The Town Mayor Who Stopped the Invasion of Hungary

By The New Observer’s correspondent in Ásotthalom, Hungary. The mayor of Ásotthalom, László Toroczkai, is as impressive in real life as he is in his world famous videos. He is young, energetic, and dedicated to a cause which he knows is of supreme importance to not only the future of his town, but for the future of European civilization.

Mayor Toroczkai and the fence on the Hungarian border, which he first proposed.

“Every twelve seconds, a new ‘migrant’ enters Europe,” he told a group of nearly 50 patriots gathered from all over Europe in Ásotthalom today for a special two day conference.

When the first wave of nonwhite invaders entered through the open border near his town in 2014, Hungary did not even have a border police force. It had been disbanded by the previous socialist government prior to 2010.

In 2013, 40,000 migrants passed through Ásotthalom, and by the end of the year, Mayor Toroczkai started demanding a fence on the border. “I also asked for the help of the police and military,” he said.

“Back in those days they didn’t even reply to my letters, and nothing happened. I realized that I was alone,” he continued. “Neither the European Union or the Hungarian government helped me.”

It was then that he founded a local town police force. “The local policemen have almost the same rights as the state police. They have guns; they can stop and arrest anyone,” he continued.

“We equipped them with vehicles. We started to protect our open borders on our own. Ásotthalom has a twenty-five kilometer (about nineteen miles) border with Serbia.

“We started to chase the human traffickers. Most of the traffickers were gypsies from Hungary and Serbia, but we have also arrested Pakistani, Arabic, Albanian, Turkish, and even Chechen traffickers.

By December 2014 Mayor Toroczkai had taken to the Internet to inform not only his townspeople but also Hungary and the world of the situation that was already developing.

“I realized that most people could not see what was happening here on the borders of the European Union.” Because of this, journalists from all over the world began to contact him.

“I told all the journalists that the only way to stop the invasion was to build a border fence. The fence is my idea. I was the first to talk about it in Hungary.”

During the summer of 2015, hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants passed through Ásotthalom.

“Eighty percent were military age males, and 99 percent of them were Muslims. Nationalities included Syrians, Iraqis, Afghanis, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, and many African countries,” he continued.

“They broke into farms, stole cars, and left a huge amount of rubbish behind. On the border, right next to my own home, two groups got into a fight. They used knives and one was killed.”

Finally, in June 2015, the Hungarian government started building the fence.

“That was the most beautiful day of my life,” Mayor Toroczkai said. “The Hungarian government listened to all of my suggestions, including the need for a fence, the army and police on the border, and new laws.”

These new laws, he said, were of the greatest importance, because they allow the police to arrest illegal immigrants and take them straight to court for deportation orders. If they are caught a second time, they are sent to jail.

“The Hungarian government listened to all my suggestions and they made the first, very brave step which no one else had dared to do…they built the fence,” he continued.

“Since then, illegal immigration has stopped in Hungary. But there are invaders still streaming into the EU. Europe is without doubt in distress, and that is why the successful Hungarian model should be used on the whole of the EU’s border.”

The fence consists of two sets of emplacements: a quadruple roll of barbed wire, backed up by a ten foot high steel fence capped by a roll of barbed wire.

Every seven kilometers, or five miles, a thermal camera tower monitors the entire border fence for invaders twenty-four hours per day.

Mayor Toroczkai went on to say that the “current leaders of Europe are responsible for this situation. It is they who have betrayed the European people. Their aim is to destroy all the sovereign nations in order to make it easier for the bankers to rule over us.

“If we want to survive, we will have to make an alliance and we will have to use the Hungarian model which was first started here in Ásotthalom.

“We are not afraid! Here, on the Hungarian Serbian border, we stopped the invasion. We defended Hungary, and now we want to protect Europe as well.

“If we do nothing, our several thousand-year-old European civilization will be destroyed within our lifetime.

“As you can see, there are no traces left of the hundreds of thousands of migrants who crossed through our town this year. Now there is peace and silence in Ásotthalom.

“We must continue this work together for the European nations and European civilization. We are the Crusaders of the twenty-first century—we have lots of hard work to do but I believe that together, we can win.”

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  1. Well done Mr Toroczkai I am glad that someone has had the sense and the guts to stop these invaders, I salute you sir. It’s a shame the other chicken shit leaders in Europe do not follow your example……yet.

