Third World Invasion: Eyewitness Description, September 5, 2015

An eye-witness account from Kamil Bulonis, a Polish travel blog writer, who was present on the Italian-Austrian border on September 5, 2015, as swarms of Third World nonwhites  poured across the border to invade Austria and Germany (A translation from Polish):  (Please note: all pictures from the Hungarian-Austrian border)


“Half an hour ago on the border between Italy and Austria I saw with my own eyes a great many immigrants …

With all solidarity with people in difficult circumstances I have to say that what I saw arouses horror … This huge mass of people – sorry, that I’ll write this – but these are absolute savages … Vulgar, throwing bottles, shouting loudly “We want to Germany!” – and is Germany a paradise now?

I saw how they surrounded a car of an elderly Italian woman, pulled her by her hair out of the car and wanted to drive away in the car. They tried to overturn the bus in I travelled myself with a group of others. They were throwing faeces at us, banging on the doors to force the driver to open them, spat at the windscreen … I ask for what purpose? How is this savagery to assimilate in Germany?

I felt for a moment like in a war … I really feel sorry for these people, but if they reached Poland – I do not think that they would get any understanding from us … We were waiting three hours at the border which ultimately could not cross.

Our whole group was transported back to Italy in a police-cordon. The bus is damaged, covered with faeces, scratched, with broken windows. And this is supposed to be an idea for demographics? These big powerful hordes of savages?

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Among them there were virtually no women, no children—the vast majority were aggressive young men … Just yesterday, while reading about them on all the websites I subconsciously felt compassion, worried about their fate but today after what I saw I am just afraid and yet I am happy that they did not choose our country as their destination. We Poles are simply not ready to accept these people – neither culturally nor financially.

I do not know if anyone is ready. To the EU a pathology is marching which we had not yet a chance to ever see, and I am sorry if anyone gets offended by his entry …

I can add that cars arrived with humanitarian aid – mainly food and water and they were just overturning those cars …

Through megaphones the Austrians announced that there is permission for them to cross the border—they wanted to register them and let them go on—but they did not understand these messages. They did not understand anything.

And this was the greatest horror … For among those few thousand people nobody understood Italian or English, or German, or Russian, or Spanish … What mattered was fist law… They fought for permission to move on and they had this permission— but did not realize that they had it!

They opened the luggage hatches of a French bus—and everything that was inside was stolen within short time, some things left lying on the ground …

Never in my short life had I an opportunity to see such scenes and I feel that this is just the beginning.”

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  1. Europeans are going to learn a very hard lesson. It is becoming evident that we as White Europeans are all in it together, what is Germany’s or France’s problem is also the UK’s problem when it comes to Racial survival. Maybe we need a European Front to fight this together.

    1. I think that we are being extremely niave- What is to say there are no members ISIS in amongst all these migrants? And there intention is to set up cells in various European countries. why are they not heading south to other Muslim countries? We should adopt the Australian attitude

        1. “‘This is OUR COUNTRY, OUR LAND, and OUR LIFESTYLE, and we will allow you every opportunity to enjoy all this. But once you are done complaining, whining, and griping about Our Flag, Our Pledge, Our Christian beliefs, or Our Way of Life, I highly encourage you take advantage of one other great Australian freedom, ‘THE RIGHT TO LEAVE’.’”

          By Julia Gillard

          1. Sooo true! Want to enjoy our country, well then be thankful and give back to the country that gave you a home of freedom and peace.

          2. I totally agree with Australia. I just wish my country, Canada, would take the Australian attitude. Our politicans are whimps when it comes to Muslims/Islam. Muslims are constantly challenging and winning changes to our rights/beliefs. I worry about our future. Muslims intend to take over the world and this is just the beginning. Invasion not war. Too many bleeding hearts.

          3. That quote can be attributed to the great, former Aussie PM John Winston Howard…..cir. 2006, if memory serves me correctly….

        2. I am an Australian and stumbled across this site its nice to think others think we are hard line, do not believe the spin, Australia is way too soft with all this refugee multicultural rubbish we also bend over to let them in an take care of them and house them. In my opinion nothing to see here keep on going right past AUstralia to Indonesia for example lovely moslem country

      1. what is the Australian attitude? I for one feel that Moslem men fleeing their nation are cowards. By all means, send your wives and children, but to run away? Stand and fight, as men have done for centuries.

        1. I agree with you, if our country was at war I for one would take up arms to defend it, and so would all the white Australian men and women who helped get this country on its feet, to where we are today. All the others can bugger off.

      2. Well, count me out on your Australian attitude comment. I applaud taking women and children, but I do not agree with taking fit healthy young men who should be there doing what they should do: fight to restore their Nation. It worked in two world wars and, had it not been for brave young men we would not be in a position to invite anyone in to this generous country called Australia.

        1. The Australian attitude is zero arrivals by irregular means such as boat. BUT they have agreed to take about 10,000 who have been through the UN refugee system. Priority is given to children, women and whole families from minority groups which by default means Christians.

        2. I believe that these young men should stay in their own country. How do we know they are not part of isis it is disgusting the way they behave by all means keep the women and children. I used to have so much compassion for these people but I am having second thoughts send these men back. They should be fighting in their own country like our men did in the Second World War against Germany. If America had not invaded Iraq in 2003 none of this would have happened . Angry,,,’,

          1. agree ith BRENDA 100% cant the politicians see that this is LEGAL invasion by muslims.dont mind muslims or any other creed but they just invade our countries by legal stealth and turn ours into ghettos,where i live AUSTRALIA there are signs in toilets explaining in PICTURES how to use them eg dont stand on them,dont drink from them,dont wash hands in them!!!!!!!! first priority for all legal invaders should be if you cant talk and understand the language of your destination of choice and clean up ater them GO AWAY.The photos here show what our streets will look like in a few years. It would pay politicians to tour the places where this shower of so called humans have took up residence, we like uk and france etc are becoming 3rd world countries by letting this lot in. WHEN WILL POLITICIANS LEARN they were voted in by the masses to act on our behalf, this is not what the majorities want on their door steps.too many do gooders these days with no brains.i call them over educated idiots

      3. You are absolutely right Neil. Europe is allowing itself to be infested by unwanted ungrateful and venomous population. Maybe there are some genuine needy souls amongst them.

      4. we take 190,000 migrants, 60,000 can be displaced people . we take an additional 13,000 refugees which by the UN definition are not refugees and indeed by the UN definition the Syrians are not refugees. Most have a place in the camps, are basically safe, and do not fit the UN refugee definition so at best they are invaders or squatters coming to live on our very expensive, to us, social securities system. 85% of the moslem immigrants do not officially work in the first 6 months. many work for cash and get unemployment pension, child allowance, housing allowance, free medical etc etc 190,000 + 13,000 + 12,000 syrians is 215,000 migrants, most of whom wont or cant work , living of our benevolent social security system. 92% of our boat people who come for a free ride do not work for more than 2 years and many never. And we still let them in. Our bleeding heart media seems to over look the actual truth on events and only shows the pooer refugees rather than the fact that at best they are invaders set out to becom squatters in any and every country they can get a free meal from. Russia china singapore and most smart thinking countries dont let them in and if the are caught without the correct documents its jail or immediate deportation.

