Three Dead Israeli Teens: Why is There No Media Coverage for the 1,500+ Murdered Palestinian Teens?

The controlled mass media has been overwhelming in its coverage of the three murdered Israeli teens—but has completely suppressed the names and identities of the in excess of 1,500 Palestinian teens who have been murdered by Israeli state-sponsored terrorism since the year 2000.

An Israeli soldier aims his rifle at a Palestinian child.
An Israeli soldier aims his rifle at a Palestinian child.

According to the website, which specializes in revealing the role of the Jewish lobby over American politics, 129 Israeli children and 1,523 Palestinian children have been killed since September 29, 2000 in Israel and the Occupied Territories.

There is no justification for murdering children—but the blatant hypocrisy of the Jewish Supremacist-controlled western media brings an added dimension to the tragedy—making out that it is only Jews who suffer.

Palestinian children killed by Israeli bombing in the Gaza Strip.
Palestinian children killed by Israeli bombing in the Gaza Strip.

The contrast between the coverage given to the two sides in the conflict is also blatantly biased in favor of Israel. For example, the three murdered Israeli teens—whose pictures have been spread around the world by the mass media—were abducted and murdered by individuals suspected to be Arabs acting alone—certainly not under orders from any Palestinian organization.

On the other hand, the mass murders of Palestinian children takes place by direct order of the Israeli state at its highest levels.

According to Catherine Cook, author of the “Palestinian Children and the Second Intifada” (Media Monitors Network, January 27, 2004), the “majority of these [Palestinian] children were killed and injured while going about normal daily activities, such as going to school, playing, shopping, or simply being in their homes. Sixty-four percent of children killed during the first six months of 2003 died as a result of Israeli air and ground attacks, or from indiscriminate fire from Israeli soldiers.”

Palestinian children killed in Israeli shelling, Gaza Strip. Their names are unknown, along with the other 1,500+ Palestinian children murdered by the Israeli state since 2000.
Palestinian children killed in Israeli shelling, Gaza Strip. Their names are unknown, along with the other 1,500+ Palestinian children murdered by the Israeli state since 2000.


The western media’s blatant double standards are obvious for all to see—but because of the Jewish lobby’s strict control over the major news outlets, only those not under their direct pressure dare say anything.

So it is that the only major newspaper to speak out forthrightly on this topic is in India—where Jewish Supremacy has no impact whatsoever. The Hindu, it seems is the only paper brave enough to publish an editorial by Susan Abulhawa, a Palestinian writer who currently lives in Pennsylvania. Obviously no “American” newspapers would dare publish her piece.


The editorial titled, appropriately enough, “The searing hypocrisy of the West”, contains the following very valid remarks:

Since the teens went missing from Gush Etzion, a Jewish-only colony in the West Bank, Israel has besieged the 4 million Palestinians who already live under its thumb, storming through towns, ransacking homes and civil institutions, conducting night raids on families, stealing property, kidnapping, injuring, and killing.

Warplanes were dispatched to bomb Gaza, again and repeatedly, destroying more homes and institutions and carrying out extrajudicial executions.

Thus far, over 570 Palestinians have been kidnapped and imprisoned, most notably a Samer Issawi, the Palestinian who went on a 266-day hunger strike in protest of a previous arbitrary detention.

At least 10 Palestinians have been killed, including at least three children, a pregnant woman, and a mentally ill man. Hundreds have been injured, thousands terrorized.

Universities and social welfare organizations were ransacked, shut down, their computers and equipment destroyed or stolen, and both private and public documents confiscated from civil institutions.

This wonton thuggery is official state policy conducted by its military and does not include the violence to persons and properties perpetuated by paramilitary Israeli settlers, whose persistent attacks against Palestinian civilians have also escalated in the past weeks.

And now that the settlers are confirmed dead, Israel has vowed to exact revenge. Naftali Bennet, Economy Minister said, “There is no mercy for the murderers of children. This is the time for action, not words.”

Although no Palestinian faction has claimed responsibility for the abduction, and most, including Hamas, deny any involvement, Benjamin Netanyahu is adamant that Hamas is responsible.

The United Nations requested that Israel provide evidence to support their contention, but no evidence has been forthcoming, casting doubt on Israel’s claims, particularly in light of its public ire over the recent unification of Palestinian factions and President Obama’s acceptance of the new Palestinian unity.

In the West, headlines over pictures of the three Israeli settler teens referred to Israel’s reign of terror over Palestine as a “manhunt” and “military sweep.”

