The Third World Moves to Berlin

A shocking insight into the low IQ, ignorance, and hatred which the nonwhite “refugees” have brought with them to Germany, has been dramatically revealed in a series of interviews conducted inside Berlin “asylum centers” by the Tagespiegel newspaper.

The article also revealed that police are called out every day to the centers to deal with a never-ending wave of violent criminality, that most of the invaders are not “refugees” at all, and that half of them are illiterate.


The Tagespiegel interviewed three invaders—named as Ahmed, Abdul, and Mohammed, inside a “Berlin refugee camp.” It discussed with these three what their attitudes were toward women, Jews, blacks, homosexuals, and German society in general.

From their answers, it becomes apparent that, as the Tagespiegel says, they have “brought hatred along with them in their suitcases.”

On Jews:

Asked about Jews, Ahmed, from Syria, tells the Tagespiegel journalist to “check the media in the West, and in Russia, and in Iran.”

The ignorance—and fantastic conspiracy theories under which the invaders labor, then becomes apparent as it is clear that they believe Jews are the ones who carried out the terrorist attacks in Paris to “blame” Muslims, and that Syrian president Bashar al Assad is a “Zionist devil.”

The Tagespiegel says that Ahmed showed a doodle he scribbled on a milk carton: a gallows, and on the end of the rope, a Star of David.

“Jews,” says Ahmed, “are responsible for the misery in the world. They have instigated the massacre of Paris and blamed the Muslims, because earlier, France had granted recognition to Palestine.”

Ahmed also asserted that “Jews support Bashar al Assad. He is not a Muslim,” Ahmed states, adding that only Sunnis—like him—are Muslims, and all Shiites and Druze Lebanese are traitors, Zionist devils. And violence against the devil is justified,” he adds.

On German society:

Ahmed said that he went to Turkey “a few years ago” and was doing casual jobs there before he joined the rush up the Balkans in 2015—not realizing that he has just proved that he is not a “refugee” at all, as he was not fleeing persecution but “doing casual labor” in Turkey.

He purchased a place on a boat to Greece to get to Germany, where, he says, everyone “has a car.”

He now wonders, the Tagespiegel says, why, in Berlin, no one has offered him a job. Now, however he thinks he knows why—because someone “in the hallway [of the invader camp] has told him that “German Jews prefer to employ Arabs”—and he is not an Arab.

The Tagespiegel says that employment prospects for the invaders are sparse. An estimated 50 percent are totally illiterate, and those who are barely literate—like Ahmed and Mohammed—will be unlikely to find work anywhere, the paper adds, pointing that official Federal Employment Agency figures show that 90 percent of all nonwhite invaders who have entered Germany as “refugees” are still not working anywhere a year after their arrival.

Abdul, from Afghanistan, says that in Kabul, they are told that once they get to Germany, they are all given €3,000 “welcome money.” The average annual wage in Afghanistan is €366 per year.

He says he was disappointed not to get his €3,000, and wants to know why it is being withheld from him.

When asked about homosexuals, Abdul tells the Tagespiegel that they are “disgusting” and that “God has said they should not be allowed to live.”


Ahmed did not want to say if he had taken part in the fighting in Syria. His village, he said, was in “any event long controlled by the Al-Nusra Front.

“They [Al-Nusra] are decent people,” he tells the Tagespiegel journalist, seemingly oblivious of the fact that Al-Nusra and ISIS are the same thing.

On women:

When asked about women, the three invaders all agreed: women had to obey men, and it was permissible to beat them, but that it would be unnecessary to do so as long as they obeyed their men.

Ahmed says he wants a wife and children. The wife—presumably a German woman—must be a virgin, he adds.

As he is talking, Mohammed, from Egypt, interrupts and asks if it is true that German women sunbathe in the nude?

When told by the Tagespiegel journalist that they do, and there are nudist beaches on the Baltic Sea coast, he is incredulous. “Why do they do this? Where are the men?”

The Tagespiegel’s translator—herself a refugee from the Middle East who arrived in Germany a few years earlier, tries to explain the concept of equality of the sexes to Mohammed. “Everyone has the same rights, in schools, cafes, parks. A woman does not have to ask her husband permission for anything.”

Mohammed, the Tagespiegel writes, makes a “wry mouth: more in disbelief than discomfort.”

Abdul also wants to know why he is not allowed to marry a girl who is 14- or 15-years-old. “They can lie naked on the beach, but they cannot get married?” he asks.

On blacks:

Mohammed says that “Egypt is the best country in the world,” but that it has two problems: “in the chaos [of the Arab Spring uprising] secret powers have come to the fore,” and then there has been “an invasion of monkeys from the south.”

By monkeys, he means blacks.

Mohammed, who says that he used to work in a bank, definitively asserts: “Egyptians are more valuable than blacks. Some monkeys are nice, but most are a plague.”

* The Tagespiegel report also reveals that there are nearly 45,000 nonwhite invaders living in one hundred invader camps in Berlin, and that the police are called out to the invader camps every day, often for blackmail and assault.