        1. The only thing that man learn from history is that from history did learn noting.( Benjamin Freckling }This will be a long costly and blady mistake.

      5. I wish All of North America, South America, Germany, Russia, Britain and any other country would just get with it and say “NO” go back and fix your own country, because we do not have room for you and we will NOT CHANGE out county and life style to suit you. We are a christian nation under God and we praise God in schools, government and in courts.This has to stop, we can NOT let them come in and start saying our live style offends them. If it did then why come here in the first place? Go home and keep you life there, this is our country, life style and we have no intention of changing to suit your fancy. We better get off our butts and stop letting any and all immigrants in just because they do not like what is going on in their country. Send them back to solve their own problems.

        1. Ditto GO Back to your War infested terrorist Moslem
          world and work. All You are doing is creating
          more Misery wherever you go.

          You have lots of money we can tell but have NO guts
          no Brain ………. all you’re doing is praising allah, kneel 4 times a day (instead working) your kind of god who is fed up with you. Refusing to help you (in spite of all your kneeling) because you have made a mess with what you’ve gotten from him.
          Go back to your created mess and fix up your country you lazy bunch of Nomads.

          been given by him.

      6. There are many indications that ISIS, Afghans, Pakistanis are shredding their documents to slip ion with the refugees. It is far past the time for the bleeding hearts and the PC crowd to come to the realization that we will be destroyed. That is not too strong a statement incidentally if you think about it for a while. I agree with immigration, however, it needs to be done in an objective manner and not reacting to news bites on TV. If we don’t check these people properly we will regret it.

      7. The Australian attitude is all rhetoric by former prime minister Tony Abbott. They stopped the boats only to increase the planes. We too are being inundated with africans and muslims at an unprecedented rate. Sydney nowadays looks like Hong Kong, there are so many SE Asians here as well.

        The only bright spot amongst this is that European Australian birthrates are quite high compared to our Brothers and Sisters in Europe. We are stillbreeding although we still have our fair share of champagne socialists who would rather adopt a pet from elsewhere rather than pass on their genetic heritage.

        Australians themselves, the working – middle classes are still quite “parochial” and do not agree at all with the previous 30 odd years of invasions we have lived under. In Sydney and Melbourne, not a day goes by when there isnt a middle eastern gang related homicide. This was once a very rare thing here and “only happened in America”. Not now that we have been enriched.

        The problem with Australians though is that many speak their minds but are somewhat apathetic when it comes to voting for a true nationalist party – in this case Australia First. Another party who constantly struggles for resources against the cashed up two headed beast of Labour and Liberal. Like Europe, we are also under attack, the only saving grace here is the size of the Australian landmass which may come in handy someday.

        1. i came to AUSTRALIA mid 70`s to escape the european african invasion. oh what a heavenly place it was then. we are told we want these immigrants/refugees and if we speak out we are being ‘RACIST’ fined or jailed???in this land of free speech!!!!!!! Yes all the major cities are now full of none white populations,now they are drifting out to rural areas. it is common knowledge that the indian population are arriving by their thousands on SO CALLED legal visas which are not, mostly issued by corrupt immigration workers many being indians etc. wake up world,were getting taken over,but will the goverments put it to a public vote? i think not as they know the answer,few more years and we will be in minority and nothing less than run by muslims etc.i would love to return to uk at some stage but not to the way it is now.Dirty,corrupt and multi cultural

    2. I agree with you Alex ,In my opinion Europe will regret their open hand policy in years to come .One question I have to ask – Why are the ARAB /MUSLIM states not welcoming their brothers with open arms ?? They will not integrate with their European benefactors ,instead they will do their best to take them over ,I believe this is a master stroke created by ISIS to cause mayhem in Europe .Remember they will not allow Christian churches or teaching within most of the Muslin States ,I think we have only seen the beginning of a World disaster

    3. I am a white south african and have been telling people in Europe to watch out but nobody believed us, this is what it looks like all the time, it is disgusting.
      if you dont all stand together you might as well call europe africa.
      and they are called people. well we have other words for them

    1. ss You have hit the nail on its head. Europe will now learn who and what Africans are. Help yourself Europe, you are stupid beyond comprehension to allow these savages into your countries. They will destroy you!

      1. But what can Europeans do ? If we want to show that we don’t agree with those blind idiots – politicians, they’ll do anything to shout our mouths. It’s not about people , but about government in France, Germany, Austria … Those people that you see in tv waving, screaming “refugees welcome” it’s only small percentage. Most Europeans don’t want those savages here , but I feel like I have no right to speak. In mass media they are showing only those dead children and women with newborns.

        1. Brings to mind a certain monologue by agent Smith in the Matrix….

          These images are a common sight in the South African townships.

          Only solution is to erect temporary housing for all refugees and shipping the entire lot back to Syria etc, once all the conflict is resolved.
          EU will thus have to intervene in Syria, as their problems have now become the EU’s.

          1. Yesterday, Martin Schultz just announced that if countries like Hungary, Poland, Slovakia won’t take “refugees” ( and how many, it only depends of frau Merkel of course ) they (EU) Will make them to do that using force ! How sick is that !?
            Tomorrow is the anniversary of the Battle of Vienna. I guess we need Sobieski once again here.
            (In whole Poland tomorrow will be manifestations against taking “refugees”, but some politicians are trying to block them )…

          2. I support the idea of creating safe zones in Iraq and Syria however you not have some many people involved it is almost impossible to deal with them because of the language barrier. There are very few jobs available when you do not speak the language of the country.

            However I think this is exactly how the ‘West Bank’ and ‘The Gaza Strip’ got set up as temporary locations for displaced persons….and this has turned into a long term nightmare.

  2. Now Europe will experience what we experienced in South Africa and why we had apartheid laws in place to protect everybody from savagery and try to live a peaceful live. But Europe, the Uk and the Usa opposed us and instituted sanctions against us. Finally the chickens have come home to roost. You will reap what you have sowed. It seems that I revell in your plight, but I feel a deep pity for you. This is just the beginning!

    1. You quite right Eugene.I lived in South Africa and have had to explain to many people what we had there.I forsee,enormous problems in the near future in Europe.

      1. Yip, I have felt some real anger over all this as no European South African can claim refugee status, although we all have ancestors who stemmed from Europe, we share the same values and DNA, we speak the same language, but the world turns a blind eye, to whites being slaughtered daily. This does not solve a problem it is merely pushing it around. It would have been more cost effective to get into Syria and nuke the place and start again with new leaders. We face the same problem in SA, no-one wants to leave their homelands. The same thing with Zim. Get rid of corrupt and barbaric leaders. God bless Europe, I cannot see how they are going to get out of this one now.