Portraits of innocent young Israeli lives emerged from news outlets and the voices of their parents are featured in the fullness of their anguish.

The US, EU, UK, UN, Canada and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) condemned the kidnapping and called for their immediate and unconditional release. Upon discovery of the bodies, there has been an outpouring of condemnation and condolences.

President Obama said, “As a father, I cannot imagine the indescribable pain that the parents of these teenage boys are experiencing. The United States condemns in the strongest possible terms this senseless act of terror against innocent youth.”

Although hundreds of Palestinian children are kidnapped, brutalized or killed by Israel, including several in the past two weeks, there is rarely, if ever, such a reaction from the world.

Just prior to the disappearance of the Israeli settler teens, the murder of two Palestinian teens was caught on a local surveillance camera.

Ample evidence, including the recovered bullets and a CNN camera filming an Israeli sharpshooter pulling the trigger at the precise moment one of the boys was shot indicated that they were killed in cold blood by Israeli soldiers.

There were no condemnations or calls for justice for these teens by world leaders or international institutions, no solidarity with their grieving parents, nor mention of the more than 250 Palestinian children, kidnapped from their beds or on their way to school, who continue to languish in Israeli jails without charge or trial, physically and psychologically tortured.

This is to say nothing of the barbaric siege of Gaza, or the decades of ongoing theft, evictions, assaults on education, confiscation of land, demolition of homes, color coded permit system, arbitrary imprisonment, restriction of movement, checkpoints, extrajudicial executions, torture, and denials at every turn squeezing Palestinians into isolated ghettos.

None of that seemingly matters.

It does not matter that no one knows who murdered the Israeli teens. It seems the entire country is calling for Palestinian blood . . . Nor does it matter that these Israeli teens were settlers living in illegal Jewish-only colonies that were built on land stolen by the state mostly from Palestinian owners from the village of el-Khader.

A huge portion of the settlers there are Americans, mostly from New York, like one of the murdered teens, who exercise Jewish privilege to hold dual citizenship; to have an extra country no matter where they’re from, one in their own homeland and one in ours, at the same time that the indigenous Palestinians fester in refugee camps, occupied ghettos, or boundless exile.

Palestinian children are assaulted or murdered every day and barely do their lives register in western press.

While Palestinian mothers are frequently blamed when Israel kills their children, accused of sending them to die or neglecting to keep them at home away from Israeli snipers, no one questions Rachel Frankel, the mother of one of the murdered settlers.

She is not asked to comment on the fact that one of the missing settlers is a soldier who likely participated in the oppression of his Palestinian neighbors.

No one asks why she would move her family from the United States to live in a segregated, supremacist colony established on land confiscated from the native non-Jewish owners. Certainly no one dares accuse her of therefore putting her children in harm’s way.

No mother should have endure the murder of her child. No mother or father. That does not only apply to Jewish parents. The lives of our children are no less precious and their loss are no less shattering and spiritually unhinging. But there is a terrible disparity in the value of life here in the eyes of the state and the world, where Palestinian life is cheap and disposable, but Jewish life is sacrosanct.

This exceptionalism and supremacy of Jewish life is a fundamental underpinning of the state of Israel.

It pervades their every law and protocol, and is matched only by their apparent contempt and disregard for Palestinian life.

Whether through laws that favor Jews for employment and educational opportunities, or laws that allow the exclusion of non-Jews from buying or renting among Jews, or endless military orders that limit the movement, water consumption, food access, education, marriage possibilities, and economic independence, or these periodic upending of Palestinian civil society, life for non-Jews ultimately conforms to the religious edict issued by Dov Lior, Chief Rabbi of Hebron and Kiryat Arba, saying “a thousand non-Jewish lives are not worth a Jew’s fingernail.”

Israeli violence of the past few weeks is generally accepted and expected. And the terror we know they will unleash on our people will be, as it always is, cloaked in the legitimacy of uniforms and technological death machines.

Israeli violence, no matter how vulgar, is inevitably couched as a heroic, ironic violence that western media frames as “response,” as if Palestinian resistance itself were not a response to Israeli oppression.

When the ICRC was asked to issue a similar call for the immediate and unconditional release of the hundreds of Palestinian children held in Israeli jails (which is also in contravention of international humanitarian law), the ICRC refused, indicating there’s a difference between the isolated abduction of Israeli teens and the routine abduction, torture, isolation, and imprisonment of Palestinian children.

