that a lot of things still can be improved 🙂

  5. Although it isn’t covered in the media much, this is exactly what ex-highschool drama teacher, Trudeau II, has been doing in Canada. We are fortunate to have such a clear minded prime minister, he really is a leader. His biological father, Castro I, used to rule Cuba. The natural provenance of a national hero.

  6. Well done Hungary! All governments should take care of their own people first because this is why they were elected.Do not mistake helping persons in need with letting violent invaders to destroy your country.Look what these so called refugees have done in Germany,Austria,Sweden and in other countries and the locals are not even allowed to complain. It looks like their leaders betrayed them in favor of the newcomers.It is a sick politics.

  7. Soros is a Hungarian Billionare and if you look online and read many reports that point the finger at him for causing all this. Is it any surprise Hungary is acting like this? It makes you think.

    Last I read he was pumping money into the USA to stop Trump.

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