        1. It is terrible what has happened to whites in South Africa but to say Syria should be nuked and new leaders installed is monstrous and crazy. It is not the leadership of Syria that is the problem, it is the leadership of the West. The west and its mainstream media is occupied and controlled by Zionist international banksters and organised Jewry. They are the ones through their puppet traitorous politicians who have funded and trained ISIS, bombed Libya, Iraq, Yemen and Syria and created the ‘refugee’ flood! They are the same people responsible for the poverty, chaos and murder of whites in South Africa! Please do proper research of the Zionist enemy

          1. Yes, anyone disagreeing with this man is part of the problem, the kosher crew is responsible for this. We need fences, we need snipers, this has to stop

          2. Exactly, Mark. If the EU wanted to keep all these people out, they could ask for a few ships from the richest countries. I bet France, Germany, Austria, etc will not miss a few battle ships to help Italy and Greece control their borders.
            The EU elits are the ones that created and keep creating these refugee waves because they want cheap labour.
            Germany already said they will accept the refugees until recently they pretended to deny access to and they will try to teach them German asap so they will be “absorbed” more easily…
            It’s all about the money!

          3. Wait and see, there are going to be a lot of ‘terrorist attacks’ either real or staged in the near future. It will be blamed on this new influx of refugee’s and more of our rights and civil liberties will be taken away by our governments in the name of security. shit is about to get real heavy before the end of the year. good luck people

          4. Yes, most of Europe will become moslam ,but before that happens, the whole middle east is going te be nuked
            within the next 10 years, and bloody wars be happening under civilians in Europe.

          5. 100% Correct about the Zio’ banksters and I spelled it out even more in detail when I replied to you yesterday, but my post was deleted. This one will probably go the same route. At least since yesterday, I note there’s a few agree with you too. In a perfect world we would no doubt have all been one colour — However, I believe in a Supreme Being, the Creator of all and obviously the creator of Man, also of all different races. Africa has been home to the black race since forever, North America the home of American Indians (known today as Native Americans), Australia (Aborigines), New Zealand (Maoris), India (Indians) — I named these countries, as they are the main ones colonized or exploited by whites for centuries — The mighty makes the rules! This is history. However, if one looks at the indigenous tribes (nations) of the countries mentioned above, did they not also invade and rule the weaker indigenous tribes or nations of their own kind. It happened all over the world, in Europe and Eurasia too. However, my point is, once one’s culture is completely overrun by a majority, no matter which country it is, one either accepts the change, lives as best as one can, going with flow or settle in Orania (I think they call it) or leave Africa altogether and find a country whose culture resonates with one’s own. White South Africans especially, enjoyed the good life for nearly 50 years, as Americans did, with the difference that SA instituted an Apartheid system and this humiliated their black brethren and bred hatred for their white oppressors. Now modern day South Africans must live with the consequences of Apartheid — feel it biting them now, but not by any means as it did the black South African majority. It was wrong and it is tragic. Contrary to what the leaders in Europe say to the press, they know they’re being hi-jacked and by whom. As you say, when one does research, one cannot believe how filthy dirty and bedevilled this world of politics really is, but follow the money. Unfortunately people have no idea how brainwashed they are by a western system which for sure, don’t follow God’s Law, but the Satan’s. I can only say thank God for Bashar al Assad and his brave Syrian Army and for Putin’s support of a man, whose country at this moment in time is Europe’s last buffer against human organ eater terrorist monsters. If this comment of mine does not get published, this site is not the unbiased, free and fair one, I thought it might be, supporting all different points of view.

          6. There is no arguing about the history of countries and who was there first or who invaded which country. Your comment on apartheid needs to be addressed. Yes, the biggest mistake Genl. Jan Smuts and Prime Ministers following him made was to refer to the system as “apartheid”. The word as such sounded horrible but it is merely an Afrikaans translation for a system widely implemented in Britain, Europe and America called “separate development”. It did not sound so harsh when referring to segregation as “separate development” but “apartheid” sounded evil. And as I previously stated, the reason for all the actions (sanctions, boycotts, disinvestment) against South Africa in the apartheid era was to take the focus away from America/Britain/Europe’s own integration problems and focus it on South Africa’s apartheid policies. Secondly, it is a well known fact that from the early onset, the world eyed the wealth in minerals that South Africa possesses. They could not control the white dominance and thus control the riches of the country, so the only way was to break down the so called “apartheid supremacy” by whites via their sanctions and boycotts. Countries that were venomously fighting “apartheid” are now fighting to keep other nationalities away from their borders and/or country in fear of dominance by outsiders. They will go as far as having laws passed prohibiting people from entering their country and/or allow their forces to use violence against any migrant invader of their country. Now I wonder who are the oppressors now?

    2. Europe you have opened the way the UN wanted, a one world order. Apartheid / separatism which you squandered, is borders placed there by God. We are all different and that in itself has enough troubles to want to add more rivalry through language and culture differences. But yet a few thousand scattered through Europe and you will still not feel the effect thereof now. The cancer has been planted. it will grow and destroy you. You will grow to hate your own miserable existence. Welcome to rainbow nation of Africa. Enjoy the fruits of your labour. Let’s talk again in 20 years.

    3. I feel the same way. Here in the American South, we had laws to protect ourselves from these people, but the world did to us what it later did to you in SA. But perhaps at last the rest of the world will see what you and I and our people have ALWAYS known, and UNITE ALL WHITES EVERYWHERE for the existential battle that is clearly right around the corner.

    4. As a white South African who has a history of 300 years in this country you will experience the following, disrespect, savagery, murder, theft, corruption, paying for others services etc etc.
      When we needed understanding and help from the Europeans we got NOTHING. I feel sorry for you lot of one-eyed Europeans, very SORRY!!! We tried to civilise the people here, but it will never happen. We fought a war against everbody on our own for many years with no help. The country was a better place even for our fellow black South-Africans pre 1994. Why don’t you take us back into your counties, but you take savages that has no connection to your counties. The whites here are highly educated, christian, speak the correct languages, ecenomical active etc

    5. Hi Eugene. And south africa is no where near as organised and as strong as it was during apartheid and the coloured africans are less well off. only thing that has changed is the political masters. Taking notice and doing what other countries want a country to do in my opinion just results a reduction of the quality of the country doing the changes. The united nations is a club for losers and i have no time for it. Full of loser countries that want everyone else to change and pay the bill for them.

    6. I understand Eugene’s statement We are ruled by idiots- politicians are generally the worst qualified for their job. The human rights laws do not apply to the victims who have to pay taxes and suffer discomfort for accommodating immigrants from the third world. Today local radio commented that the French rugby side complain about being house in Croydon, UK, my home town which has become a shithole during the last 10 years with 75% of those around in the town centre did not have a British grandfather and the rest are an uncertain number of Romanians and Albanians who have a bad reputation for crime and benefit fraud.In April 1968, Enoch Powell was excluded from the government for saying that men could not find a hospital bed for the birth of his child or a place in (a suitable now) school and his neighbourhood changed beyond recognition and employers hesitate to impose the same degree of discipline or competence on immigrants given to the native born- that is called racists Mind you the indigenous Africans had their land, culture and religion stolen from them with aid from European armies and missionaries so they are getting their own back . Of course the USA has destabilised the Middle East and stirred up resentment in West Africa where corrupt politicians deprive their people of most of earnings from oil and other commodities with help from the West.

