Third of a Million Nonwhite Invaders Swarm into US as Washington Times Editor Warns that Surge “Will Create a Third World America”

The actual number of nonwhite invaders who have swarmed across the US’s southern border over the past few months in expectation of an illegal immigration amnesty from the Obama administration has reached nearly a third of a million, according to federal officials.


The shock figure—which is the single largest invasion surge in recent times—was revealed in an article in the New York Times, hidden away in a report attacking (white) Americans for daring to oppose the nonwhite invasion.

The article, titled “The Town Where Immigrants Hit a Human Wall” deals with the impromptu protest by local citizens against the dumping of hundreds of invaders in Murrieta, California.

Written in the by-now-to-expected style of the anti-white controlled media (never referring to illegal invaders as “illegal immigrants” but rather as “undocumented migrants”), the article bemoans the fact that white people have dared to oppose the invasion, but buried in the story is the following dramatic admission:

 After a Border Patrol official explained that more buses would probably arrive in Murrieta in the coming weeks as part of an attempt to relieve processing centers near the Texas border, one man took to the microphone and demanded to know: “Why do we have to put them on a bus to Murrieta? Why can’t we just transport them on a bus to Tijuana?” The crowd responded with thunderous applause.

As federal officials have begun to send the expected 240,000 migrants and 52,000 unaccompanied minors who have crossed the border illegally in recent months in the Rio Grande Valley to cities around the country, Murrieta so far is the only place that has managed to turn them away.

The figures quoted are just those—estimates—and given that thousands of nonwhite invaders will not have been apprehended, the total figure will be well over 300,000—all within the space of a few months.

The so-called humanitarian crisis is nothing more than an invasion of nonwhites seeking to parasite off what remains of white-built America now that they have thoroughly destroyed their own countries.

The scale of the invasion seems to have even shaken some establishment figures who would otherwise not normally venture out in public to address the obvious racial meaning of the invasion.

Wesley Pruden, editor emeritus of The Washington Times, has led the charge in an editorial titled “An immigrant surge en route to a Third World USA.”


Describing the invasion as the “‘fundamental transformation’ Obama promised,” Pruden went on to say that the

 “[H]umanitarian crisis” on the southern border is the most persuasive evidence of all that America is adrift in a sea of incompetence, blown about by every ill wind that blows.

The mighty ship of state is bereft of a rudder, traveling in endless circles with the captain stumbling on the bridge, trying to make sense of navigation charts he can’t read.

However, this may be ascribing to incompetence what is better explained by conspiracy. Mr. Obama promised in 2008 that he intended to transform America, and he is well on his way. Anyone who looked closely at the man and the influences that shaped who he would become risked being called a racist, a nativist, a bigot and a redneck yahoo. He was the messiah everyone was waiting for.

The ruins of American foreign policy are not likely to catch the attention of a culture drunk on the entertainment of the trivial, the trifling and the unimportant. But everybody begins to notice when the chaos comes close, when those responsible for monitoring the border begin to tremble and sag under the weight of a tsunami of illegal immigration. The scary implications for the future of the exceptional nation begins to weigh on Congress.

This week, a Texas congressman who does not have the luxury of looking the other way because he sees trouble in every direction he looks, said what the nice people think must never be said. The tsunami will change everything.

“Either we’re going to enforce our laws and remain strong, economically or otherwise, or we ignore the rule of law and go to being a Third World country,” Rep. Louie Gohmert, a Republican, told Fox News. “You’ve got to follow the law. You cannot bring hundreds of thousands of people in this country without destroying the country. Then there’s no place that people can dream about coming.”

No one knows this better than Barack Obama. Making the United States over into a Third World country is exactly what this president is about. He is of the Third World. He spent his formative years in the Third World, and when his mother, obsessed with the Third World, brought him back to America, he sought out the company of those who dreamed of making America over into the world’s largest welfare state, a France writ large, with Velveeta instead of Camembert.

He and his Chicago cohort of potheads, “community organizers” and dreamers of fuzzy dreams entertained themselves with fantasies of how they would one day transform the land of the free and the home of the brave into a nation worthy of taking its rightful place among the nations of the Third World.

Of course, once the transformation of America is complete, and there’s not much difference between Indiana and El Salvador, or between San Francisco and Honduras, the invasions will cease. America will no longer be the stuff of the dreams of ‘the huddled masses, yearning to be free.’ Nobody will want to come here, because it will be no better than the miserable places they would leave behind. We have seen the Obama future, and it doesn’t work.



The nonwhite illegal immigrant surge has been created by the expectation that the Obama regime will shortly announce a general amnesty disguised as a “path to citizenship” deal, and that this will include a general amnesty for minors.

Hence the nonwhite invaders have sent thousands of their children over the border in the expectation that once they are granted residence, the rest of the family will follow.

It is the Camp of the Saints in real life.

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  1. Rep. Louie Gohmert is saying the ‘right things’ since he wants to run for president in the future.

    Obey the law? Gohmert wouldn’t know the law if it bit him.

    If your readers aren’t familiar with the plague called ‘Scabies,’ they’d better do some research, since Obama’s illegal immigrant invasion is bringing those mites into the USA by the millions.

    1. Obama and Merkel have both said they’ll run for the next UN Secretary General election. They are having a ‘who can let in the most migrants’ contest. Supporter of this contest is George Soros.
      Quit saying ‘our leaders are stupid engineers of the migration’. No one involved in this mass migration is either stupid nor naive.
      There is a DEFINITE plan being carried out.

      Wake the f%#k up!

      Awake oh sleeper.

  2. Would this be the very same Wes Pruden who fired the late, great Sam Francis for having the audacity to attend an American Renaissance Conference and give a speech that warned about the insanity of allowing open borders invasions of America by millions of indigestible, non-assimilable, alien, parasitic, virulently anti-White, resentful, low IQ, poorly educated and culturally incompatible non-whites from the third world?

    I believe Wes Pruden needs to find out where Sam Francis is buried, and pay a visit to his grave and offer him the apology that he is clearly due.

  3. You’ve forgotten to mention the Jewish issue – Jews promote nonwhite immigration (but not into the robber state of ‘israel’)

  4. Some parts of the United States can be called Third World. Its quite simple the more that come the more resources are needed to keep them there. Higher Taxes, more Policing, Welfare etc. It also says to the corrupt Latin American countries that they do not need to invest in their people or country as the gullible Gringos will help you do it. Help the corruption and bad regime norms flourish in those countries pushing more in which in Turn Devalues the United States. The myth about Immigrants contributing is a lie as well. They will need a pension when they retire too, so more Immigrants needed which in turn devalues those pensions to nothing and for everyone. In short mass immigration will turn a first world country into a Third one in a couple of generations.

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