Invader-Smuggling Swindler-Rabbi Freed

A rabbi charged with providing false identification to 389 illegal aliens so they could work in his kosher meat factory in Iowa—and who was convicted of 86 charges of financial fraud involving millions of dollars—has been freed by US President Donald Trump in yet another indication of his subservience to the right wing orthodox Jewish lobby in America.

Rubashkin and lawyer during his trial.

The commuting of Sholom Rubashkin’s 27-year prison sentence followed months of personal interventions to Trump made by the Chabad Lubavitch community, of whom the swindling rabbi is a leading member—and whose most prominent White House representative is Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

According to a statement issued by the White House, the review of Rubashkin’s case and commutation decision was “based on expressions of support from Members of Congress and a broad cross-section of the legal community.”

Apparently a “bipartisan group of more than 100 former high-ranking and distinguished Department of Justice (DOJ) officials, prosecutors, judges, and legal scholars have expressed concerns about the evidentiary proceedings” in Rubashkin’s case and “the severity of his sentence.”

In addition, more than “30 current Members of Congress have written letters expressing support for review of Mr. Rubashkin’s case,” the White House statement continued, inadvertently revealing the extent of the Jewish lobby’s control of the House.

Rubashkin ran the infamous Agriprocessor slaughter house in Postville, Iowa, until his arrest in May 2008, when FBI and Department of Homeland Security agents raided the plant and arrested 389 workers who had fraudulent identity documentation.

One day after the raid, the Iowa labor commissioner fined Agriprocessors $10 million for wage violations, and Rubashkin was arrested on federal conspiracy charges of harboring illegal immigrants and aiding and abetting aggravated identity theft.

Rubashkin was arrested again on November 13, 2008, at his Postville home on federal charges of bank fraud. The charges revealed that under his direction, millions of dollars that were supposed to be deposited in an account as collateral for a loan were fraudulently diverted to another account, and were used to fraudulently increase the value of Agriprocessors accounts receivable.

After the money was diverted, Rubashkin allegedly ordered the records of these transactions removed from company computers. The charges carried up to 30-year prison terms.

Rubashkin was denied release on bail on November 20, 2008 following Magistrate Judge Jon Scoles determination that he posed a flight risk.

Scoles took into consideration that searching Rubashkin’s house, federal agents had found not only a bag with $20,000 in cash, several silver coins and passports, and a printed out copy of Israel’s “Law of Return,” which grants automatic citizenship to every Jew and members of his family upon immigration. That law is based directly upon the Nazi Nuremburg race laws which defined a Jew as someone with two Jewish grandparents.

Rubashkin was convicted in November 2009 on 86 charges of financial fraud, including bank fraud, mail and wire fraud and money laundering. He had intentionally defrauded St. Louis based First Bank on a revolving $35 million loan by faking invoices from meat dealers, inflating the value of the company.

He was sentenced in June 2010, to 27 years in prison after prosecutors had originally asked for a life sentence, given the severity of his crimes. Rubashkin was also ordered to pay $18.5 million to First Bank Business Capital, the plant’s largest lender; $8.3 million to MB Financial Bank, another lender; and $3,800 to Waverly Sales, Inc., which received late payments from the plant for cattle.

The White House statement said that Rubashkin, a member of the ultra-Orthodox Chabad Lubavitch movement, will still be under parole and will need to make good on a restitution judgement.

* The raid on the Agriprocessors plant and Rubashkin’s arrest led to the plant’s temporary closure, with many of the town’s Jews leaving.

Canadian billionaire Hershey Friedman, of Montreal, purchased the meatpacking plant in 2009 and rebranded it as Agri Star Meat and Poultry. Agri Star now employs the vast majority of Postville’s remaining Jews, with most of them serving as Jewish ritual slaughterers.

Earlier, the Agriprocessor plant had been the subject of an undercover animal rights investigation which revealed the full inhumane horror of kosher ritual slaughter. That investigation can be found on YouTube here.

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