  3. All that wasted food and clothing speaks volumes for the creatures who left it behind. Our own race would never squander such valuable things. I suppose these parasites just want the hard cash hand-outs.

  4. What do you want to bet these are all Muslims intending to overrun the countries that accept them? All of Europe will have to cordon these savages off and ship them back to their home countries. Syria, probably.
    America needs to ready itself for the same things.

    1. Baghdadi announced last January (right after claiming credit for Charlie Hebdo) that he intended to have half a million ISIS fighters in France by the end of this year. So betting is moot. This is a planned–and very successful–invasion and colonization. History demonstrates that wherever Muslims go, they go as conquerors, and they go to stay.

  5. Welcome to Africa in Europe – you ostracised us for Apartheid and now you feel the brunt of barbarism on your doorstep! Europe will NEVER be the same again – NEVER-EVER!

  6. Too many “feel sorry for them” people here in Europe.Its going to bite them in the arse very soon.The radicals have said that they will invade Europe and here we have that invasion.Lots of jihadis scattered amongst the refugees….

  7. This is nothing more than invasion. Today’s refugee is tomorrows suicide bomber . Tree huggers watch-out!. Today Europe you sow the wind, tomorrow you reap the whirlwind. .Just as the black racists kicked the whites out of Africa and bit the hand that fed them . Return these people and the black racists to their land and let the Europeans live in their own land.

  8. If the EU thinks that this issue has been resolved they need to look again because this has been the first bloodless invasion of Europe. The invading army did not even spend a dollar on ammo and even worse the invaders were fed, watered and transported by “friendlies”. The world needs to remember the last invaders in Europe and how costly it became to remove them and the amount of lives lost in the process.

  9. Our “leaders” in the West are trading us in for what they believe will be a more compliant “peasantry” over whom they can exercise the powers of aristocracy. Weak-minded leftists have swallowed the guilt trip of the anti-colonialists and believe that justice is being inflicted on us. We must reduce our governments to squeaky toy status and take back our Western Civilization while we have a fighting chance.

    1. Totally agree. How can we be guilty when we have done nothing? I feel it is too late now for Europe and with Obama in control, the US is also doomed. One thing – we won’t have to worry about air travel as the whole world will look like the Middle East. There will be no Notre Dame, no cathedrals etc. I think that it will take another 9/11 on another landmark for it to sink in. No-one really seems to care that historical sites and museums and galleries are being desecrated in the middle east. They are rewriting history.

      1. Not just in the Middle East. The strict Muslim prohibition against “graven images” means that, once they take over Europe, ALL paintings, sculptures, museums, churches, etc., must–and will–be destroyed. But it seems to be what Europeans want.

      2. At least some of us in America have seen the coming storm. We are not all asleep or sheep to the system. Good luck and God speed to my brothers and sisters in Europe, you are going to need it.

  10. “Refugees” = Weapons of Mass Genetic Destruction. Europe as we know it will be unrecognizable in less than 5 years, a Third World continent identical to the ones these “refugees” are leaving.

    These “refugees” are nothing more than parasitical opportunists identical to the blacks in the USA, where I live. We (Whites) opened the doors, they merely walked in, (literally, in Europe) to take advantage of the social welfare programs.

    The PC Europeans who “welcome” this mass of sub-human sewage into their countries are in for a dose of racial reality.

  11. This is horrible. Especially telling is that it was mostly men. Did they just leave their families behind to die? I fear Europe is soon to be overrun and will perish. Are we next?

    1. This is what our towns looks like on a daily basis and none of them care.They dont care to work, to earn, they just want, want and want some more. They don’t care for families and the “weaker” sex, to them they are just a means to an end. All the wonderful things you have will soon turn into the gutters, where they go a path of destruction follows.

  12. The First World is being turned into the Third World. Europe will experience the slide into decline, slums, filth, rape and decay. Your kindness to let them in will bite you in the butt. Close your borders send them back. You still have time. Act now. If not you are doomed.

    1. Isn’t the very fact of encouraging their transition into European countries an act of terrorism? As well as the threat made about possible consequences if we do not listen Merkel’s indications?
      She might know what is good for her people, but that doesn’t mean she also knows what is good for other countries or even an entire Europe.
      Our own governments scare the shit out of us with their so called “humanity”, especially because we have seen so many simulations in Europe and along the history of what can happen if we receive them numberless. Yes, we feel threatened by too many, too different, too unpredictable presence around us.
      Their very presence is like a threat to our peace of mind. Not only our values are being challenged. The hierarchy of our values is being challenged as well. And it seems that now we have the chance to think more about the priorities of our own European common values. The receiving of other people was always on the last positions, so we can have an excuse for not being completely sure of them. Let’s keep proportions and watch for our own authentic communities, who are the basis of the European society.
      Are they expecting us to be open to what more? All arabs, africans, chinese, koreans? Just to prove what?
      That European continent is a place where all their human rights will be respected? And if not what?
      Well, this doesn’t happen, we are already feeling discriminated in our countries because of other minorities.
      Will we be forced to pay them compensations? Our population is vulnerable too, to any implanted group of souls. Wild, potential rebels, who have seen death so many times maybe, but have not found the courage to fight for the houses, for their land, for their own families, without disturbing other countries that have nothing to do with their problems. Lack of communication in society and biology leads to cancer and the spreading of units who don’t speak the same languages leads to DEATH of the entire system as it is. Medically speaking, the root causes must be solved first before the effects. To prevent is much easier than to treat. Social Surgery is not wanted anymore. The European body doesn’t want to be infected again, by units that multiply so easily, rapidly and chaotically. It might not respond well this time.
      Can we accept more? Before being Europeans, we are humans, limited beings, just humans who listen their instinct of survival. The gipsies received houses in the middle of the cities and could not be integrated. All those places are in ruin and it looks disgusting.
      Any forced “integration”, un-natural inclusions in society produces horrible consequences.
      Now, we still have peace and we like it like that, although the wages are huge, the resources and infrastructure is in the hand of DE, Greece is sold out.
      Isn’t this looking like a betrayal of Europe assets, people, values as well? Isn’t this a planned strategy for seeling us all just for the sake of “world domination”?
      After Europe, the interests seem to be to occupy asian countries, then it comes US, Canada. The faster things happen, the easier is to see.
      And there is no guarantee that things can stop or reverse, ever.

      1. Australia is accepting Thousands.
        Although our Government (I believe ) stated Women and Children and Christians first.
        My thoughts are.
        Why do fit young Men leave their Homeland.
        Our Country have sent our fit young Men to fight in two World Wars.
        And other Wars.
        They fought for us . For a better life.
        I hope it won’t be in vain..

        From what the photos show. Is a blatant disrespect for the People trying to feed , and help them.
        Look at the food left.

