Third Refugee-Terrorist Trial in Salzburg

The third of a series of trials of refugee-terrorists in Austria—all of whom came to Europe during the mass 2015 Angela Merkel “refugee” invasion—has started in the city of Salzburg.

In the latest case, a 22-year-old nonwhite claiming to be a Syrian has been charged with serving with ISIS in Syria, and then coming to Europe pretending to be a refugee in 2015.


According to the Salzburg24 news service, the invader worked as a security guard for ISIS and fought with them in several places in Syria until January 2015.

After that, prosecutors said, he travelled to Turkey and across the Mediterranean to Greece, where he joined other invaders marching up the Balkans route to Europe, and where he finally claimed “asylum” in Salzburg.

Prosecutors said that the invader boasted about having fought for ISIS in the Salzburg “refugee center,” and police were able to gather evidence against him from his mobile phone, and from comments and photos of ISIS atrocities that he posted on social media sites.

When arrested, the invader did not deny that he had been working for ISIS, saying that he had actually been part of the “Free Syrian Army” in northern Syria, where he had been “captured” by ISIS, abducted, and then tortured until he “joined ISIS.”

The prosecution pointed out to the court that if this story was true, he would have been executed out of hand, and, furthermore, during the time of his alleged abduction and imprisonment by ISIS, his mobile phone records showed that he was actually moving about Syria and Turkey.

When confronted with the evidence in court, the invader backtracked and said that he had been lying, and that he had never been in ISIS after all.

The invader is the third such refugee-terrorist case to come before the Salzburg court this year. Recently, a 28-year-old invader claiming to be a Syrian was sentenced to two years in prison after it was proved that he too had served in ISIS before coming to Europe as a “refugee,” while prosecutors have also pressed charges against a 26-year-old nonwhite from Morocco, who investigators say planned terror attacks in Europe and had connections to the refugee-terrorists who carried out the November 13th Paris attacks which left 130 people dead.

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  1. No surprises here. Europe is one big playground to this garbage. Just been reading how plans are afoot to demolish a certain house where a certain leader was born ( Mass cuckery right across the board!

  2. Pic is propaganda giving the illusion from the illusion masters that something is being done for the growing resentment of Europe-ons Notice the two with their sleeves rolled up representing whitey. Laughable.

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