Top DC Jew: “Jewish Lobby Writes US Policy”

The sole purpose of American “negotiations” in the Middle East is to advance Israel’s interests, not to achieve peace, and that policy is written by the Jewish lobby in the US, M.J. Rosenberg, a former top Washington DC insider in the Democratic Party’s House and Senate has openly admitted in the Huffington Post.

Rosenberg was a Senior Foreign Policy Fellow at Media Matters Action Network who used to work for numerous Democratic members of the House and Senate for 20 years, and was a Clinton appointee on the USAID board.

In an article titled “Trump’s Deadly Embrace of Israel,” (Huffington Post, 12/22/2017), Rosenberg—writing from a pro-Israeli viewpoint, argues that US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel—an act which sparked off condemnation from almost everyone at the United Nations—is in fact a victory for the Palestinians.

Saying that “Trump is doing a real job on Israel, specifically a hit job,” Rosenberg said that the United Nations vote on Jerusalem in “which exactly seven countries in the entire world stood with Israel and the United States in favor of recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital — made Israel look as isolated as South Africa at the height of apartheid.”

Rosenberg went on to add that the vote was totally unnecessary because “Israel’s illegal (according to the United Nations) hold on every inch of Jerusalem was totally secure.”

Now however, Rosenberg argued, this was no longer so sure following the events this week.

“Thanks to Trump’s forcing of a UN vote, it is now more clear than ever before that pretty much no one outside of Washington and Israel recognizes Israel’s right to the entire city.

“Whenever negotiations resume (probably after the next war, if the historic pattern holds), Jerusalem will undoubtedly be at the top of issues that must be resolved.”

He points out that this is the “last thing the Netanyahu government wants but, thanks to Trump, this is what it (or a successor government) is going to get. Score one for the Palestinians thanks to Trump.”

Rosenberg then goes on to openly admit what everyone already knows—but what the Jewish Supremacists such as the ADL and SPLC always claim is “anti-Semitic”—namely that the Jewish lobby controls the US government and always acts on Israel’s behalf.

The other big victory Trump handed the Palestinians was destroying, hopefully once and for all, the idea that the United States can mediate between Israelis and Palestinians.

As journalist and author Clayton Swisher wrote this month in The National Interest, American mediation efforts, both the mediation and the mediators themselves, have been dedicated not to achieving peace but to advancing Israel’s interests.

The very idea that the United States whose Middle East policies are essentially written by Israel’s lobby (AIPAC) can even pretend to be neutral is absurd.

That is why Israeli-Palestinian negotiations have achieved almost nothing; the Americans always had their thumbs, actually both hands, on the scale.

But now, thanks to Trump’s ridiculous Jerusalem effort and his appointment of a negotiating team led by his settlement supporting son-in-law Jared Kushner, the whole idea of U.S. mediation is dead, a very bad joke.

Rosenberg’s main point of attack on Trump is therefore not that he supports Israel, but that his actions have revealed so clearly to the world that the Jewish lobby runs the US government, and that this has now undermined Israel’s standing in the world.

As Rosenberg concludes:

As for Israel’s standing in general, I heard the best analysis of that from a former top official at AIPAC who remains close to the organization.

“Trump is a disaster for us. Essentially what he has done has fused Israel and its interests with himself. The world despises Trump and American Jews not only dislike him but fear the anti-semitism and racism he has incited. The Trump-Israel linkage has turned Israel into a cause for the 10 percent of Jews who are Orthodox and right-wing evangelical Christians. AIPAC is worried and should be. Israel was a consensus issue. Now it’s support comes mostly from the right.”

After casually confirming this Jewish grip over the US government, Rosenberg goes on to asset that in the future, any “credible negotiations” will have to be “mediated by the European Union, the United Nations, or something like the P-5 Plus 1 grouping (the 5 permanent members of the Security Council plus Germany) that succeeded in achieving the Iran nuclear deal.”

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  1. we had to wait 100 years for a jew to admit this? many knew this already, the question is how can it be stopped without the jews crying “nazi or anti-semite” .

  2. It must be noted that of the seven countries that supported the U.S. in this disastrous vote, not one is a First World country. The U.S. was supported by countries such as Togo, Palau and Guatamala

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