  13. That’s gratitude for you,trash the place ,rob the people of that town,and this is just the begining.
    Their countries were toilets now they are coming to Europe to turn our countries into toilets.
    What about Saudi Arabia and other middle eastern countries,they said “NO”,no one coming into our country to trash it ,why are they the responsibility of Europe when their fellow middle easterners won’t help at all.
    Why,because they know they will try to turn everything around.When Germany declared war on England we didn’t go running off to other countries to hide,we stayed and fought.Pussies.Send them back now,before all the cowards start blowing up places in Europe

  14. I don’t understand why the EU country and the European politics and journalist accepted with open arms the invasion to all this Muslim people non educated. Because I remember when my country have permission to entry in EU and people from my country want to work in UK have many problems .Because the educated people was compared with gipsy .Why because in my country is gipsy? But the Romanian people is not the same.I think you European people from Germany ,France ,UK will become one lesson because your political members from EU have something to hide whit all this charity for Muslim non educated people.Is one invasion that could have repercussions very bad and i don’t know who would have something to win from this story ??For me is like the Trojan horse if you heard about Trojan War.

  15. These people always blamed the colonialists for everything that went wrong in their opinion. Now they invade the country of the past colonialists – why? Because the so called colonialists developed the country, build schools, hospitals etc.
    We in Namibia from the Germans were always named racists because we protected ourselves. Now the problems have moved to exactly these people – times change! Germany is a thing of the past – how will the future look like with so many invaders! Yes, your belongings will be stolen, your daughters will be raped – good luck!

  16. The government may accept them but the people won’t. Germany has need around too long to let a small puddle of sewage contaminate them.

  17. Australian was questioned about their “turn around the boats” policies over the last 15-20 years.
    Recently countries like Italy have been applauded for not only saving boat people but showing compassion to their plight, making a country like Australia look cruel. (Further more, how do poor refugees afford boat smugglers asking price??)
    I don’t see this as a color issue, it’s cultural. Some ideologies just don’t mix. Add religion to it and it’s volitile.
    Let’s see the true refugee…the one who is content on the nearest “safe” country willing to help them. Not the financial refugee only content going to a country that will look after them in a financial way.

  18. Muammar Gaddafi once said in a speech” we(muslims) will over take EU(europe at the time) and we will not use guns, there will be no war, and they will let us with open arms”.
    Well that day has come my friends. You will all be pushed into a muslim state. 10 yrs from now your children will be learning Aribic,

  19. As Gadafi said 40 yrs ago
    “We dont need guns or knives to take over the west, we will just walk in”
    This is the beginning of the end for the world we westerners knew..

  20. We in the UK DO NOT want any of them here, they are economic parasites that will destroy this country. The EU is welcoming nothing but massive trouble with open arms, FOOLS. At least we have the saving grace of being an island though it will not be long before we are overrun by them because of our pathetic spineless government.

    Australia did it. We went from 40,000 illegal immigrants in one year to zero. Use coast guard vessels and small naval vessels to force boats back to North Africa or Turkey

  22. The person responsible for this mess is the stupid German prime minister,she has opened the flood gates for continual exploitation of the whole process,the sad part of it is there are some very hard up families who are sincere refugees,but for every 10 families there 200 young single young men ages between 17 and 30 ready to wreck and destroy what ever they come across because of a culture that does not and will never co exist with the west and no politican can fix a problem that has existed for 1000 s of years, they really delude themselfs

    1. Why don’t you go back to cold EUROPE and we all be happy rest of us African people,we will enjoy one less whitey moment I tell ya.

      1. Stupid Black African. Did you not understand the whole gist of this article? It is about BLACKS invading Europe! It seems your black African friends don’t share your opinion that you will be happy without us as YOU ARE FOLLOWING US TO EUROPE! IQ= zero.

  23. I cannot believe the hypocrisy of the Arab countries. There are so many of them – why are they not opening their arms to their “Muslim brothers and sisters”. Why is this Europe’s problem?

  24. Like the others said…..THIS is why we had APARTHEID

    The CANCER is spreading, you better do what you can to stop it……

  25. This is typical of people who only want and don’t wish to give. I would round them up to clear all of their rubbish and show appreciation for the help they are given. Or park them in holding pens like the animals they act.

  26. I wonder if they would do the same for us….. I guess everybody knows the answer.

    Russians are supporting Assad with weapons, getting richer, Germany has to clean up the mess afterwards and takes the refugees.

    What are we, the trash can of the world ??????

    Ms Merkel said, it’s just the same like in the 60′ where a lot of Italians, Greece, Turkish and Yugoslavian people came here to work. Correct, but this time they come from a completely different cultural and religious background.

    It’s so stupid, those people cannot immigrate “legally”, they HAVE to commit a crime in order to be accepted. Most of them pay thousands of euros to get here illegally. They could afford 10 flights for that money !

    What’s the logic ? – You have to commit a crime to get the award ?

    And: Even if they introduce the immigrant quote in Europe, they still will all go to Germany and Sweden. And you cannot force them not to do so (against human rights, ohhh…. *beeeep*).

    And: This will not end, this will just be the beginning. Does Europe think next summer will be different, or 2017, or 2018 ? And those people will not return, that’s for sure !

    Why not just build a bridge from Africa and let them all in ?
    Time to get out of here, this will become a melting pot soon….

  27. Lekker! Welcome to “South Africa!”
    We deal with these savages everyday!
    Where they’ve been it looks like a rubish dump always. They steal as if it’s the most normal thing to do. And wait till they start entering your homes at night, demanding goods and raping your woman!

    Perhaps now you’ll understand………

  28. I saw this, the rubbish and whatever they leave behind. We cannot let these animals into our Anrglesphere. Good on Hungary and the other countries that repel this scum. I don’t know about you but I have to have a passport and visas just to leave my country.
    I have had enough they should never have gone against the Assad regime, at least the Russians have got it right. This is a sovereign state, and should never have been tampered with. Remember Iraq?, well?. Some people live and learn and some just live.

  29. As many fellow South Africans have posted here I would just like to add the following: “sucks to be you”, “sorry not sorry”, or as we say in Afrikaans: “kry vir julle”.

    The entire first world ostracised us for apartheid, now you get to see the beautiful rainbow nation of South Africa first hand on your own doorstep! This is EVERYDAY LIFE in South Africa – theft, murder, rape, destruction, barbarism, savagery, hate… everything you’ve managed to keep out of your hallowed continent with your tightly closed borders. White people in South Africa have NO CHANCE of fleeing to your countries because you don’t want us even if we can contribute constructively to your society, yet you let these savages in in their thousands.

    Enjoy your newfound rainbow nation, EU – just look how good the past twenty years have treated us in South Africa!

    1. MY feelings exactly. My roots are in Europe but they don’t want me, yet they welcome these savages. Enjoy it Europe!!!

      1. I am an Anglo Australian and you know what I understand the anger of the Sth Africans, I worked with an SA accountant telling me her proj manager father could not get into Aus. I was speechless we import all but USELESS clueless Sri Lankans and Indians that end up being taxi drivers once their false quals are worked out and they cannot get a job in their profession, we import these guys like its gold yet the father of the accountant could not get in?Amazing utterly amazing. However I say it again, all and sundry recognise this as a form of genocide and it is clearly happening so I do not believe for a second that this is not being driven from the top down, stupid as they look they are following orders there can be no doubt. On a side note why dont white south africans come in as refugees? Seriously.