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  1. “They (14 – 15 yr olds) can lie naked on the beach, but they cannot get married?”

    Actually he has a point there.

    1. Sounds to me that they’ve been indoctrinated with typical Sunni views either on their travels or before. Semi literate at best and will never find jobs, they are nevertheless just what Merkel ordered, breeders!

    2. We’re all born naked does that mean we should be married at birth? Unbelievable how backwards they are, animals have more intelligence

    3. No, no point at all. I find mixed nudist beaches and saunas a bit unpleasant myself, but I have never been to one where any of the European men got raging erections as soon as they saw a naked little girl. Those of us who can’t cope with them simply stay away, so as not to infringe on the rights of the others to enjoy themselves in a totally innocent manner.

  2. We all knew this before they were invited by the EU and the UK. Uneducated trash who bring all their problems and culture with them, while having no respect for European culture or law. Send EVERY last one back. They belong in the third world countries that they came from!

  3. Is anyone surprised at this – be honest.

    I feel sorry for the hard-working normal German people who now have to suffer for the cockups of the diktats from their politicians and the EU.

    Hopefully 2016 will see the death of the stupid EU. Don’t hold your breath, as these idiots insist the way forward is more integration more EU. Never mind that they cannot account for anything. What a disaster area.

  4. Disgusting, they will never work, therefore they will never pay their way in life, nor are they willing to as they believe it is their divine right to take, take, take from the infidels. They will never respect women and they will never understand that they do not have the right to force their vile culture on Europeans.

    Deport them all back to their homelands.

    Germany imported Turkish Moslems back in the late 80’s – early 90’s – 25 years later only one in every 50 of them are working, and even then the work they do is of the unskilled type where they pay little if anything in taxes. Therefore all of them have either spent the last 25 years living off the state or have taken out far more than they have ever paid in. You would think that Germany had learned its lesson from this, but apparently not, as here we are 2016 and they have imported another two million of these uneducated creatures who will all milk the welfare and healthcare system dry and create nothing but misery and terror for the local German, indigenous people.

    A highly respected Professor recently carried out a survey on these immigrants and stated quite clearly that not only are they illiterate and without education when they arrive, but many are totally incapable and unlikely to ever achieve even the minimum standards of education required by normal, white citizens to enable them to enter the work force. He stated that inbreeding was a major cause of the low IQ, and with every generation that engages in this practice the IQ diminishes further. He stated that Germany would be required to create special employment for these people otherwise they would never be able to enter the jobs market.

    Furthermore many of the immigrants that have already been put through the German Education system have left without achieving any qualifications, such is their inability to learn. Some also deliberately refuse to be educated and assume they can just claim welfare like their parents when the time comes. When asked what they wanted to do after leaving education many stated simply “claim welfare”

    1. Sir, you have your decades mixed up, Germany has been importing Turks and Yugoslavians since the 50s to do all the menial labour that Germans wouldn’t touch, I worked in Germany in the late 70s and early 80s and they were everywhere, they did a survey in the Netherlands a few years back and found that most Turks over the age of 40 no longer worked, just scrounge the dole and deal in drugs.

  5. And in compliance with the Treaty between the United States of America and the Republic of Haiti concerning Reciprocal Encouragement and Protection 13 December 1983, it would be peremptory norm to assume that these gentlemen have “intellectual and industrial property rights, including rights with respect to copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade names, industrial designs trade secrets and know-how, and goodwill” as mentioned in Article 1 c iv.

  6. That’s what you get with generations of inter-blood marriages. These migrants are quite obviously mentally defective and the only way they can express themselves is through violence.

  7. One of the issues that no Main Stream media will address is that different countries and races have different average IQ levels. There of course bright educated ones in all countries, but the issue is the IQ of the ‘average’ person. Sub-saharan Africa have the lowest recorded – which would count as intellectually impaired in the West, and the Arab nations are a long way behind. For the sake of balance, far eastern countries score slightly higher then Western Europe. Look it up on WIKI. This is modern measurement, and an attempt to understand how the issue could be addressed. Shovelling everyone into the same schools is cruel and inhuman – but is Government policy.

  8. “Ahmed says he wants a wife and children. The wife—presumably a German woman—must be a virgin, he adds.”

    Good luck with that, Ahmed.

  9. Who would’ve thought muslims would be the straw that broke the liberal back and exposed them for the failures that they are? As sad as it makes me think that millions, tens of millions will have to suffer because of their stupidity, it’s going to be glorious to watch them reek havoc on the West. You failed to listen to people who understood that part of the world. You thought the whole world sees things the way your western mind does. Oh how tragically wrong you are going to be proven. You have no sympathy from people on the right and you will have no friends in this final conflict that’s quickly approaching.

  10. I suggest to Ahmed that when he as found his virgin he carries on and tries to find three wise men ,looks like germany his going to need help from jesus.Please dont look among the german government ,not for the wise men anyway…….terry

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