Trump and Iran: “Israel-First”, “Saudi-Second” and “America-Last”

US President Donald Trump’s total subservience to the right wing Jewish lobby has been demonstrated once again with his latest announcement on the “Iran deal”—a program put in place by the left wing Jewish lobby-controlled Obama regime over Iran’s non-existent “atom bomb” program.

According to an article in the American Herald Tribune by former CIA counter-terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer Philip Giraldi, Trump’s new announcement on Iran “could reasonably be described as embracing an ‘Israel-First’ and ‘Saudi-Second’ perspective that might plausibly suggest that it was actually drafted by their respective foreign ministries.”

Giraldi, was the CIA Chief of Base for the Barcelona Olympics in 1992 and was one of the first Americans to enter Afghanistan in December 2001, pointed out that “contrary to Trump’s campaign pledges, it might also be characterized as an ‘America-Last’ speech, since it actually encourages nuclear proliferation while rendering it even more difficult for anyone to respect the agreements entered into by the United States government.”

Giraldi pointed out that another former senior CIA analyst Paul Pillar had “dissected the untruths and false analogies that made up the bulk of the Trump speech.”

In short, Giraldi said, Pillar showed that Trump used “faulty analysis to end a program that is working and that employs unprecedented intrusive inspections to guarantee that Iran can make no progress towards having a nuclear weapon for at least eight more years and quite likely for even longer.

“Against that, Iran could well end its cooperation and, out of fear of U.S. attack, might well turn towards possession of a nuclear arsenal to guarantee its own survival.

“Pillar calls ending JCPOA now because Iran just might develop a weapon after it expires in 2025 as ‘committing suicide because of fear of death.’

In reality, Iran ended all nuclear weapon research in 2003, as confirmed by 16 US intelligence agencies, and, has, since then, never had any weapons-grade nuclear material.

This has also been confirmed by all official International Atomic Energy Agency reports.  Atomic weapons grade material requires at least 80 percent EU—the bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945 had this level of enrichment—but the highest level of EU which Iran possesses is 20 percent.

Contrary to the hysterical claims put out by the Israeli government, the Jewish lobby, and their compliant servants in the controlled media, there are well-established peaceful uses for 20 percent EU.

Light water reactors—the world’s most commonly used nuclear power generating system for electricity, typically use uranium enriched to 3 or 5 percent, while 20 percent enriched uranium is used in Research Reactors—which serve as a source for neutrons.

Neutrons produced are used for neutron scattering, non-destructive testing, analysis and testing of materials and the production of radioisotopes. These are used in smoke detectors, numerous agricultural applications and food irradiation, pest control, archeological dating and a host of medical uses which include bone imaging, diagnostic information about the functioning of a patient’s organs, radiotherapy, and literally “tens of millions of nuclear medicine procedures.”

The entire “atom bomb” scare is therefore an outright lie generated by the Jewish lobby (both left and right) designed to railroad America into another war in the Middle East on behalf of Israel—and Donald Trump is a critical element of that plan.

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