Trump Clampdown Causes 79% Drop in Bogus Refugee Invasion

The measures introduced by President Donald Trump since taking office have reduced the number of nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees from invading the US from 32,448 in fiscal 2017, to 6,708 this year—a drop of 79 percent.

This figure is well below the 45,000 “refugees” that Trump ordered could be allowed in the US in fiscal 2018, which itself was down 59 percent from the 110,000 that former President Barack Obama set in his last months in office.

The drop in bogus “refugees” has been most marked in San Diego County in California, where “only” 40 invaders have been resettled this year, the San Diego Tribune reported.

This was a 96 percent drop from the previous year, the paper continued, as in the previous year the county had taken in 1,100 invaders pretending to be “refugees.”

“The numbers have been a surprise every single month,” Donna Duvin, executive director of the “International Rescue Committee” in San Diego (an organization headed up by the UK Jew David Milliband) was quoted by the paper as saying.

Duvin attributed much of that change to a drop in arrivals from Muslim-majority countries.

Over a series of executive orders last year that were undone and reinstated in a series of lawsuits, Trump halted the refugee resettlement program and blocked visas for people from a changing list of countries that critics said was biased against Muslims. Though the resettlement program restarted, the blocks have continued to have an effect, the paper continued.

“The most dramatic capturing of what’s going on is when you begin to look at the nationalities that are no longer getting through,” Duvin said. “The numbers from Muslim countries have so completely fallen off that it’s very clear, the political intent.”

San Diego became the top California county for resettlement after large numbers of “refugees” from the Iraq War began arriving in the US in summer of 2007.

In recent years, hundreds of Iraqis, Syrians, Somalis, and Congolese have also made San Diego County home, the paper added.

This year, because of additional restrictions on arrivals from Iraq and Syria, San Diego’s numbers dropped more drastically than Sacramento, where more than half of the county’s 200 arrivals are Ukrainian.

Since they receive federal funding based on the number of new arrivals, resettlement agencies are facing budget cuts. Agencies that resettle fewer than 100 people per year have been told to close their doors.

Four resettlement centers in the Los Angeles area are closing, according to Abdi Abdillahi, refugee coordinator for San Diego County.

The San Diego Tribune went on to quote Kevin Eckery, spokesman for Catholic Charities, and Etleva Bejko, director of refugee and immigration services for Jewish Family Service, both in in San Diego, as expressing concern that their efforts to assist the nonwhite invasion were being stymied.

Eckery said his organization “worries about having a large enough volume of arrivals so that quality of support for those who do arrive isn’t compromised,” while Bejko said that “lower arrivals to her agency can partly be attributed to families still waiting in refugee camps even though they’ve finished the vetting process. Ultimately, in this political climate, it is impossible to predict the upcoming trends and how long they will last,” Bejko said.

If the U.S. continues the rest of the year at current arrival levels, the total number of resettled refugees is likely to end up around 20,000, well below Trump’s cap.

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  1. Reading ” The Strange Death of Europe” by Douglass Murray. Brilliant the joys across Europe of the R of Peace. LOL. The chpt on the Netherlands is particularly striking. IE the assassinations of political figures and others who dared to criticise Islam. and its effects on the Dutch. Especially the silence and appeasement after a few h eads were taken off.

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