Truck Attack: Coward IDF Soldiers

The controlled media-generated image of Israeli soldiers as “fearless warriors” has taken a hammering with the fact that hundreds of heavily-armed Jewish soldiers cowardly ran away—even those hundreds of feet away—after witnessing the terrorist truck attack in Jerusalem over the past weekend.

The Israeli Defence Force (IDF) has now announced that it will be launching an investigation into why so many of its soldiers fled the scene of the attack, even though they were all heavily armed, and why it was left up to a civilian to shoot the terrorist driver dead.

A report in the Israel National News (Arutz Sheva) said that there were “hundreds of soldiers in the area when the attack occurred,” all about to take part in an educational program about Jerusalem as part of their training.

Surveillance footage of the attack shows hundreds of the Jewish soldiers fleeing in terror, even though they were all heavily armed with what appear to be U.S.-supplied M16A1 assault rifles.

It was left up to tour guide Ethan Rond, who shot and killed the truck driver, even though he himself had been injured, to end the attack.

Rond told Israeli army radio that he had been “shocked that none of the soldiers reacted by shooting the terrorist.”

“I do not know why 40 soldiers did not open fire. I have no doubt that if they had opened fire immediately, we would have had fewer injuries.” Rond said.

The controlled media has carefully crafted an image of the IDF in the popular mind as “brave Sabra soldiers.”

The reality is that Israel’s military prowess is based mainly on American-European supplied technological superiority, and very little on actual personal bravery. YouTube is full of videos illustrating this, a fact which the media carefully ignores.

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  1. Hardly surprising. They prefer using useful idiots to find their battles for them. Always have. Facing an enemy on equal footing is terrifying for them.

  2. Without especially the US through the
    years wasting trillions of dollars also
    including Europe wasting billions, israel
    would never survive on its own. US and
    Europe are mercenaries for israel. The
    whole middle east fiasco is about israel.
    Recently the US sold (just gave) away
    billions of our advanced fighter jets.
    Obviously the US is controlled by the hymies plain and simple. Who controls
    western Europe?

  3. The Israelis are just Arabs with whiter skin.
    (Notice the last two soldiers in the video clip, running away holding hands)

  4. When Jews surveyed the world in about 1960, they were surprised to find how easily they’d got control of the money system, got control of white weapons, got control of all the US media, including the novelties such as TV, and got control of all the supposedly ‘democratic’ institutions – Senate, Congress, Parliament, France, Germany, Italy, and of course the USSR. As information spreads out and diffuses about Jews, we may reasonably hope it will be surprisingly easy to reverse, remove and recuperate from this perverse Jewish regression of the tide of history.

  5. The Keystone Kops with AR15’s. Remember how athletic they were in Phys Ed? They were all cowering in the corners terrified of the ball. Or on medical light activity. Sad excuses for men, as always.

  6. So we’re supposed to feel sorry for the very (((people))) that flood our nations with these Islamic savages when they’re attacked? Not me. This is their chickens coming home to roost.

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