Third World Water Shortages Caused by Overpopulation, Bad Management, Not “Climate Change”

Water shortages in the Third World are caused by rampant over breeding and poor resource management, and not “climate change,” as hysterical race-denying liberals claim, a new study of water shortages in India has inadvertently revealed.

The Thomson Reuters report on water shortages in India titled “As water shortages grow, ‘Day Zero’ becomes everyday in India,” starts by referring to Cape Town, South Africa, as having been able to “push back its ‘Day Zero’ to 2019 after successful water-saving efforts.”

The article does of course not mention that the water shortage in Cape Town—widely and completely falsely ascribed to “climate change”—has not affected the farms in the immediate area of that city, which would have been the case had it genuinely been “climate change.”

The article goes on, however, to admit that in India, “Day Zero” has “come and gone for residents in many parts of the country, where taps failed long ago and people have turned instead to digging wells or buying water.

“An expanding population, growing demand for water from agriculture and industry, and poor management of water supplies have sent India’s groundwater to ever lower levels,” the article, written by an Indian journalist, continues.

“Nearly 163 million people among India’s population of 1.3 billion—or more than one in 10—lack access to clean water close to their home, according to a 2018 WaterAid report.

“That is the most of any country in the world, according to the UK-based charity, which aims to provide clean water and better hygiene to people without them.”

In fact, the article continues, South Asia’s per capita water availability is already below the world average. The region could face widespread water scarcity—less than 1,000 cubic meters available per person—by 2025.

Water supply in India may fall 50 percent below demand by 2030, the Asian Development Bank has forecast.

Bengalore, Karachi and Kabul are among the 10 cities in the world that are “on the verge of an imminent water crisis”, according to a report last month by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), a research and advocacy group based in New Delhi.

Bengaluru, once known as the “city of lakes”, now relies heavily on groundwater, which is not being naturally replenished and cannot sustain the growing population, said Sushmita Sengupta at CSE.

“‘Day Zeros’ are inevitable unless cities push for judicious use of water – including rainwater harvesting and reuse of waste water, as well as more efficient irrigation, and regulation of tubewells,” she said.

India is one of the largest consumers of groundwater in the world, with worsening shortages attributed in part to subsidies that help farmers run electric irrigation pumps cheaply for longer than needed, and to a lack of limits on extracting water or digging wells.

Water shortages in the Third World are exacerbated by poor or nonexistent management. Here, pedestrians cover their noses as they cross a bride over a polluted canal that once carried water from Bellandur Lake to Varthur Lake in Bangalore (Bengaluru), India.

Water scarcity is expected to force 50 to 70 million people in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and China from their homes by 2050, according to research by the Strategic Foresight Group in Mumbai.

An unrelated article in The Times of India revealed that the city of Bangalore (officially known as Bengaluru)—supposedly India’s “Silicon Valley,” says that every day more than 1,000 water tankers drive into the delivering water to “India’s drought-stricken tech hub.”

“Gleaming new apartment blocks are still springing up all over the city known as India’s Silicon Valley—even though there is nowhere near enough mains water to supply those already living and working there,” the Times of India continued.

“Many rely entirely on supplies shipped in by tankers filled from giant borewells that have caused groundwater levels to plummet, sparking predictions Bangalore could be the first Indian city to run out of water.

Another report in The Hindu newspaper added that “It’s not just Bangalore.  Particularly, places like Gujarat, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Haryana, and Punjab are among the states where the withdrawal of water is 100% more than the availability.”

All of this is, of course, solely due to overpopulation and nothing else.

Simply put, the Third World is breeding so fast that the natural resources of their lands are unable to sustain such rapidly growing populations.

Instead of being honest and addressing that racial problem, liberals insist that the problem is “climate change” and blame the West.

In reality, only Third World population control can avert this looming disaster—and that is not going to happen until the real problem is taken firmly in hand, and the white-blaming “climate change” fantasies are dismissed for the lies they are.

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  1. Once fake wars and economics can’t be used as a reason to stuff White countries with non-Whites…look for the next incarnation of the western world invader, the “climate change” refugee. Not only do the jews want to sell the world on fake global warming (rebranded, “climate change”) as another excuse to keep forced mass migration into White countries going, they’re salivating at the opportunity to put carbon taxes on literally everything you buy. It’s an undeniable fact that the biggest polluters in the world are Third World countries, beginning with their own water supplies because they’re constantly throwing garbage and defecating into them.

  2. That photo of the polluted canal is a real shocker, and makes you wonder whether British engineers built that canal, and whether it was once full of clean water, long ago.

  3. Waterways and rivers are at risk in western nations as cashed up regimes come in and buy up. One of Australia’s major waterways, has dried up after a foreign buy up of a mega cattle station nearby. Nervous locals were told by treasonous leaders / govt ‘not to be so silly, ‘safeguards’ for community water/river flow, would be put in place. . Oz’s major environ/ scientific institutes CSIRO , said 20 yrs ago – ”Australia does not have the water for ongoing unsustainable mass immigration”. And they were right. New Zealand locals are appalled that their socialist govt is selling treasured, major water resources to China.

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