Third World Economic Decline Stares US in Face as Nonwhite Immigration Invasion Floods Country

More than half of the US’s school-age children are now officially living in poverty—destroying the leftist argument that immigration will “boost the economy” and plunging America to the very precipice of Third World economic decline.

According to an analysis titled “A New Majority: Low Income Students Now a Majority In the Nation’s Public Schools” issued by the Southern Education Foundation—itself an organization set up in the 1930s to promote black education in the South—“low income students are now a majority of the schoolchildren attending the nation’s public schools.”


The appropriately-titled report said that the latest data collected from the states by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), show that 51 percent of the students across the nation’s public schools were low income in 2013.

In 40 of the 50 states, low income students comprised no less than 40 percent of all public schoolchildren. In 21 states, children eligible for free or reduced-price lunches were a majority of the students in 2013.

Most of the states with a majority of low income students are found in the South and the West. Thirteen of the 21 states with a majority of low income students in 2013 were located in the South, and six of the other 21 states were in the West.

Mississippi led the nation with the highest rate: 71 percent, almost three out of every four public school children, were low-income. The nation’s second highest rate was found in New Mexico, where 68 percent of all public school students were low income in 2013.

The report follows on from an earlier report issued by the Southern Education Foundation in 2010, titled “A New Diverse Majority: Students of Color in the South’s Public Schools” which revealed that “for the first time in history, public schools in the American South no longer enroll a majority of White students.”


According to that report, black, Latino, Asian-Pacific Islander, American Indian, and multiracial children now constitute slightly more than half of all students in the 15 states of the South.

The pattern of poverty, while concentrated in the Hispanic overrun South, is however appearing across the nation as the immigration invasion spreads.

According to the latest Southern Education Foundation report, half or more of the public schoolchildren in 21 states were eligible to receive free or reduced-price lunches, a benefit available only to families living in poverty or near-poverty in 2013.

In 19 other states, low income students constituted between 40 percent and 49 percent of the states’ public school enrollment. In other words, very high proportions of low income students were evident in four-fifths of the 50 states in 2013.


This poverty rate has been steadily growing. In 1989, less than 32 percent of the nation’s public school students were low-income.

By 2000, the national rate as compiled and calculated by the Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) had increased to over 38 percent.

By 2006, the national rate was 42 percent and by 2011 it had climbed to 48 percent. NCES data shows that in 2012 the rate of low income students was barely below one-half—49.6 percent. In 2013, the rate crossed the threshold of one half so that in 2013 low income students became a new majority in the nation’s public schools.

The demographic change is almost exclusively due to the mass invasion of the US by millions of illegal immigrants from central and South America over the last two decades. The Southern Education Foundation figures are supported by official statistics released last year which revealed that, nationally speaking, the 2014–15 school year will mark the threshold when nonwhites will officially become the majority of pupils.

The correlation between the plunge into poverty level and the overrunning of America by millions of nonwhite invaders from central and South America is clear. Contrary to the leftists’ claim that immigration will “boost” the economy, the economic and social chaos which characterizes the Third World is moving en masse to America along with the invaders.

Which raises the question: if illegal immigrants “boost the economy,” why have they not done so in their own countries?

The direct link between economic collapse and the nonwhite invasion shows definitively that, unless halted and reversed, this process will cause the United States to be plunged into Third World status within a few decades at most—and when that happens, the US will resemble little more than a hybrid between Mexico and Guatemala.

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  1. But you must consider the fact that a large proportion of white American school students are educated in private schools’ a considerable financial sacrifice for their parents, done in order to escape ‘school integration’.
    This fact has probably bumped-up the proportion of public school students in poverty in the USA.
    Of course, ‘public school’ in the USA means a state funded school.

  2. Those parents who wisely send their children to private schools ought not be required to pay taxes to support our failed public education system. In other words, they should not be made to pay twice for the education of their children.

    1. That is how they keep the system going. That and ever increasing property taxes. “You can send your children wherever you want, so long as you pay us first.” They do the same thing to homeschoolers. +FD

  3. I have the perfect solution. Jews have promoted colored immigration, out of the generosity and kindess of their merciful hearts. They have also managed (through the Fed) to accumulate more money than any other group, and with minimal work. Their assets should of course be given to the impoverished worthy immigrants. And of course Israel must be opened to these diverse people, to assist Israel into its passage to the modern multicultural world. Go, Israel! Show what your made of! And don’t forget, G-d is on your side! So you can’t lose!!

  4. Race is not an issue in Third World countries because there are no racial differences there. The official line is that “we are all Turks/Paraguayans/whatever”. Anyone who remarks that people of fairer complexion seem to hold all the good jobs is likely to fall down several flights of stairs in a one-story police station.

  5. America was on the road to bankruptcy long before it started to allow immigrants into its borders, immigrants might I add that were displaced by the wars and proxy wars it created, it’s called Karma

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