Third World Mexican Drug War Hell Coming Closer to US

A new report which has revealed that in excess of 26,000 people have been murdered in Mexico’s ongoing and increasing drug cartel gang wars is an indication of what lies in store for the rest of the US as the “Hispanization” process continues apace.

According to the report, an official count said that around 26,121 people “were reported missing” from 2006 to 2012.


Lia Limon, the Mexican Interior Department’s subsecretary for “human rights,” announced that the list used data from local prosecutors across Mexico. Its end date was November 31, 2012.

The Mexican government’s war with the drug cartels is seriously hampered by the fact that its administration is utterly corrupt, and more often than not the drug runners are the very same officials entrusted with preventing the crime.

Those few Mexican officials who have not succumbed to the bribery and corruption epidemic have either been murdered or intimidated into silence, leading to an almost free run for the criminals.

In addition, the Mexican government has officially claimed that its focus is on “dismantling the cartels,” rather than drug trafficking prevention. This last aspect is conveniently left to the despised gringos in the United States.

Inside America, however, the presence of millions of Mexicans, most of them there illegally, has however provided the perfect cover for the drug runners who simply melt into the large Hispanic population.

Once ensconced there, they are relatively safe from US authorities, who are often unable to penetrate the racially-based criminal networks, and, even if they do profile the gangs, are almost always accused of “racism” when “disproportionate” numbers of nonwhites are arrested.

The free run is now of such an extent that official estimates say that Mexican drug cartels now control 90 percent of the drugs that enter the United States.

Cartel members have broadcast executions on YouTube and other video sharing sites. The cartels have also tossed body parts into crowded nightclubs and often hung banners on streets stating their demands and/or warnings.

As millions more Mexicans and other Central or South Americans continue to pour across the US border, Americans can expect this Third World crime wave to increase exponentially at home as well, experts have warned.

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  1. The media is always publishing the same photos of the overly tattooed Salvatrucha gang from El Salvador to scare the readers. I doubt if this gang could do anything harmful to the people of USA, Stoned, drug addicted people such as this are not capable of doing the damage of real paramilitary trained men and anarchists who have been paid by big governments to destabilize nations. Knowing the culture of Mexico as I do and I am not speaking of the subcultures of Hispanic groups from the USA who have developed their style over several decades, and are not even considered Mexicans by most of the people of the Mexico. You may be surprised that most Mexicans Nationals who remain residents in Mexico consider Americans of Mexican descent “gringos” simply because their culture and mindset is completely different. Tattoos are not as common in Mexico. More than likely people looking for jobs in Mexico are suspiciously looked upon as hoodlums and are not acceptable in most of the personnel offices of any company in Mexico. Mexican students wear uniforms to school and the majority of the schools do not permit boys wearing long hair. This is standard throughout the country and for the most part there is less violence in their schools. The biggest problem in Mexico is the low minimum wages that encourage people to look elsewhere particularly in the groups who have not completed high school. At present more young people are being encouraged to finish high school and there are many incentives for them to remain in school such as monetary scholarships offered beginning in elementary school if they maintain their grades in 9-10 level which is equal to A or B in the USA. I believe that over 30 per cent or higher who are graduating from high school are now entering Mexican Universities which are quite accessible and not so expensive. And many more from the lower income bracket are joining this movement of seeking higher education. There are constant ads encouraging the Mexican youth to finish high school and the government has designed programs which are quite reasonable such as Escuela Abierta that now has excellent booklets assisting them in completing their courses. Unfortunately there are still many from the rural areas who don`t think completing their high school is quite as important and these are the ones who more than likely would like to travel to the USA because this group is the lowest paid in Mexico. This group consists of the the bricklayers, and all of those who have experience in the construction trades. Most of the people who work in the farms from Mexico are from the States such as Chiapas, Guerrero, etc., who are the people who most identify with the Indian tribes and speak an Indian dialect. Oaxaca which is not diverse and remains mostly Indian produces some of the best artisanry and are very talented people who are specialists in the arts of weaving, jewelry, handmade purses, hats, etc., and are fighting against the deluge of factory “plastic art” that is being imported from China. This group is the one that protests the most and is often seen in the media and popular tabloids. I remembering seeing an art professor from this State marching with the citizens against the invasion of McDonald’s and similar international corporations.

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