  30. If this is how they act when the world’s media spotlight is on them, I shudder to think what things will be like once they are assimilated and allowed to infiltrate our towns and cities. I did have a level of compassion until this but they need to get it understood very quickly, that their religion is not in any way, a law in Europe. They CANNOT just do as they please. Everything described above is nothing short of pack animal mentality and we Europeans want no part in it. For me, there’s only one way to get this sorted out. Send troops from all of Europe, North America and beyond, into this Syrian hellhole. Destroy anything that resembles resistance, rebuild the infrastructure and get these excuses for humans back in their own environment…..then build walls. Lots of walls.

  31. The stupid German leader will fall, her own people will not tolerate her. Women and children yes, but fit young men should be fighting for their country, not running like.cowards. Funny they all have mobiles, laptops, Nike footwear, wankers should go back and fight for their people.

  32. Geez ok so you hand these peolpe their country back. They run it into the ground then flee for another free handout. The most overlooked people in todays society is the white male. The media proves this on a daily basis. What even worse is i can not have an opinion on it becuase i am white and will be labeled a racist for doing so. I do have compassion for these people for they know not what they do. Or do they? Seems like all i see today is people pulling out the race card whether it be for color or religion. Have had this happen to me numerous times especially in the last few years. We need a alien invasion from space to set our difference s aside to unite us as humans. . There are very few black people that feel they are not owed something. Its the media and up bringing that gives them this feeling of being owed. Would should wipe out all the history of slavery from our history books.

  33. Good luck Europe you will never be the same again.Once they successfully interbreed with your maidens your genetic order and structure will be doomed forever.You will become a half-breed race.We have no sympathy for you.None whatsoever.The libs that have fed you all the lies will quietly be in denial. Perhaps the governments of your respective countries should first have sent a top level delegation including the general public to go and see for themselves how these people live and behave in their own countries.As for apartheid has anyone ever delved deeper into the reasons behind it?It was much more than a colour issue.So perhaps they may now see firsthand what the white government in South Africa where protecting themselves against.Firstly watch crime spiral out of control.See how they will murder your people in the most vicious way rape your woman and children and destabilize your economy.Be ready to build very high walls around your properties,and lock your doors and install security systems.Then they will demand that you lower your education standard,and eventually demand that you implement affirmative action to give them advantage in obtaining work over your own citizens.Finally they will “outbreed” the local population at a rate faster than rabbits.Then they will become the majority,and then my friends you will no longer be welcome in your own countries.You will be told to rewrite your history books and break down your monuments as they will be deemed oppressive and racist.Also your currency will become worthless as the last of the civilized world will trade with you on their own terms.They will cripple your health budget,and your taxes will be raised to compensate for the millions that refuse to work,and prefer to hang around committing crime and demanding social funding in general making your life a living hell!!!!!!!!!I could write much more of what awaits you,however all will come to pass.Watch this space

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more Brian, but as a white South African living in Europe at the moment I have come to realize that Europeans are clueless, they simply don’t understand what it’s all about. I wait for the day when they will apologize for being against Apartheid because they will realize why it existed.

      1. That is no lie. As I said in my comment, Europe, America and Britain were in the fore front when it came to sanctions and disinvestment in South Africa because of apartheid. Why? They decided to place the focus on South Africa and apartheid to keep the worlds eyes away from there own racial issues. Now that they have succeeded in there efforts, and South Africa became a haven for migrants from all over Africa leading to crime, slums, poverty, diseases, etc., they are on the receiving end. And they must deal with it just as South Africans had to deal with it. We may not have the ability to sanction these countries, but the migrants will cripple their economies, rape their women, murder their children, kill their farmers, take their jobs and eventually their country. These migrants are pathetic as they rather will flee then to fight for their freedom in their own country. And they will take over those countries that are stupid enough to allow them entry.

  34. Thank you Mr. Obama for creating a vacuum in the Middle East which has resulted in the turmoil responsible for this mess in Europe. I guess this is what you meant by hope and change. Don’t worry….the Nobel fools will probably give you another peace prize.

  35. Praise the LORD and pass the ammunition. Thank GOD for the second amendment and the ability of every US citizen to defend against violent aggression. If you remove 4 major cities from the US gun violence statistics – all of which have extremely tight gun control, the US is in the 10 ten safest nations on earth.

    Maybe we should send these immigrants to those 4 US cities – they would feel right at home!

    Theodore Roosevelt’s ideas on immigrants and being an AMERICAN in 1907.

    “In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American…There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag… We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language… and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”

    Europe is slowly learning that multiculturalism is not working. Now if the US would only learn the lessons that Teddy pontificated over 100 years ago.

    1. I agree with your sentiments Kirk.
      We have Muslims living in Australia. Many assimilate I believe. But I don’t know. What I see and hear though is this.
      I see Women walking around with several Children , She is covered from head to toe.
      In searing heat. Hubby is in a T shirt, shorts, and thongs.(flip flops).
      I have heard from many. That they are entitled to a Housing Commission House.
      They get Centrelink(Welfare). Not bad if you have over four Children.
      I rarely hear of the Husband working.
      Who pays for all of this. We do the Taxpayer.
      Yet we also have Homeless People. I believe should have first priority.
      A Friend ‘s Neighbours are Muslims. They are from Africa (She thinks). They don’t work.
      Both have a car , a House. The Police are around constantly. Due to their fighting and screaming.
      When Australia turned back the boats. Many People said “How could they”.
      It put the People Smugglers out of a job.
      Our Country is the most arid in the World. Although a big Country. The centre is desert.
      I am worried.
      Where are we going to house these People. If they can’t or won’t work. I see more and more unrest between us and them.
      There have been riots, gangs, and they dismiss our culture.
      Our young Men fought for our beliefs going to War in foreign lands.
      Already there is unrest.
      Teddy was right…

  36. They are driving on the left…….No european countries drive on the left hand side….. Britain and her former colonies do plus Japan, India, some Carribean and South American countries and couple of others but no European countries.

    1. Well spotted Mish!!!! now I wonder where these pics were really taken?

      Editorial comment: If you look carefully, you will see that the pictures are of a one-way lane on a divided highway. The direction arrows on the road surface show this clearly. The claim that they are “driving left” is therefore incorrect.

  37. I told my husband that did anyone think that this was deliberate, this invasion of Europe put into motion by Isis to create a caliphate? It is going to happen and not in 20+ years, but in the near future.

    I am a black American woman married to a white European man. I am by no means prejudiced against anyone, but these people are going to destroy Europe. The Europeans will not get them to integrate into their society or culture, Europeans will have to integrate INTO THEIR society and culture. I love Europe and the European way of life. This will all go down the toilet now. Yes, send the majority of these people back to Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Eritrea, and Somalia. I can understand them fleeing from the mess, and do feel badly for them, but they will undoubtedly kill European culture. They have nothing in common with the WEST, NOTHING! The whole of the western world will suffer and I can see the demise of western cultures and belief systems.

