The War for Germany

German patriots are waging an increasingly violent struggle in the fight in defense of their homeland, and in the first nine months of 2016, have carried out 63 arson attacks,  and 556 “damage to property” attacks, which have resulted in six deaths.

Patriots have also been named as carrying out 213 illegal gatherings, 16 violations of the arms act, 4 explosive offenses, 4 serious assaults, 507 “summary violations,” and 527 “propaganda offenses.”


The figures were released by the German Federal government in the Bundestag in answer to a detailed question from a member of the Green Party.

The figures also broke down attacks in regard to those committed by invaders and communists, although these are proportionally far fewer than those committed by the patriots.

According to the statistics, which were compiled up to and including September 12, 2016, the breakdown of offenses reported to the police were as follows:


Invaders: 1; Communists: 0; Patriots: 6.


Invaders: 42; Communists: 29; Patriots: 405.


Invaders: 0; Communists: 8; Patriots: 63.

Explosive offenses:

Invaders: 0; Communists: 0; Patriots: 4.

Breach of the Peace:

Foreigners: 2; Leftists: 10; Patriots: 8.

Serious Assault:

Invaders: 0; Communists: 4; Patriots: 4.


Invaders: 0; Communists: 1; Patriots: 1.


Invaders: 0; Communists: 0; Patriots: 5.


Invaders: 1; Communists: 0; Patriots: 0.

Resisting Police Officers

Invaders: 1; Communists: 15; Patriots: 10.

“Summary Violations”

Invaders: 47; Communists: 67; Patriots: 507.

Damage to Property

Invaders: 5; Communists: 136; Patriots: 556.


Invaders: 25; Communists: 2; Patriots: 116.

Propaganda Offenses

Invaders: 3; Communists: 2; Patriots: 527.

Racial Incitement

Invaders: 1; Communists: 0; Patriots: 1,069.

Illegal Gatherings

Invaders: 5; Communists: 59; Patriots: 213.

Violation of the Weapons Act

Invaders: 0; Communists: 1; Patriots: 16.

Other Offenses

Invaders: 19; Communists: 40; Patriots: 507.

With regard to these categories, it should be borne in mind that the German government classes any sort of public utterance expressing concern over the extent of the nonwhite invasion of that country as “racial incitement,” while it broadly categorizes even the slightest reference to the Third Reich under “propaganda offenses.”

Furthermore, the list of offenses is clearly deficient in the way they have ignored the large number of very high profile invader terrorist attacks and incidents. This is most likely because the original parliamentary question was specifically directed at what it called the “right-wing danger.”

The same data set showed that the German government’s “democratic Stasi”—the colloquial name given to the Office for the Protection of the Constitution (Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz), currently actively monitors “more than 250 relevant internet sites, or profiles and channels of the right-wing extremist scene, among other things in social networks, short news services, or video platforms.”

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    1. I really appreciate all your honest support for us native germans. But here’s another true story: Some years ago my sister moved into a flat where turks had lived before. Not only that they had kept a sheep in the walk-in closet, they also had cooked their meals on open fires on the kitchen floor, although there was a modern electric oven. At last the old turk wanted to buy my mother as a second wife, before my father kicked him out. What I want to say is, that they are so primitive, that probably some of those fires were caused by frying ‘hamsi'(fish) on the wooden floor.

  1. This article proves beyond doubt that democracy has been dismantled in Germany. “DON’T DO AS WE DO, DO AS WE SAY” seems to be the only political statement from those people who were elected to ‘govern’ Germany on behalf of its citizens. No elected representative anywhere should be ‘bulletproof’ against the voters that elected them. Most of those in Germany should be sacked (as they should be in the UK when they want to stop Brexit even though their constituents voted OUT), and there should be an end to all their perks, loss of pension rights – I could go on.

      1. All down to perverted lies taught about our histories…
        Germany: Holohoax guilt
        Britain: Colonialism guilt
        U.S.A: Slavery guilt
        Australia: Colonialism guilt
        S. Africa Colonialism guilt

        If you control the literature…
        You control what people think.

    1. Beyond caring now TBH. I mean seriously all the countries in Europe have borders. Only Hungary and the 3 other Visegrad Group members have the balls and sense to take control of theirs. Junker and Merkel can’t do squat if all EU members say no. Merkel obviously has already sold Germany out and so has that clown running France. Sweden is long gone. How a few eejits can screw millions of people is beyond me.

  2. Instead of watching ‘muppet show’ I should visit the german Bundestag. Unbelievable that they expect anyone to believe ANYTHING they say! If I lived on mars I couldn’t stop laughing. It’s more than sad and criminal what those politicians are doing to all of europe.

  3. You’ll see this same kind of retaliatory actions in the USA if Hillary gets in and opens the borders. I’m just saying.

  4. Go Germany !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We support u we are right behind you, fight for your children and culture do not be dragged down to the dark ages.

  5. Well desperate people do desperate things, the German People are facing a threat to their existence brought about by treasonous political parties who lie to get in power.Wait for the time when the fight will be taken directly to the offending politicians at the moment it seems to be aimed at the invaders…..terry

  6. Rise and rise again, Germany! Do not stop until the invaders and the Merkels are driven from your lands. All of the free world is watching you, and we all hope that you will lead the way, be the tip of the spear, for the rest of the world to follow!

  7. Merkel, just like Hillary, and a whole bunch of islam supporters politicians must have accepted a lot of monies from Islam countries to islamise their own country. They should be prosecuted for treason. Read wikileaks for further proof.

  8. All this just tells me that WE Europeans are winning because we’re fighting back. What we’re not winning is the media war. To wit: when the local news covered a gang rape of 4 young girls at the swimming pool, it took about 1 minute, but they had a whole 20 minute segment about one of OUR women who was riding her bicycle drunk and damaged some of the public flowers and a street sign. Or the time when several old people were robbed in the underground parking-lot. That likewise took 1 minute, but they made a big stink about a German kid addicted to drugs who was arrested for having brass knuckles for self-defence against the invaders (and saying so).
    I’m starting to believe that the only way to get rid of them is by cutting off their money. These people get 800 Euros a month and free everything! They “make” more than I do! Money is the reason why Eastern Europe has been spared all this “enrichment” because over there they get nothing, just food.

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