Trump Administration Attacks anti-ISIS Forces Once Again

US President Donald Trump has once again shown his shocking duplicity with the permission given to American forces in Syria to shoot down a Syrian airforce jet that was bombing ISIS terrorists in that country.

The attack—which has provoked a stern reaction from Russia—was the first time the United States had shot down a Syrian plane and came after the Russian-supplied SU-22 jet had bombed “moderate rebel” positions.

“Moderate rebels” have almost all proven to be ISIS affiliates, and Trump has continued the Obama-created policy of supporting any group which violently opposes the Syrian government—just because that state does not recognize the state of Israel.

The latest attack—carried out against one of the few states in the Middle East that is actually fighting and beating ISIS—proves conclusively that Trump’s policy in the conflict is not to defeat the forces of terrorism, but is in sync with the Jewish lobby’s plan to destabilize the Middle East so as to relieve the pressure on Israel.

Trump is even prepared to back his controllers in the right wing Jewish lobby to the point of provoking war with Russia. The shooting down of the Syrian plane cause tensions between the United States and Russia to erupt  publicly as Moscow threatened to target aircraft flown by the United States and its allies west of the Euphrates.

The Russians also said they had suspended their use of a hotline that the American and Russian militaries used to avoid collisions of their aircraft in Syrian airspace.

Syrian ground forces, backed by Iranian troops and forces from Lebanon’s Hezbollah—all groups which are hated by the Jews—are extending their reach east closer to the US-backed “moderate rebels,” and the Trump administration has now seen that its attempts to perpetuate the civil war are being undone.

American military officials rushed to de-escalate the situation, saying they hoped Russia could be persuaded to keep using the hotline.

“This is a delicate couple of hours,” Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr., chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Monday afternoon. He added that the United States would work both diplomatically and militarily “to e-establish de-confliction.”

But the latest statement from Russia’s Defense Ministry was particularly stark. “All flying objects, including planes and drones of the international coalition, detected west of the Euphrates, will be followed by Russian air defense systems as targets,” said the Defense Ministry statement, which stopped short of declaring that the targets would be shot down.

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