Trump, the KKK and Media Hysteria

As Donald Trump closes in to clinch the Republican Party nomination in today’s “Super Tuesday” primaries, the controlled media has launched an all-out attack on the maverick candidate, finally resorting to a totally false claim that the “Ku Klux Klan” had endorsed him.

The establishment’s attacks on Trump have reached a crescendo because they know that if he succeeds in winning all of the primaries—with the possible exception of Texas, Ted Cruz’s home ground—he will be unstoppable in his quest for the nomination.


In the opening parley to this attempt to sink Trump, the Jewish Supremacist hypocrites in the Anti-Defamation League used their tribal contacts in the controlled media to issue a claim that the Ku Klux Klan—and David Duke had “endorsed” Trump.

That claim is, of course, completely untrue. Firstly, as David Duke said on his website, he had not “endorsed” Trump at all, and had merely expressed support for the Republican candidate’s stance on “the catastrophic immigration into America.”

Duke went on to specifically say that he was “not willing to make an endorsement of the Trump candidacy because of his stated absolute subservience to the state of Israel.”

Secondly, Duke resigned from the KKK about forty years ago, and hasn’t been associated with that organization since then, so it is absolutely impossible to interpret his comments in any way as a “KKK endorsement” for Trump.

This is, of course, completely different to the ADL’s claims, which were nonetheless parroted by the controlled media as if they were fact.

However, all objective observers have come to known and expect lies from the organized Jewish lobby, so the ADL’s claims—and their repetition in the Jewish Supremacist dominated media—comes as no surprise.

When Trump was asked about the ADL’s claims on CNN, he refused to condemn anyone, saying that he did not know enough about “the groups” that CNN was talking about, and that it was unfair to expect him to disavow anyone without any knowledge of the organizations in question.

As reported by the Times of Israel, the ADL then immediately “sent the presidential candidates a list of racists whose endorsements it said they should reject.” The ADL’s demands that all candidates disavow anybody who the Jewish lobby disapproves of, reveals far more about their attitude toward Gentiles than anything else.

The Jewish lobby’s hatred of Trump—even though he is committed to Israel—is based purely on his policy of opposing illegal immigration into America, even though this is the exact same policy as followed by Israel, which the very same Jewish lobby supports. Despite all of this, Trump is still set to do very well in the Super Tuesday primaries.

He is even drawing white voters away from the Democratic Party, with nearly 20,000 Massachusetts voters officially dropping that party before today’s primaries.

According to Massachusetts Secretary of State William Galvin—the top election official overseer—nearly 20,000 voters have officially quit as registered Democratic Party supporters.

Galvin said more than 16,300 Democrats have shed their party affiliation and become independent voters since January 1, while nearly 3,500 more formally shifted to the Republican Party. In Massachusetts, independent voters can cast a ballot in the primary of any party.

The reason, he went on, was “The Trump phenomenon,” which was “exciting” the voters to turn out in larger numbers than ever before.

As mentioned before, Trump’s only chance of actually winning a presidential election—as opposed to winning the Republican nomination—lies in getting 65 percent or more of the white vote. If the Massachusetts defection is any indication, he might yet achieve this formidable task.

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  1. It’s a battle between the old WASP establishment that was majority White and the multi cult Jew world order agenda to destroy us with population bombs and all the peripherals that come with it: politically correct censorship, enforced integration, anti-white demoralization through the media, draconian laws to back up their agenda, race baiting resulting in riots, and more foreign wars for Israel. Lies are what ZOG is built on.
    And so it’s down to either Trump or Goldman Sachs/Soros/Saban/Adelson. I’ve been hearing a number of calls for assassination from celebrities like Samuel Jackson as well as others. Shouldn’t these death threats be followed up by some legal chastisement. If someone made a death threat on Obama or Cruz etc., wouldn’t they be given some attention by law enforcement (rhetorical question on dangerous double standards)?

