The True Meaning of the UK’s Bradford By-Election

polling-station-bradfordAt the end of March 2012, the British leftist extremist George Galloway won a by-election in the Bradford West constituency in Yorkshire, with 56 percent of the vote: a direct result of the ethnic cleansing of white British people from that constituency and not a “collapse in support for the Labour Party” as ill-informed media pundits claim.

Galloway, who campaigned on an anti-war platform, won by targeting the votes of the “large Asian community” was all that the main media sources have dared to admit.

Galloway told Sky News he had won a “big victory” – winning at least 50% of the vote in “some” areas, but failing to mention exactly where and how this occurred.

The Bradford West constituency consists of six wards: City, Clayton and Fairweather Green, Heaton, Manningham, Thornton and Allerton, and Toller.

Nearly half of all “Asians” (that definition according to the official census) living in Yorkshire and the Humber live in Bradford, with the central wards of Bradford Moor, City, Little Horton, Manningham nad Toller having majority Asian populations, according to the official figures.

At the last weekend of campaigning, Galloway held a 1,000-strong rally at which he was endorsed by all the mosques in Bradford.

The Conservative Party has at least openly admitted that the Third World coloniser-invader population is at the core of the issue—even if they have, in usual Conservative fashion, twisted it their own way, as witnessed by the comments made by the Daily Telegraph’s Ian Martin, “It should not be forgotten that Bradford West was on the list of Tory target-seats at the last general election.

“Conservative strategists say that winning over ethnic voters must be a big part of the party’s push between now and the next general election. It is said that the invisible Tory co-chairman, Baroness Warsi, has been beetling away on this work behind the scenes. On the evidence of Bradford West she has some way to go.”

Last year, Bradford was named today as one of 25 areas “most at risk from Islamic extremists” in an updated version of the Government’s “Prevent counter-extremist strategy.

In May 2011, Professor Steve Jones, from University College London, singled out Bradford as a case in point when he warned that inbreeding “among British Muslims is threatening the health of their children.”

“Bradford is very inbred. There is a huge amount of cousins marrying each other there,” Professor Jones was quoted as saying. Studies have shown that 55 per cent of British Pakistanis are married to first cousins – and in Bradford, this rises to 75 per cent.

In 2010, it was announced that the Church of England Diocese of Bradford would be scrapped because “Muslim worshippers outnumber Anglican churchgoers by two to one.”

Religious statistician Peter Brierley said that as the Muslim population in Bradford was about 80,000, on a conservative estimate 20,000 are regular worshippers, more than double the number of their Anglican counterparts.

Canon Rod Anderson, of St Barnabas Church in Heaton, Bradford, said he was aware officials had been considering merging the diocese to make savings.

He said during his 16 years at the church, the congregation had diminished from more than 100 on Sundays to between 40 and 60.

He added: ‘I have seen a demographic shift with a large ethnic Asian influx, which has had a noticeable impact on congregation sizes and the knock-on of this is a downturn in financial fortunes.’

St Margaret’s Church in nearby Thornbury has a weekly congregation of 20 to 30 and is surviving on a turnover of £20,000 a year.

Bradford’s 80 mosques, meanwhile, enjoy a healthy turnover of cash provided by Muslim worshippers, with a number raising more than £60,000 a year.

A spokesman for Bradford’s Council For Mosques said: ‘On Friday, all the mosques are crammed full. In the bigger ones it is not uncommon to see 2,000 worshippers or more go through in a day.’

The by-election result in Bradford West is a only portend of what will happen across all of Britain unless the Third World invasion is halted and reversed.

What is happening is nothing less than the total extermination of the indigenous British people and their replacement by the Third World.

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  1. What a hideous future beckons Britain thanks to successive governments and particularly Labour.
    Why must we be forced to accept immigrants with no cultural similarities whatsoever, no intention of assimilating and an intention for a worldwide caliphate. Muslimes are free to worship Mohammed in their own countries and they and their ideology don`t fit in here and never will. We don`t want Islamization of our country, yet our politicians close down debate on this and similar subjects accusing us of bigotry and racism.
    Which westerners in their right mind vote for their own extermination and replacement by Third Worlders who are even unable to sort out and run their own shithole countries ? Islam has no place in the UK.

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