Third World Drives Cheetah Extinction

Uncontrolled African population growth, hunting in Asia, and Gulf State demand for ornamental baby cubs are together driving the world’s cheetah population to extinction, a new report by the Zoological Society of London, Panthera, and the Wildlife Conservation Society has revealed.

There are currently only about 7,100 cheetahs left on the planet, the report said, adding that the animal has been “wiped out” in the Middle East, and more than half remain in six countries in southern Africa.

The report authors are calling for an urgent re-categorization of the species from “vulnerable” to “endangered.”

According to the study, more than half the world’s surviving cheetahs live in one population that ranges across six countries in southern Africa, and cheetahs in “Asia have been essentially wiped out” with only one group estimated to number fewer than 50 animals remaining in Iran.

In Zimbabwe, the cheetah population has fallen from around 1,200 to just 170 animals in 16 years, the report said.

In addition, a booming illegal trade in cheetah cubs is being driven by their status as a “fashion icon in the Gulf states.”

The young cats can fetch up to $10,000 on the black market. According to the Cheetah Conservation Fund, some 1,200 cheetah cubs are known to have been trafficked out of Africa over the past 10 years but around 85 percent of them died during the journey.

“Given the secretive nature of this elusive cat, it has been difficult to gather hard information on the species, leading to its plight being overlooked,” said Dr. Sarah Durant, from the Zoological Society of London, UK, and the report’s lead author.

“Our findings show that the large space requirements for the cheetah, coupled with the complex range of threats faced by the species in the wild, mean that it is likely to be much more vulnerable to extinction than was previously thought.”

The new study argues for a “paradigm shift in conservation,” moving away from the idea of just declaring an area to be protected and toward incorporating “incentive-based approaches.” This, in essence, means paying “local communities” to protect a species that many see as a dangerous predator.

“The take-away from this pinnacle study is that securing protected areas alone is not enough,” said Dr. Kim Young-Overton from Panthera, a report author.

“We must think bigger, conserving across the mosaic of protected and unprotected landscapes that these far-reaching cats inhabit, if we are to avert the otherwise certain loss of the cheetah forever.”

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  1. Zloogoow, You may add as whatever as you wish.
    Better activity of just "adding" is "thinking".
    Monotheist Christian west is dying out. According to you, we a have problem with overbreeding command. Could you just think of it for a second?
    Christian world is dying out due too low birth rates.
    Does it ring a bell in your head, or maybe some drawing would help you?

    On the other hand, Monotheist islam is reproducing with rates as record as ever.
    So, instead of speaking in general, leftist, social warriors, terms, you might want to get back to reality, for example, visiting reality of the planet earth would be nice 1st step.

  2. Animals have little chance of survival with the implementation of current globalisation policies.
    TPTB are wreaking havoc with these insane policies that benefit no one but themselves.
    Mankind is the species that needs drastic measures to control numbers yet the West is desperate to encourage wholesale breeding of more malleable low IQ hordes.
    Ordinary people need to band together but time is short, and mobilisation being made ever more difficult with the current `divide and rule` policies of governments.

  3. Gee, and I thought all brown people were supposed to be so in tune with nature and protectors of the earth. This reminds me of how American Indians nearly hunted the American buffalo to extinction long before the Brits arrived. Very often,they'd whip whole herds of buffalo into a frenzy and lead them to a precipice where the terrified animals wouldn't be able to stop their own momentum and run right off the cliff. At the bottom of the mountain, the Indians would skin all of the buffalo, but take little of the meat, leaving 90% of the wasted animals for vultures and other scavengers. It was the White man who later saved the buffalo and brought its population numbers back.

    Of course, this is indicative of how American Indians nearly hunted themselves into extinction, too. All the Marxist fairy tales about the Europeans genociding the Indians are simply race-baiting propaganda. It's common historical knowledge that there was vicious hatred between many of the different Indian tribes who were warring, robbing, raping and pillaging each other's populations for generations before Europeans even arrived. Merciless tribal wars went on all the time in the competition for land, resources and more. Historical estimates from various sources show that by the time the Europeans arrived, there were only about 900,000 Indians left.

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