When our children throw rocks at heavily armed Israeli tanks and jeeps rolling through our streets, we are contemptible parents who should be bear responsibility for the murder of our children if they are shot by Israeli soldiers or settlers.

When we refuse to capitulate completely, we are “not partners for peace,” and deserve to have more land confiscated from us for the exclusive use of Jews.

When we take up arms and fight back, kidnap a soldier, we are terrorists of the extreme kind who have no one to blame but ourselves as Israel subjects the entire Palestinian population to punitive collective punishment.

When we engage in peaceful protests, we are rioters who deserve the live fire they send our way.

When we debate, write, and boycott, we are anti-Semites who should be silenced, deported, marginalized, or prosecuted.

What should we do, then? Palestine is quite literally being wiped off the map by a state that openly upholds Jewish supremacy and Jewish privilege.

Our people continue to be robbed of home and heritage, pushed to the margins of humanity, blamed for our own miserable fate. We are a traumatized, principally unarmed, native society being destroyed and erased by one of the most powerful militaries in the world.

Rachel Frankel went to the UN to plead for their support, saying “it is wrong to take children, innocent boys or girls, and use them as instruments of any struggle. It is cruel…I wish to ask: Doesn’t every child have the right to come home safely from school?”

Do those sentiments apply to Palestinian children, too? Here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here are video examples of the abduction of Palestinian children from their homes at night and on their way to and from school.

But none of that matters either. Does it? It matters that three Israeli Jews were killed. It doesn’t matter who did it or what the circumstances were, the entire Palestinian population will be made to suffer, more than they already are.

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      1. Because it was the White Nations who ‘gave’ the Israelis land that they (the White Nations) don’t own in the first place to the Israelis. The White Nations should have given their own lands to the Israelis then only they’ll know what terror this Palestinians are going thru.

        1. You better start learning history, the true history of the area. You clearly have swallowed the lies and propaganda without searching for the facts.

          All of mid-East was mostly Christian and Jewish mixed in with paganism until Islam showed up.
          The Mid-East is the birthplace of Christianity and Judaism. By early 1900s, only 40% Christians left. Today, only 3%. What happened? Mid-East is now 97% Muslim. How did this happen?

          If I follow your logic, let’s start with Pakistan giving back its territory to India (India gave the land to Muslims in exchange of peace after the slaughter of 100 Million Hindus at the hands of Muslims), Turkey’s Northern Cyprus to Greece, etc. And what about all the mid-East land that belonged to the Christians, stolen from them by the Arab Muslims. And what to say about the land that belonged to the 1.5 million murdered Armenians stolen by the Turks not too long ago?

          Everywhere Islam goes, it appropriates for itself, eradicates the history though perpetual distortion

          There is a nice collection of 9,000 photos released by British Archives dating back to 1860s through 1900s. Most of the photos were taken by a French photographer who set up shop in the area and traveled around for at least ten years. His name is Bonfils. Smithsonian has some 100 online.

          In the 1870s to end of century, very few Muslims. They were traders, passing by with their camels. Check out the dilapidated few mosques (leftovers from Islamic conquests). Muslim Arabs settled in the area when the Jews made it viable.


  1. Why shouldn’t everybody support truth and justice rather than blindly support their chosen side without any principle.

  2. Moslems want all nonMoslems dead or converted, so any Moslems can go to hell for all I care. If they are not Moslems I want them to be assisted and saved if possible. Moslems? Nope. Don’t care. That’s because Moslems define themselves as our enemy. We are fools to help them, if we do. That’s how I see it.

  3. It really bothers me that zionists and pro Israeli supporters will go to great lengths to justify Murder of Palestinians as if they are the victims,and defending Israel.The Jewish owned/Jewish dominated American media and the European reluctance to say or do anything,simply gives the Democratic Terrorist State of Israel justification, to do anything it wants.
    There arrogance is unbelievable,and now they are threatening the world with nuclear weapons.History tells us that the US at some future date will see Israel as a liability and have to deal with it accordingly,as it has done with the Taliban in Afganistan.
    So Israeli’s are going to find that there best friend will become their worst enemy,when US taxpayers realize they are funding a parasite ,the democratic terrorist state of Israel,which is of no economic or strategic benefit to them.
    Goebbles, Hitler’s propagandist is qouted as saying that you can only lie to the people for so long,and shield them from the consequences of the Big Lie,and the biggest lies today are told by Israel,by their supporters abroad,by the domination of the US media of Jewish control and ownership.But the internet is changing all that as,trust in the mainstream media all over the world is in decline…the truth is coming out

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