  2. Trump is the right man at the right time in US history. The country is in terrible shape after years of criminal mismanagement by an unvetted Alien in the White House. A President Trump would halt the country’s deliberate downslide, and restore some sanity to its federal government. He’ll get rid of corrupt officials, and replace them with honest ones answerable only to him and the American people-not to anyone else! No wonder crooks hate his guts, and will do anything to stop his bid for the US’s top job. The Donald for President 2016!

  3. The media are pulling out all the stops to vilify Trump.

    According to the msm:


    1. Supporter of White Supremacists, Hitler, Nazis and KKK
    2. Anti-Christ
    3. Has links to and is endorsed by David “KKK” Duke (Oh, the horror!)
    4. Loves Dictators

    They’re running out of vilifications!

    – I’m waiting for “baby killer.” You know it’s coming.

    The American people aren’t buying it, not at all.

    Trump is the ONLY candidate who is willing to:

    1. Deport illegal aliens
    2. Build a Wall
    3. Stop Muslim immigration
    4. Flout Political Correctness
    5. Bring American Industry home
    6. Not start WW III with Russia.

    A Hillary Clinton presidency is beyond frightening, especially as there is a SCOTUS vacancy and she is a hard-core leftists.

  4. Agree with anon.
    Trump may not be the most polite man BUT he loves this country. Not like the Illegal Imposter who currently resides without being properly vetted in the White House
    The U.S. Has to return to its roots. A republic by the people for the people with the Constitution as the law of the land. The govt. in three EQUAl parts each to balance the othe. No dictatorial president as the interloper has become. Born in Kenya of a British father?????? HOw was he even suggested? Because he was half black???

  5. Questions:

    1. Who starved and killed 500,000 Iraqi women and children in the 90s?
    Clinton and Madeline Albright or the KKK? 2. Who are all the perpetrators of all those rapes and robberies on college campuses? Black athletes or the KKK?
    3. Who pulled off a coup in Ukraine that had led to economic implosion and deaths of 1,000? Neocons like Kagan and Nuland or the KKK?
    4. Who bombed the hell out of Gaza and killed scores of women and children? IDF or KKK? And who continues to occupy West Bank and oppress Palestinians? Israel or KKK?
    5. Whose idea was to cook up lies to invade and destroy Iraq and turn it into a haven for terrorists? Bush, Cheney, and Neocons or the KKK?
    6. Who sells drugs all across America that destroy lives? Black/Hispanic gangs or the KKK?
    7. Who makes and sells ugly demented pro-murder and pro-thug rap music? Jews and blacks in the music industry or the KKK?
    8. Who destroys businesses of decent bakeries after pushing the abomination of “gay marriage” on all of us? Wall Street/Hollywood/Harvard or the KKK?
    9. Who cooked up lies to destroy Libya and turn into a yet another haven of terrorists? Obama and Zionists or the KKK?
    10. Who used Wall Street as a casino and robbed all of us blind? Global financiers or the KKK?
    11. Who runs Las Vegas to spread sleaze and steal gazillions from Americans addicted to mindless hedonism and trash culture? The likes of Adelson or the KKK?
    12. Who turns white girls into the likes of Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga in our pornified culture? The pop culture industry or the KKK?
    13. Who encouraged urban unrest and mayhem in the streets with bogus BLM riots? George Soros or KKK?
    14. Who is encouraging the violation of national borders in both US and EU while native populations are shamed for wanting to defend their own nations? NYT or the KKK?
    15. Who are raping all those white women and black women? Black rapists or the KKK?
    16. Who rob and loot stores? Blacks or KKK?
    17. Who play knockout games and punch out old folks? “Youths” and “teens” or the KKK?
    18. Who attacked the U.S.S Liberty, killing many sailors in the process? The Israelis or the KKK?
    19. Who murdered Rachel Corrie in cold blood when she protested the invasion of Palestine by the Israelis? The IDF or the KKK?

    And we can go on and on. In reality, the KKK has less power than the Girl Scouts. It’s just a bogeyman kept alive for push-button triggering.

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