Toronto: Whites Blamed because Nonwhites are Poorer

White people and “white racism” are the reasons why nonwhites in the Canadian city of Toronto are poorer, and as a result the metropolis is becoming increasingly racially segregated, the Toronto Star has reported.

In an article titled “Toronto is segregated by race and income. And the numbers are ugly,” written by Sandro Contenta, the newspaper naturally tries to blame whites for the situation, saying that the “colour of money is mainly white”—as if this has anything to do with the fact.

According to “new demographic charts” from University of Toronto Professor David Hulchanski and his research team, Toronto is a “strikingly segregated city, with visible minorities concentrated in low-income neighbourhoods and white residents dominating affluent areas in numbers far higher than their share of the population.”

“It’s starker than we would expect,” Hulchanski said, when he unveiled the charts last week in the Netherlands at a conference called “Urban poverty and segregation in a globalized world.”

Using the 2016 census, his team calculated that 48 per cent of Toronto’s census tracts are “low-income” neighbourhoods, where the average individual income is $32,000 before taxes.

Of those areas, “fully 68 per cent of residents in these neighbourhoods are visible minorities while 31 per cent are white. (Whites make up 49 per cent of Toronto’s population.)”

“The main ethno-cultural communities in these low-income neighbourhoods are all overrepresented compared to their share of the city’s population,” the article continues

“Black residents, for example, are 9 per cent of the population but make up 13 per cent of residents of low-income neighbourhoods.

“High-income neighbourhoods are almost a reverse image. They make up 23 per cent of Toronto’s census tracts, with average individual incomes of $102,000 before tax.

“Fully 73 per cent of residents in these neighbourhoods are white, far higher than their share of the city’s population. The rest are visible minorities, of whom only 3 per cent are Black.”

Whites are also overrepresented in middle-income neighbourhoods, where the average income is $49,000.

“Money buys choice. And people with the most choice are choosing to live in certain areas,” Hulchanski says, explaining the disproportionately high concentration of white residents in high- and middle-income communities.

Rather than just admit that whites have fled the nonwhite areas, and that nonwhites do not achieve as well as in whites in social, economic, and educational fields, the article then goes on to blame “white racism” and, of course, “discrimination” for the segregation.

The usual “blame whitey” excuses are trotted out (such as “discriminatory barriers to good jobs and housing,”—as if there is a white conspiracy to deny nonwhites jobs or houses) and even blames white racism for the fact that even though the nonwhites have a relatively high “educational level,” they still are in “low-income neighbourhoods.” Of course, race and IQ are the real reasons for the differences in achievement, but rather than admit this truth, it is easier just to blame whites.

The report goes on to say that “another worrying sign for Hulchanski is that 57 per cent of residents in Toronto’s low-income neighbourhoods are immigrants, including established ones who arrived before 2006. Only 31 per cent of residents in high-income areas are immigrants, including 23 per cent who arrived prior to 2006.”

This fact is left without comment, and the reason is clear: it destroys the leftist argument that “Third World immigration will boost the economy” and other such lies.

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  1. Second only to France, Canada is easily the most “over the cliff” western nation when it comes to the commie takeover. Oops. I guess I should say the “post-national state” of Canada, according to Trudeau. Britain is a close third place.

    Still, who do those Marxists at The Star think they’re fooling? They combined ALL brown and black people in the low-income category in order to boost the non-White numbers to make them more than twice the total of the White percentage of poor. If, however, you look at the graph as they printed it, which breaks down poverty rates individual races…and the only way one race should be compared to another…Whites are the overwhelming MAJORITY of poor people in Toronto at 31%! The next identifiable racial group, South Asians, isn’t even close at 19%. Even the strange “Other” category is a distant 23%. Someone needs to call them out on their BS.

    Truth is, there’s a White poverty crisis in Toronto, but the communists won’t be happy until every last White person is sleeping on the streets. Even then, they’ll still be “oppressing” the brown people…somehow.

    1. Over It: Great analogy. There are good and bad neighborhoods everywhere but it is not divided like the ” Red Star” as we call it depicts it. The so called over representation of white people is neighborhoods of people who owned homes in Toronto before mass immigration took place. They just happened to be here first. Nothing to do with buying power. The complexion of neighborhoods is changing but due to the high price of Toronto real estate it’s a slow process. Same demographics as any large city. Toronto Star is a far left desperate rag that is trying to maintain their eroding customer base. They are the Canadian equivalent as the New York Times. “Question everything they write”.

  2. Can someone explain to me “Why Canada”? I know Sweden was neutral in WW2, so Jews hate Swedes and want them dead. And France didn’t fight much in WW2, sensibly in my opinion, so Jews hate them. And Britain – um- hasn’t given Jews as much money as the USA, or something; for whatever reason, Jews hate Britain. But why Canada? I’m sure there must be a reason!

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