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Three More Refugee-Terrorists Arrested

Three more nonwhite invaders from Syria who entered Europe through the Balkans route in 2015, while pretending to be refugees, have been arrested and charged with planning mass murder suicide attacks in the Germany city of Düsseldorf.

According to a statement released by German federal prosecutors, three Syrian nationals—and “refugees”—have been arrested.


Named as 25-year-old Mahood B., 27-year-old Hamza C., and 31-year-old Abd Arahman A.K., the three were arrested at invader accommodations in North Rhine-Westphalia, Baden-Württemberg, and Brandenburg.

A fourth arrest warrant was issued for a 25-year-old Syrian, Saleh A., who is currently being detained in France.

The prosecutor statement said that the four nonwhites were sent into Germany with instructions to attack the city center with firearms and suicide vests, similar to the attacks which were carried out by the other refugee-terrorists in Paris, France.

Prosecutors said that two suicide bombers were to blow themselves up on Heinrich-Heine-Allee, a broad street with a number of public transport links including U-Bahn and tram stations.

Then the other attackers were supposed to kill more passers-by with rifles and explosives.

Saleh A. and Hamza C. travelled from Syria to Turkey in 2014 after their attack plan was approved by ISIS, the statement said.

In 2015, the pair then entered Germany as “refugees” via Greece. They were welcomed in Germany by the government there, and given accommodation, money, and welfare because they were actually Syrians—and had been invited in by Angela Merkel.

While living off the German taxpayers, the invaders then met up with the third Syrian, Abd Arahman A. K., an explosives expert who had been sent to Germany as a “refugee” by ISIS in October 2014.

Like the others, Abd Arahman A. K. had also been welcomed into Germany and accommodated at taxpayers’ expense.

Abd Arahman had previously built explosives for the terrorist organization Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria, and it was his job to make the explosive vests for the suicide bombers, prosecutors say.

A fourth member of the attack team, Saleh A., was arrested by French police in February 2016.

The French authorities informed Germany of the plans, and using information provided by Saleh A., the other team members were arrested.

All four invaders have been charged with supporting a foreign terrorist organization and conspiracy to commit a criminal act.


  1. The authorities let lucky this time catching the terrorist Muslim scumbags before they managed to inflict murder and mayhem. Do the authorities seriously think they`ll manage to thwart every terrorist threat in advance ?
    Or is it because ordinary citizens have been the targets.
    No doubt this accounts for the relaxed attitude of TPTB and their crazy pie-in-the-sky “policies.”

    1. At this point quite frankly, if we had another terrorist attack it would only wake more people up and fuel the patriotic parties in Europe . I just hope if they do attack, they attack the most liberal, multicultural cities in Europe.

  2. And if/when found guilty to be followed very by execution……..problem solved, no deportation, only to return under a faked identity (the present one’s are probably false anyway)….!!!

  3. I am outraged that these four invaders have been charged with supporting a foreign terrorist organization and conspiracy to commit a criminal act! These are totally false and baseless charges. We all know that ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) is NOT a foreign terrorist organization, but merely one arm of the bloody international cabal that occupied Germany in 1945, and has been terrorising her enslaved people ever since.

  4. There is another terrorist: Merkel today, announced that, in effect, the EU would not do any business with the UK were it to leave the EU. Ignoring Article 11 of the Lisbon Treaty she no doubt irrespective, signals the way things will be post ‘Brexit’. The expression for us OAP’s in England is, “Bring it on”. Despite the failure of the BBC to enlighten us as to the racial and religious problems sweeping Europe from the mass invasion of economic migrants and their patent support of the ‘Remain’ campaign, I don’t know a OAP that is voting ‘Remain’.
    I sincerly hope the BBC, in their ignorance of popular feeling, continue to drive home Merkel’s views. The fact is, she is doing the ‘Remain’ campaign no favours.

  5. This is just the beginning, and one fact that will never be released, did these arrive without any ID? If they did, then this again proves that governments failed to act approriately by not rejecting them and sending them back to where they came from.

  6. Peace is reserved only for the wealthy elite. Where as the YOU the taxpayer bare the brunt of the vicious violence the elite import.

  7. I just got back from three moths in Düsseldorf. My apartment was two blocks from where the attack was to take place. Things are getting bad very quickly there. It’s only a matter of time before Germany explodes.


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