    Germany need to stop accepting all of these people. How on earth are they going to house, feed, clothe and provide jobs for 800,000 people, and for how long will they be able to sustain this? I don’t agree with violence, but these people don’t know how to act, can’t wait in line peacefully and orderly so that they can be processed the right way and sent on. The way that they behaved is appalling in someone else’s country who are just trying to help. I understand that the Hungarians did not help the situation, but what can they do when those immigrants attack them? You don’t bite the hand that feed you. These people do not know the meaning of contrite or humble. I feel sorry for some of the women but, (they can be as bad, or worse than the men). I really feel sorry for the small children and babies. That is no life for them.

    What ticks me off is that the Arab Emirates and/or gulf states don’t even want them. Albeit I understand that they have cultural ties, their belief system is different Sunni vs. Shiites! This is why they are not acceptable to the other Arab Nations. They will continue to send money to Europe and other places around the globe to fund the immigrants and leave the problems of these people to the countries in which they reside. It is going to be a horror story, just you wait and see. Kiss the West GOODBYE!

    Thank you George W. Bush for creating this mess in the first place, by attacking Iraq, taking out the enemy of Iran, and bringing down Saddam Hussein for insulting your father! Once you open Pandora’s box, there is no putting the horrors back!!!

    1. Nonnie you’ve painted the right picture of this horror situation which is unfolding and this Politician’s who are responsible for the upcoming mass destruction of European countries. European leaders should stand uni ted against Chancellor Merkel who is coursing this problems. This migrants looking for a better life; experts already warning that only 8% have satisfying reports to advance into the high tech industry of Germany. The majority or 54% of this welfare hunters have nothing to offer in education levels, all they capable of is perhaps reading the Koran and for their children special schools have to build, because they are only interested to keep their own Culture a life. Frau Merkel and her Vice chancellor Gabriel should be made responsible now for this disaster and misconduct. The German people shoult kick them out of office at once and save something what otherwise will be lost for ever.Push this vandals back were they come from and close all borders.
      Or send them to Russia, because Putin is supporting this made Assat regime now with his own forces ,but obviously he doesn’t want do anything to help this refugees. How can the world watch that a whole Continent will be destroyed again, just because a few bloody Politicians are brain washing their own population.

  38. I can’t understand. Why these refugees are running to Europe instead to their Muslim neighbors? Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Kuwait?
    They hate people from West, Christians, Jews, everyone who isn’t muslim, don’t speak any language spoken on the West but still going to the Germany, England, France. Why?
    What the prophet would say about that? Looking for help from infidels?
    I am not heartless but if we needed their help we will die on the desert by their bullets not for hungry or thirsty.

    1. Luiz, the muslims are going to Europe and America to invade and destroy…..they will not assimilate. You are correct, they hate people from the West, Christians and Jews. They only understand hatred, and their prophet mohammad wants them to infiltrate and to kill everyone that is not muslim around the globe so they can take over the world!

  39. These are not true refugees….refugees usually seek the basic neccesities to survive. They don’t bite the hand that feeds them! They are not starving and weak…they are on a mission. WAKE UP!!
    Refugees are humble, thankful not boisterous and violent….why aren’t these young men staying home and defending their country? Why are they leaving their wives and children behind??
    It is time to throw political correctness out the window. In World war one and two the enemy was indentifiable…these (not all) are terrorists doing the dirty work for ISIS

  40. I feel for all of the European countries dealing with this. With the news that these are mostly young men and not families with children, I just knew they are trying to grow their caliphate. God watch over us all.

  41. Unfortunately, there is only one way of dealing with this invasion. There is a book by Jean Raspail, written in the Seventies, called “The Camp of the Saints”, translated into English. The man was a visionary except he used another race to portray the mayhem that was created by the mass migration to France and Europe in general. AND the bleeding hearts ( Bleeding, of course). And how it ended. I might feel sorry for those caught in the stampede for better life, like most of us, but who is going to feel sorry for us? The Invaders wreaking havoc or our own bleeding hearts, offering the support of our property, kith and kin and, ultimately, our way of life and the life itself, only to perish as well. We might look at our own European invasive habits, thinking no other peoples are as bad as us. Think again.

    1. “The Camp of the Saints” should be mandatory reading in every school in the free world.
      Sadly, the way we’re going that’s more likely to be mein koranf.

  42. And these are the countries, together with America and Britain, that protested, marched to the South African embassies, called for sanctions against South Africa because of apartheid, that are now fighting to keep other nationalities away from their doorsteps. It took South Africa a mere 20 years after apartheid to become a slums for refugees from other countries. No wonder crime is strive in South Africa. Austria, Germany and other European countries should not start crying now that they are suffering the same we did in South Africa. it is your turn now. Good luck! The pictures from Kamil Bulonis is what we must witness in South Africa daily. These migrants have no culture. They are parasites that flee from oppression in their own countries instead of fighting for their freedom.

    1. well said Dirk. we reap what we sow. i have seen the demise of uk before leaving to AUSTRALIA but it seems wherever we live the stupid politicians just dont GET IT.the world is becoming a trash can allowing uncultured so called immigrants/refugees into our countries to live as they always have and have no intention of lifting their social standards.the world is going down the tubes because of mass migration from so called war torn countries. i agree with women n children being given a safe haven but the men should stay in their counries and fight.will they be there for us when we need them to defend their new countries of choice? think not

  43. Fifty years ago Muslim men from Pakistan and Bangladesh were brought over to the UK in order to take over our jobs in the Lancashire cotton mills.
    Today…over fifty years later… having been encouraged to bring over their families and having bred like rabbits since – their “communities” are spreading out further and further. They make no attempt to integrate and whole areas now resemble Pakistan/Bangladesh. The pictures posted showing the filth dumped by the “Syrian refugees” are no surprise. This how our filthy back streets look on a daily basis now in so many northern towns in England. They cost a fortune to clean up after, police, house etc. It`s never-ending!

  44. Reading the comments here, I am heartened to a certain degree. I feel a total outsider swimming against a tide of Utopian multiculturalists in the UK.
    I am a UK citizen who is appalled at the influx of so-called Syrian Refugees. Reports suggest that only 40% of them are from Syria. This is, in my view, an Islamic invasion. The Saudi’s who finance mosques all over the world (and the infiltration of Islam – resulting in Boko Haram and all the rest in Africa) no doubt, cannot believe their luck. The ordinary Brit will only wake up to the Islamic invasion when the working man is deprived of his bacon sandwich and the upper class, deprived of The Proms all for Islam. We already have a plethora of Xmas Cards emblazoned with, ‘Seasons Greetings’ rather than ‘Happy Christmas’ to appease the varying religions principally the Muslims.
    This whole Muslim experiment supported by soft biased BBC reporting and dim politicians will come home to bite in the not too distant future. It occurs to me that most in both the BBC and the Government are secret converts to Islam.

