Britain: Third World Corruption and Fraud in Elections

Britain’s Electoral Commission—which oversees elections in that country—has appointed a special commission of inquiry to try and find out the “causes” of rampant electoral fraud in areas dominated by colonizers from India and Pakistan.


According to a press release, the Electoral Commission has set up the inquiry into sixteen separate council areas to examine the “vulnerability” of “some South Asian communities . . . specifically from certain areas of Pakistan and Bangladesh—to electoral fraud.”

As part of the anti-fraud measures proposed by the commission, they have recommended that voters be required to show photo ID at polling stations in England, Scotland and Wales, as they must in Northern Ireland.

For reasons which it does not elaborate on, the commission says it is likely that such an ID checking system could only be in place after the 2015 elections.

The areas identified as being the places where electoral fraud is the worst are Birmingham, Blackburn with Darwen, Bradford, Burnley, Calderdale, Coventry, Derby, Hyndburn, Kirklees, Oldham, Pendle, Peterborough, Slough, Tower Hamlets, Walsall, and Woking—all regions now completely overrun by Indian and Pakistani colonizers.

In addition, the commission wants to restrict the use of postal votes following repeated cases of abuse in those areas.

Thousands of ballots are currently cast in elections “through the mail” and there is almost no control over who registers as a voter, who signs the forms and who actually votes (with the ballot papers being posted back for counting).

The British electoral system was previously built on a “trust system”—when Britain was still racially European homogenous.

Following the mass Third World invasion, the commission was forced to admit in May 2013 that the system needed reforming calling for a consultation under the title “Is a trust-based electoral system sustainable?

Now, nearly a year later, the commission has answered its own question: and the answer is no.

Of course, no one has dared point out the obvious: namely that all that has happened is that Indians and Pakistanis have simply brought their endemic corruption with them to the newly-colonized territories.

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  1. Reading the headings of Related posts above, I see the heading; “Royal Baby: Will He Even Be King of a Racially-Destroyed Britain?”, some previous thoughts came to mind again.

    These thought struck me when, in a previous “The New Observer” had an article of the Muslim menace in Britain.

    I thought so bitterly to myself–I an Afrikaner who is an ancestor of a “trust-based war reporting system from Lord Kitchener–will the Muslims allow the British Family to rule? Will they tolerate a Western Monarchy?

    Now, in some sober retrospect, I am reminded of the “Democracy by Coercion” that has become the hallmark of post-colonial Africa.

  2. As all parties are anxious to appeal to ethnics and are falling over themselves to appease ethnics why then do ethnics bother to defraud the election system? Corruption must be so natural to them that they practise it even when there is no clear gain.

    1. I think it’s probably in-fighting over spoils taken from whites. Remember that when India became ‘independent’ there were huge numbers of deaths caused by disputes between Hindus and Moslems in ‘Pakistan’ (did’t exist at the time; the name is made up, from Pathans, Kashmiris, Sindhs etc). In the same way, Jews running ‘Labour’ and Jews running ‘Conservatives’ have their own conflicts, when they can.

  3. Labour politicians won`t be happy if photo ID for voters is made mandatory.
    And I still wouldn`t trust the shifty buggers even then. Where there`s a (cheating) will there`s a way
    Many whites stopped voting knowing the outcome was a foregone conclusion in these areas.
    Democracy at its finest.
    The UK went to the dogs when the immigration door was flung open.

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