Third Worlders Turn Violent in Attempts to Enter Britain

Thousands of Third Worlders—fleeing their own self-inflicted disaster nations—have resorted to outright violence in their attempts to invade soft-touch Britain—and have turned parts of the French coastal town of Calais into a “lawless jungle” in the process.

The description of the formerly peaceful Normandy town as a “jungle” was made by Marine le Pen, leader of the highly popular Front National party in France, during a recent visit to the town after French police were forced to use teargas to disperse a berserker mob of Africans and Middle Easterners trying to force their way onto trucks and vehicles heading for Britain.


At the core of the problem lies the British state’s welfare system. Originally created to help British people who had, through no fault of their own, fallen on hard times, sixty years of socialism has transformed that system into a soft-touch for scroungers, thieves, criminals, and parasites of all races—and has been a magnet for Third World invaders who cross dozens of “safe” countries to claim “asylum” in Britain.


Le Pen denounced what she called the “phenomenal scandal” of Calais, which had been “left to its own devices” in the face of  the massive rise in the numbers of nonwhite invaders who have turned entire portions of its outlying areas into dirty shanty-towns.

“It’s time to wage war on this phenomenon,” Le Pen, whose party won about 14 percent of the vote in Calais town hall elections last March, announced during her visit.

“The rule of law no longer holds sway in Calais. Now it’s no more than a jungle where violence and the survival of the fittest reign,” said Le Pen.


Longtime Mayor of Calais, Natacha Bouchart, has openly blamed British policy for the crisis. While recently giving evidence to the British House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee, she said: “The real magnet is not the city of Calais but the benefits that are perceived in Great Britain.”

Blaming the UK for the crisis, she said that the “lavish benefits” and the “prospect of illegal work and accommodation were magnets” for the invaders who were “prepared to die to reach Britain,” because they “believe it to be El Dorado.” (El Dorado was a legendary city of gold in South America, much desired but never found by Spanish Conquistadors.)

“The weekly benefits of £36 that are given to migrants or asylum seekers is a huge amount for people who have nothing in their lives,”  Bouchart continued, referring to the automatic payments given to anyone who manages to get to Britain to claim asylum.

“They have no idea about the value of money … But they know from those people who have got through [to Britain] that … they can easily find work, don’t have to declare their work; they can find accommodation and can get some money every week. People who have got through call and say, ‘… this is El Dorado and we’re staying here,’” Bouchardt told the British MPs, whose parties created the asylum system in the first place.

In reality, the figures are actually even higher than what Bouchardt claimed. Married asylum-seeking couples receive £72.52 a week, while single people get between £36.62 and £52.96.

In addition, they are automatically given state housing—which puts them ahead of native Britons in the waiting queue for such accommodation—and their children automatically qualify for free schooling, including all textbooks and related expenses.

Asylum seekers are also entitled to free National Healthcare Service (NHS), including dentistry, sight tests and glasses. Parents with a baby under 12 months receive an extra £5 a week, while pregnant women and parents with children between one and three receive an extra £3 per week.

In Britain, asylum seekers can receive payments as soon as a claim is lodged, and continue while the asylum claim is “processed”—a procedure that can take years—irrespective of how bogus the asylum claim is.


The reason why these Third World parasites seek out Britain rather than France is because in the latter nation, asylum seekers generally receive nothing for at least six months while their “asylum” claim is processed. Thereafter, they qualify for a total payment of £45 a week, along with a bed in an overcrowded “reception center” (which is usually an open bungalow type affair). It is therefore little wonder why they fight to get into the UK.

Ultimately, the invasion of Europe is therefore the fault of the European governments themselves—in adopting policies guaranteed to encourage and reward those lawless Third Worlders who manage to invade their lands.

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  1. Gullible White Cuckolds. this is not left vs right, GOP vs Dems, Socialism vs liberty. This is war on White people.

    Why do hostile elite defend Israel as a Jewish ethnostate with Jewish only immigration, but ravage White majority Europe/North America into a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural Gulag with non-White colonization?

    The world is 91% non-White, only 9% White. But non-White colonizers are aggressively advancing their agenda to annihilate gullible Whites, just as Chinese annihilate Tibet.

    How long will gullible Whites cuckold for murderous anti-White elite, who suppress our fertility, confiscate our guns, infiltrate/subvert our banks/FBI/CIA, indoctrinate White kids in academia/mass media, plunder White jobs/wages, & butcher White soldiers in bankrupting wars?

    "Native" Americans invaded from East Asia. Yellow & Brown races committed 10-times more genocide, slavery, imperialism than Whites. Since Moses, Whites have been victims of Jewish/Crypto-Jewish, Muslim, N.African imperialism, slavery, genocide.

    Gullible Whites should reject subversive ideologies- libertarianism, feminism, liberalism- & hostile slanders of racism. Peace to all humanity, but White people must organize to advance their interests, their fertility, their homelands. Spread this message.

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