  45. Hi everyone,

    Here is what is really going on behind the scenes:
    1. The citizens of these countries in Europe don’t want them there and didn’t ask for them (for the most part), they have no control over it and many have protested against the invasions.
    2. The leaders are the ones in control and have allowed this.
    3. The UN agenda is to have mass invastion by muslims into the West (many world events connected here), but they are the puppet masters behind it all.
    4. The goal is to create the ‘consciousness’ of the obstacle posed by borders in order to arrive at a borderless one world government (new world order dictatorship) without sovereign nations, this humanitarian crisis only puts pressure on individual nations to open up to the world ‘or else.’
    5. The other goal is the trojan horse tactic. The muslims will enter and not assimilate, (maybe pretend to a little at times) and it will invade the culture with islam and later when someone blows the trumpet they will all pronounce ‘holy war’ on these countries (similar to what they did in the Kenya mall and other terrorist exploits), remember the goal of islam is to take over the world and murder the ‘infidels’.
    6. It’s all leading up to the one world government, religion, economy under antichrist. They will put to death all resisters… like me. It’s all puppet strings behind the scenes.

    1. As in my previous Post, I can only conceive that there is a greater, unknown secret following of Islam in the Western World Leaders and principal (so-called “Trusted”) broadcasters such as the BBC than we are aware of.
      The UK’s MI5 head has personally disclosed they blocked 5/6 serious lslamic terrorist attacks in the UK. Notwithstanding Charlie Hebdo, I regret to say that it’ll take the savage murder of a well known person/politician or even royalty to wake most people up to the growing danger.

  46. We managed before and I am sure we could manage again for a couple of years without the channel tunnel. Block it off at least on our side which would increase the difficulty of access. Stop the navy from ‘rescuing people who have put themselves in peril unnecessarily’ and if Ebola or similar rears its ugly head so be it.

    Back to the Chunnel can anyone genuinely believe that if enough migrants gathered together and stormed the tunnel that a few water canon and tear gas cartridges would stop them.
    I am surprised that this has not taken place already..

    1. Tut tut! Water cannon / tear gas etc; ?
      Sensible tactics such as that could hurt them. dontcha know ?
      There`s not a snowball`s chance in hell of us ever being allowed to use such measures.
      Mudder Merkel and Juncker would go ballistic !! ..

  47. As for blocking the tunnel the EU – a dictatorship in all but name – would threaten to
    `excommunicate `us.
    Sounds idyllic ! How soon can we get the concrete mixers churning ?

  48. It is not surprising that this is happening. What is surprising is the incredibly naive attitude of the brainwashed public. Do you not know an invasion when you see one? The first crusades began this way. People always have a choice. Will you open your eyes and make one? Or will you continue to believe the lie that these are “refugees”? Our governments have betrayed us. Now what?

  49. We will regret letting these young men into Europe ,most of them want ,
    what they can get for free.
    Most of these people are not refugees.But how to sort them out is a problem .They should use their energy in sorting out problems in their own country and not use what seems to be the easy option.
    But their are some genuine refugees.Difficult.

    1. This is truly an Invasion. However, most of the so-called, “Refugees” in transit questioned by BBC reporters, stated their preference for reaching Germany or the UK. We in the UK still have the English Channel. But it will not keep out the massive wave of Invaders shortly to arrive at the French side of the English Channel once they receive naturalisation in Germany. Once these “Refugees” are processed in Germany and given the right to remain and take up employment they will doubtless then, exercise the EU’s right of its “Citizens” to free movement within EU States and legally present themselves at Calais. What a sad state of affairs. If I am correct, it will be by this process that the seeding process of the UK will be subject to a quantum leap……………………….

  50. I came across this news site quite recently only. Hence my belated comment

    Europe is being destroyed. As Mr. Kamil Bulonis says:”I feel that this is just the beginning.”

    The big tragedy is that (especially in Germany and Austria), if anybody protests against this perversity, they are at once branded as Neo Nazis by the liberal mass media. Cry, my beloved Fatherland. I desperately wish that somehow, someone would find a way to give Angela Merkel the boot. She seems to turn into power drunk, self-worshiping Narcissist. But then, most likely someone of a similar ilk would ascend her throne. Speak of Democracy. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that she hails form the former German, so called Democratic Republic of the Iron Curtain days. The world just doesn’t “seem” to make sense these days. After reading Alan Hart’s “Zionism, the Real Enemy of the Jews”, (available from Amazon – I stumbled across it in a book shop in an elite Johannesburg suburb) it did start making sense and I therefore tend to agree with Planet Peace’s comment of 18/9.

    I am not in the least apologetic of having a Biblical view on this issue. The collapse/destruction of a culture/civilization/nation is always preceded by a couple of decades of decadence and moral decay. Examples are ancient Greece, ancient Rome and more recently, the China of the late 18th and early 19th century – The highly intelligent Chinese were already highly civilized and prosperous when our ancestors still “swung from the trees”. In Rome nobody even realized it was coming until very shortly before its fall did come. And so I see the situation in Europe in the present day. A war or some other catastrophe is normally just the final shove over the brink – there are always vultures, hyenas etc. around to pounce on a dying creature. Sometimes these very same hyenas and vultures have engineered this decay in the first place, in order to make the plums ripe for the picking.

    It normally takes about 3 generations. in Europe’s case the slide began in the 1960s. We now have the more or less 3rd generation maturing after the 1960s.

    Maybe Oswald Spengler (you can find him on the Web) was right after all.

    Someone coined the phrase; ” Humanity without Divinity ends up being diabolical”.

    Martin Luther once said: ” Man is a horse. He is ridden either by God or by the devil” – the devil will ride us if we do not invite (find out from the instruction manual of our “Manfacturer”, i.e. the Bible, as how to) God to ride us.

    In view of this I surmise that many of those who might read this write me off as as some ridiculous freak. To them I say that I too once was where you are now but I did not stay there after a lot of deep thinking and soul searching.

    ……………well, that’s my 5 cents worth. Not too boring, I hope.

  51. I agree totally that Europe is being destroyed before our very eyes and increasingly impotent as dissent is closed down as “racist”.
    Traitorous politicians are now going all out to foist in full this Third World mediaeval culture and religion on us all.
    In the UK we must close our eyes to the ever-widening slum areas with non integration of the residents; increasingly high birthrate and mosques everywhere .A walk around these areas finds cars parked nose to tail- as so few work. Of those that do, `cash-in hand` types of employment seems to be preferred.
    Politicians are truly living in cloud-cuckoo land if they believe this unbelievable stupidity can help solve the West`s problem of aged populations and low birth rates.
    To the invaders we are simply a means to an end…. [ and the end of we “Infidels”].
    We are quite literally like lambs to the slaughter – courtesy of Merkel and Co..

    1. well said JAY. thats why i left the english shores to australia. no better here.why are theremosques worldwide but no christian churches in their lands? yep lambs to the slaughter.religion after all is just a thing invented by man to control man.but when in rome!!!!!!!! why do we give into them?


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