The Worldwide Terror War on Whites

About 30 Europeans have been murdered in five terrorist attacks during the first fifteen days of 2016—part of a deliberate and ongoing worldwide terrorist war directed primarily against white people by Islamist fundamentalists.


These terrorist attacks form part of a general Islamist revival in the Muslim world, which has been given momentum by the disastrous Jewish lobby-directed US and European invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Even though nonwhites have been killed in these attacks, all of the primary targets have been chosen because they are places where Europeans—tourists, residents, or workers—congregate. This is the single common factor to all the attacks—and provides evidence of their racially-based anti-white motivation.

As the Telegraph newspaper noted in a November 20, 2015 article about an Islamist attack on the Radisson Hotel in Mali, Africa:

Al-Qaeda and those inspired by its ideology have a long history of attacking international hotels across the world, from the Serena in Kabul to the Marriott in Islamabad and the Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai. The attraction is always the same: these are the places where you can be sure of finding Westerners. Because they look and feel familiar, these are also the establishments where Westerners tend to feel safe.

The latest Islamist attack—on Friday, January 15, 2016—took place at two hotels in the West African state of Burkino Faso. It left dead 27 people of “eighteen different nationalities.”


Committed by the Al-Mourabitoun group—a branch of the al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) organization, the attack was primarily aimed at “western” tourists in the hotel, in an effort to seize them as hostages.

According to news wire reports, Islamist extremists “invaded the Splendid Hotel and the Cappuccino Cafe late on Friday night. The militants took control of the five-story hotel, which is popular with UN staff and foreigners, burning cars outside and firing in the air to drive back crowds.”

The Burkino Faso attacks followed the kidnapping on the same day of an Australian couple in northern Burkina Faso, where they were doing volunteer work as doctors.


Only one day earlier—on Thursday, January 14, 2016—Muslim militants attacked the city center of Jakarta, Indonesia, near a Starbucks cafe and Sarinah’s, Jakarta’s oldest department store—all well-known tourist stops.

The Jakarta attacks left seven people dead, including a Canadian man. Seventeen were wounded, including a Hollander who works for the United Nation’s environment program.


On Tuesday, January 12, 2016, an Islamist militant “refugee”-terrorist set off a suicide vest bomb in the middle of a group of German tourists in Istanbul, Turkey. Ten Germans were killed in the attack.

On January 9, 2016, Islamic militants attacked European tourists at the Red Sea resort of Hurghada. Three tourists—two Austrians and a Swede—were stabbed at the Bella Vista Hotel by attackers who had “raised the ISIS flag.”

Egyptian police, who shot dead one of the attackers, said that the terrorists’ intention was to “kidnap tourists.”

Hurghada attack

On January 7, 2016, Islamic militants on motorcycles opened fire on a tourist bus and hotel near Egypt’s Giza pyramids. No injuries were reported, but the attack by the masked assailants left windows of the Three Pyramids Hotel smashed, and caused damage to the tourist bus.

Prominent Islamist terrorist attacks against Europeans in 2015 included the following:

On November 25, 2015, Islamists attacked the Radisson Blu hotel in Bamako, the capital city of Mali. The hotel is in a business district that is close to the embassies, and is frequented by foreign business people. Six Russians, two Belgians, one American, and one Israeli were killed in the attack.


On November 13, 2015, coordinated attacks occurred in Paris and its northern suburb, Saint-Denis, by “refugee”-terrorists who killed 130 people. This led to a Europe-wide security scare which is still ongoing at time of writing.

On August 5, 2015, a Russian civilian jetliner, Metrojet Flight 9268, was taken down by a bomb placed in the luggage compartment by a baggage handler at Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport, Egypt. All 217 on board were killed.

On August 21, 2015, an Islamic militant attacked passengers on board a Thalys train in France on its way from Amsterdam to Paris. The train had just crossed the border from Belgium into France when the Muslim opened fire in a train carriage before being subdued by passengers, one of whom he stabbed. Three passengers were injured.

On June 26, 2015, Islamist gunmen attacked European tourists at the Port El Kantaoui resort near Sousse in Tunisia. The attack killed thirty-eight people, thirty of whom were British.

On March 18, 2015, Islamic terrorists attacked the Bardo National Museum in the Tunisian capital city of Tunis, and after taking European tourists as hostages, killed twenty-one of them. Another European died ten days later, and in total fifty others were injured.

