Trump: EU Must Halt Invasion

US presidential candidate Donald Trump has warned that Europe will be “unrecognizable” unless there are immediate curbs on the nonwhite invasion started by Angela Merkel.

Speaking to the Times newspaper in London while on a visit to his newest golf resort in Scotland, Trump also predicted that the European Union would break up following the Brexit vote.


In addition, Trump said, Brexit will “make Britain great again,”—a direct reference to his own election slogan in the US.

Trump has campaigned on immigration controls in the US, and said that he believed that a similar anti-immigration sentiment was the “driving force” behind the “leave” victory in the UK referendum.

“I really think that without the immigration issue [the EU] wouldn’t have had a chance of breaking up . . . the people are fed up, whether it’s here or whether it’s in other countries, and you watch, other countries will follow.”

He went on to say that he “would not allow” the current mass influx into Europe, and would instead make sure that they were “allocated safe zones in north Africa instead.”

With regard to the Brexit vote, Trump added that he “loved to see people taking their country back.”

“I think there are great similarities between what happened here and my campaign. People want to see borders. They don’t necessarily want people pouring into their country that they don’t know who they are and where they come from.

“And that’s really what’s happening in the United States and other parts of the world. The people have spoken. I think the EU is going to break up,” he added.

Finally, he said, he said he would support Scottish independence in the event of another referendum after the Brexit vote.

* Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has also blamed the EU’s “refugee policy” for the Brexit vote.

* Speaking on Hungarian radio, Orban said that the nonwhite invasion was the “decisive factor in the vote by the British for a withdrawal from the European Union.

“The British were unhappy with the EU’s refugee policy. They had sought an answer to the question of how to stop the modern migration of peoples and how they might gain control of their island again,” he said.

Orban went on to say that the EU had to “respect the British decision, because every nation had the right to determine their own destiny.”

Turning to the issue at hand, Orban said that “Europe can only be strong if it can provide answers to such important questions as immigration. At the moment, the answers which the EU have given make it weaker.”

Orban added that Hungary would remain a member of the EU, “because we believe in a strong Europe.”

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  1. Who would want this retrograde misogynistic refuse, lazy breeders, what did they ever create other than failed societies. Their areas of expertise is praying, oppressing women, and reproducing, nothing else is allowed for fun, everything else is considered ‘haram.’ What sane person would buy into that garbage? That is a rhetorical question . of course. ‘sane’ is the operative word!!!

  2. Trump is right of course as usual. Thank God for Trump & Orban & Brexit. It is abundantly clear that Merkel and her accomplices are the biggest traitors in the history of the human race. It is abundantly clear that they will meet the same fate as Hitler, Mussolini & Ceaucescu.

    1. Hitler, Mussolini & Ceaucescu.??

      Hitler, Mussolini and Franco were SAVING their Christian countries from the Communists!! They had seen what the Bolshevik Communists had done to Christianity in Russia and had no intention of the same happening in their own countries. In Spain the Reds tortured, raped and killed nuns, priests and monks and were terrorizing the population. General Franco took up the challenge and successfully defeated them and lived to tell the tale. Sadly, Mussolini and Hitler perished. Their peoples loved them! They were ALL Christian nationalists who cared about their people. They have been smeared by the Eternal Enemy and branded with many vindictive words which are now also used to silence us when we object to their genocidal plans for the Palestinians, goyim, white Europeans. These words are Fascist, Racist, Anti-Semitic etc. History as written by the victors is misleading to say the least, and is pure propaganda. The truth has been suppressed. Should you wish to read the truth I can post the links to many banned books (pdf versions) and videos that expose the Eternal Enemy for what they really are.

      — You are correct about Ceaucescu; and he was a Communist suppressing his people, and not a fascist.

  3. Quote: ” Hungary would remain a member of the EU, because we believe in a strong Europe.”
    An invasion of millions of gimmegrants from alien cultures makes Europe `stronger`? Huh?
    Merkel`s charms and twisted logic have obviously captivated poor old brainwashed Orban. Bless!

  4. Who is paying off, threatening, forcing such traitors as Merkel, Cameron, Obama to flood our Nations with these invaders? Orlando happens and the knee jerk response is “gun control.” It makes no sense. Half of the population is engaged in this so-called liberal insanity — an insanity that would no doubt welcome the scourge of Atilla the Hun.

    1. The central banksters. They are part of the same secret society that actually run the world behind the scenes. There plan for us isn’t pretty. Do some research on the internet. The information is there in plain sight for everyone to see. Most seem to be in denial of the truth. They are too scared or just cannot believe that a group of supremacists can be so evil, and I mean TRULY EVIL.

  5. To everyone who voted Brexit thanks to Boris Johnson…this from another site -“Getting our country back and taking back control have been the core slogans of Brexit. During his years as London mayor Johnson was very relaxed about allowing tens of thousands of properties and building sites to be bought by Russian, Chinese and middle eastern millionaires (so all Muslim), mainly via offshore tax havens which allowed the buyers to remain anonymous and the source of their wealth unknown. He approved, even encouraged this, welcoming the flood of wealthy foreigners as a sign of London’s global, metropolitan status. Can we assume that “getting our country back” means an end to this ‘colonisation’ and a return to building British homes for British people? Don’t hold your breath”.

  6. Still they pore in across the Mediterranean and the taxpayers of Europe are not told if they are carrying any form of identification. What a massive failure this EU is engaged in. Surely there are people who want to see the end of this glorified nightmare?

  7. Newobserveronline has it right – Britain is already doomed by its past and present policies of encouraging Third World, non-European immigration. When Brexit is completed, in order to “take back” the country, people like hardworking, white Christian Poles (who do the jobs our benefit-guzzling underclass refuse to do) will be asked to leave. A question: will oh-so-politically correct and multiculturalism-obsessed Britain further “take back” the country by also asking to leave the hundreds of thousands of Third World Muslims and black Africans – many of whom are here illegally – who have never worked or paid taxes, and probably never will? I think we know the answer. A clue: the black African Muslim from Sudan who walked through the Channel Tunnel (breaking several laws) was not deported, or given a long prison sentence by (British) judges. Instead he was granted asylum. By Britain.

  8. Britain is OUT OF THE EU! so no EU laws apply,TAKE BACK ALL YOUR MIGRANTS! CLOSE THE CHUNNEL!!!tell the rif-raff in Calais “YOUR NOT WELCOME OR ALLOWED IN BRITAIN!” grab any that sneak in and KICK THEM RIGHT BACK TO WHERE THEY CAME FROM!

  9. Well, is he slammin’ the EU in order to turn the attention away from America’s enormous Third World population and immigration? Trying to talk into American voters that America doesn’t have the Third World immigration problem, only the EU does? What a fake, a bigger equivalent of Britain’s shameless fake, Farage. True, the EU is a giant mess, but America seems way worse. At least for the “old” EU the former “Eastern European” nations, including Russia, seem to offer hope. But what hope does America have left?

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