  2. Well done Hungary so glad that someone puts their own people first. Maybe you could give our call me “Dave”a few tips.Whats wrong with being white and proud these days?

  3. I wish you luck Mayor.
    If only the idiots in charge especially MUTTA MERKEL would listen to good sense for a change. She seemingly is no longer in charge but NO one is doing the necessary thing to stop ALL this illegal immigration and the gimme grants!!! That is what they are, not refugees but out for what they can get for free. They must also STOP all the housing and monies given to these people for free. These young strong men should be home defending their own countries.

  4. Sometimes it takes one person to find a way, then others follow. Consider this Article lV of the Genocide Convention ” Persons committing Genocide or any other acts enumerated in Article lll (or other UN treaty, Convention, Resolution or Statute) shall be punished, weather they are constitutionally responsible rulers, public officials or private individuals.” and the Hague Convention 1907 Article 23 “They undertake to make use of the means at their disposal, under their municipal law, to ensure the appearances of witnesses or experts who are in their territory and have been summoned before the commission.”
    In my interpretation the Secretary General of the UN must support the arrest, trial, and imprisonment of responsible rulers, public officials or private individuals by the Mayor of any Town in a position to catch and bring to trial offenders of these International Laws.

  5. Well done, Hungary. these left wing liberal M.F’s want european civilization destroyed for profit. Spread the word, we must stop this evil plan to wipe out our culture,our history, our people, from the face of the world. Together we can achieve anything. Long live the European Man,Women and children.Without us the world will decent back into the dark ages.

  6. With so many illegal migrants in europe, no investor will invest, no tourist will come, no one will feel safe going out and economy will be in even worse shape than now.

    1. England need’s to get out of the cesspit called the EU asap,and then close the borders .We can then be free to trade with whoever we choose,while Europe burns.

      1. Consider this carefully, Article 57 of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties 1969, “Suspension of the operation of a Treaty… (b) at any time by consent of all the parties after consultation with the other contracting States.”
        This Convention does not allow the unilateral repeal of a treaty and on the 20 August 1970 in the PRE-UNION STATUTE LAW REVISION ACT 42 OF 1970 the South African Parliament chose to repeal THE SAND RIVER CONVENTION 1852 unilaterally.
        Articles 65 to 72 of the Vienna Convention set out the instruments for declaring a treaty invalid, terminating, withdrawing from or suspending the operation of a Treaty, and THE SAND RIVER CONVENTION’s repeal does not meet the requirements for its termination.
        This convention says “It is agreed that any and every person now in possession of land and residing in British territory, shall have free right and power to sell his said property and remove unmolested across the Vaal River, and vice versa; it being distinctly understood that this arrangement does not comprehend criminals or debtors without providing for their just and lawful debts.”
        This peremptory norm, Article 53 of The Vienna Convention allows a Hungarian Mayor of a Town to let a non-Hungarian criminal or debtor to leave his area of jurisdiction without any action being taken against them.

      2. Right on! NAFTA, North American Free Trade Agreement between USA, Canada and Mexico, works very well with existing borders – it always makes me laugh when I hear that crockshit about Schengen which is supposingly “necessary” for exchange goods and services in Europe.

    2. I spoke to someone who lives in Lesbos, and they told me that everyone who runs restaurants and makes their living in the tourist season is out of business. They have immigrants lying in the streets, just feet away from the tables where people are normally enjoying their meals and drinks. No-one wants to sit with these people lying at their feet. One has to feel sorry for the Greeks whose country and tourism has been completely destroyed by being the first port of call for these filthy invaders.

      1. If the Greeks are bankrupt then the money lenders can give these invaders credit in compliance with Commitment 2(c) of the (B) Principals and Goals in Annex 1 of The Copenhagen Declaration on Social Development “14 March 1985. “Ensure that people living in poverty have access to … credit…” Then the restaurants will have paying customers and the money lenders clients.

        1. William, please explain how this would work.
          Paying customers at restaurant tables would dine alongside immigrants [with virtual credit card] eating gratis ?
          Then at some point WE pick up the money lenders tab as usual. So what`s new?
          Restaurant owners might be happy, diners may not be.

          I`m sick of funding these free-loaders – actually dining with them at my expense a step too far.

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