Europeans are being specifically targeted for two reasons:

Firstly, because a revival of militant Islam has been sweeping the Muslim world for the last twenty-five years. This has caused increasing numbers of that religion’s adherents to start taking literally the Koran’s instructions to spread Islam by force.

At the same time, however, the Jewish lobby, which through its media and financial and political organization, effectively controls the foreign policies of the US, the UK, and many other western European nations, has manipulated those countries into siding with Israel in the dispute over Palestine.

Thus, Palestinians—and Muslims worldwide—correctly see American and European hands behind Israel, both in terms of direct financial aid, and in the provisions of weapons of war which are used to carry out the violent mass ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.

Finally, the Jewish lobby’s open manipulations of the US, the UK, and some other western European nations into attacking Saddam Hussein’s Iraq on blatantly false pretenses, served as the spark which solidified the until then disparate Islamist groups under what is today known as ISIS.

If Europeans wish to stop being the targets of Islamist terrorism, they will have to do two things:

Firstly, they will have to root out the Jewish lobby’s control of their governments and media; and

Secondly, they will have to start a repatriation program for all nonwhites—and particularly those of Arabic origin—from Europe back to their home nations. This has to be done to avoid being demographically overrun by the Muslims—and other Third Worlders.

There is, ultimately, no other way in which the “war on terror” can be won, except by removing these two root causes. Anything less, and the “war against whites” will continue without end.

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  1. Let me suggest the following: it’s just a matter of time that after one-too-many vicious attacks by muslims somewhere in Europe will be started a completely independent and perhaps underground grass roots anti-muslim movement. There has been plenty of such movements throughout history and this is just inevitable in view of total lack of citizen protection by the gutless European governments!

  2. Europeans and Americans need to stay out of these danger spots. They lack common sense to stay away from these hell holes. I doubt if European retaliation against Muslims will ever happen. As time goes on, they allow this craziness to continue (lawlessness) and don’t seem to care about standing up or protecting women from assaults. Apathy and stupidity reigns, they care nothing about their future or families. The EU is turning into a third world slum not fit for vermin. Muslims will eventually rule the stupid masses.

    1. laura, that’s a cop out. We should not be shying away, we should be there in force, to put it simply, unless the non-whites (PC?) have an overwhelming presence, they can never quite manage it. Why? Lack of coordination and basic ‘guts’. How many non whites have scooped the pool in the bravery stakes, probably since the days of Saladin? Not too many lady, and I’m a mere ex-British SNCO, now living in Australia. Bring it on you heroes, you’ll be decimated.

  3. Once you start milking a cow it is best not to stop. They suffer from mastitis if you do.
    The Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women Article 1 ” For the purposes of the present convention, the term “discrimination against women” shall mean any distinction or restriction made on the basis of sex which the effect or purpose of impairing or nullifying the recognition, enjoyment or exercise by women, irrespective of their marital status, on a basis of equality of men and women, of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural ,civil or any other field.
    Maybe they should have their own representatives in Parliament who can allocate their taxes in a way that coincides with their priorities.

      1. I speak to as many people as I can on my views. Most people are so wrapped up in their lives to know what is actually going on. All they know is the odd bit of dangerously skewed media from liberal media that is used to control them.

  4. They can rape, assault, kill whites with impunity, but just offend one of them and you feel the full weight of the law…the traitorous governments are sending us into oblivion unless we fight back…we have one thing on our side…we have brains, they are just savages…!!!

  5. I had a look at missing children and noticed an absence of missing children in France and Germany. However there were photos of mostly immigrant children and I suspect there is concern that people of the type like Armin Meiwes have found a safer supply of olive oil and garlic engorged fried penis. In a sensitive issue of this nature the European Convention On Human Rights will ensure that the commission into the matter will meet in camera and violate International Law in order to find a Friendly Solution to the issue.

  6. Kol, a thought: Whist I agree totally with your view, such organisation would be immediately infiltrated by the Multiculturalism element reporting back to their Governments at every step (or proposed step) such an organisation would take.
    Western Governments have honed their skills at this over the decades in dealing with such organisations as, Animal Rights and Anti-Abortionists.

  7. I would never ever ‘take a holiday’ in any non European nation.
    There are plenty of good, cheap, sunshine seaside resorts in Europe.
    Why the Hell would anyone want to go elsewhere?

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