The Third World’s War on Wildlife: Elephants, Sharks, Rhinos Threatened by Asian Demand

Poachers kill 20,000 elephants, 100 million sharks, and more than 1,000 rhinos every year to feed a demand for ivory, shark fin soup and aphrodisiacs in Asia, new figures have claimed—and if this carries on, whole swathes of wildlife in the Third World will become extinct.

According to an article written by Dominic Jermey, director general of the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), an elephant is killed by poachers in Africa for its tusks every 25 minutes, and this “annihilation of wildlife by organized criminal gangs is violent, bloody, corrupt and insidious.”

Jermey said that the “horrors being waged on wildlife” include 100 million sharks killed every year, mostly for their fins; 20,000 African elephants slaughtered annually for their ivory; and more than 1,000 rhinos poached every year from South Africa alone.”

He went on to say that the losses are being exacerbated by “overpopulation, deforestation and agriculture,” although he shied away from pointing out that it was all Third World overpopulation and edification which was to blame.

An ivory shop in Bangkok, Thailand. The Asian city is one of the largest illegal ivory trading places in the world.

The elephants are being killed for their ivory, which is still in great demand in many parts of Asia.

The 100 million sharks being killed a year is due to the demand for shark fin soup in Asia, where it is a delicacy.

In addition, manta rays are being fished for their gill plates that are sold in China as medicine claimed to treat a range of health complaints from asthma to chicken pox, and even cancer. There has been a reported 86 percent decline in sightings of the fish off the east African coast over the past ten years.

A recent article in Nigeria’s The Nation newspaper reported that the number of elephants remaining in the Yankari Game Reserve (YGR), located in the south-central part of Bauchi State, in northeastern Nigeria, is now down below 400, whereas as recently as 2006 they numbered “in their thousands.”

Furthermore, the report said, Savanna elephant numbers have declined by a third from 2007 to 2014.

A major factor pushing the edification of the forests in Africa and elsewhere is the rampant overpopulation—which in turn is directly the fault of white western liberals who insist on endless “foreign aid” to the Third World.

All this “foreign aid” does is artificially boost nonwhite numbers to utterly unsustainable levels, which leads to the further destruction of the environment. It is clear that “foreign aid” is highly counterproductive, and serves to cause far more problems than it purports to solve.

Finally, the demand in Asia for ivory, shark fins, rhino horns and other primitive “medicines” needs to be physically halted. A failure to take all these measures will inevitably lead to the extermination of all wildlife in Africa.

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  1. From their mass pollution to nonstop poaching, it’s always been the Third World that’s responsible for destroying the world at large and yet, we’re constantly told how in tune with nature the meek and peaceful savages of the Third World are.

    With similar disrespect for nature, the Amerindians of North America were well known to whip herds of buffalo into a frenzy, leading them to charge right off a cliff. Once dead at the bottom, the Amerindians would skin the buffalo for their hides, leaving the rest of the animals to rot in the sun and for the vultures. It was the Amerindian, not the White man, that hunted the North American buffalo to near extinction with practices like that, but you’ll never read it in current history books. It was the White man who saved the Buffalo and brought it back from near extinction because of the Amerindians’ careless practices.

  2. Those figures can’t be right
    I can understand a hungry man killing an animal
    What I can’t understand is the aphrodisiac rubbish
    The governments should have helicopters in the air all the time shooting poachers on site
    Where is the WWF

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