Trump, Media and Fake News

The latest controlled media allegation that “fake news” persuaded Americans to vote for Donald Trump is untrue, insulting, and outrageous—considering that the media giants themselves engaged in the most outrageous fake news stories about Trump during the presidential election campaign.

Examples of fake news stories issued by the media giants abound—from the shameless promotion of falsified “opinion polls” through to outrageous personal slander, yet somehow the controlled media outlets do not class their own behavior as “fake.”


Even after the election, the controlled media has not stopped with its barrage of fake news reports. Just a few days ago, Trump took to Twitter to denounce what he called a “typically false news story” sent out by CBS claiming that he was trying to get “top level security clearance” for his children.

No sooner had that fake news story been dispelled, but the controlled media then produced another one, claiming that Trump’s transition team was in “disarray” and chaotic.

The New York Times, for example, ran a headline story saying that “Firings and Discord Put Trump Transition Team in a State of Disarray.”

Trump was once again forced to take to Twitter to point out that that establishment newspaper was lying yet again.

During the campaign, the New York Times—and almost every other major newspaper and media outlet in America—broadcast the most blatantly falsified opinion polls, all designed to discourage Trump supporters and promote Clinton.


All these newspapers and TV networks—literally hundreds if not thousands of them—apart from the LA Times—produced “opinion” polls showing that Trump was going to “lose in satiric proportions” and be “humiliated.”

The controlled media ran endless fake news stories about Melania Trump, and dug up 10-year-old tapes of Trump’s personal conversations made in jest in an effort to generate fake news stories to sabotage his campaign.


At the same time, this controlled media deliberately ignored and covered up the Wikileaks email releases which thoroughly exposed Clinton as a forked-tongue puppet.

The emails—all ignored by the controlled media—contained so many outrageous remarks that if any of them had been linked to Trump, the controlled media would have made headlines of them for months on end.

This endless lying eventually proved to no avail, mainly because Trump was able to connect with millions of voters through social media and say the things that white voters wanted to hear.


Now, embittered with the election result, the controlled media and their leftist hacks seek to blame the social media networks and “fake news”—ignoring the fact that their own fake news played a significant role in persuading voters who the real liars were.

Twitter has decided to delete what it thinks are “alt-right” accounts, and Google and Facebook have promised to look into how “fake news” was propagated through their system which “tricked people” into voting for Trump.

These fake news lies have, of course, a long history with the controlled media.

Just some of the more important lies and fake news stories they have propagated over the years—important because they have led to the loss of millions of lives and plunged countless nations into chaos—include:

– The lie that Syrian “rebels” were all nice moderates who needed to be armed to fight for liberty against the “evil” Bashar al-Assad government.

After this media-promoted lie was implemented, ISIS emerged to spread fear and terror across the world.

 – The lie that Iran was building “atom bombs”—even though the U.S.’s own intelligence agencies had long since dismissed this as a hoax. This lie could still have repercussions, even with the upcoming Trump administration, as he also appears to believe this media-promoted fable.

– The lie that Saddam Hussein had “weapons of mass destruction” and was responsible for the attacks of 9-11. The resulting invasion of Iraq threw the entire Middle East in chaos, the effects of which are still being felt all around the globe.

In spite of this proven and utterly criminal record of lies and deceit, the controlled media still has the gall to complain about “fake news” stories on social media.

The fact remains that the media giants are the biggest generators of fake news stories on the planet—and the Internet has for the first time allowed people to see all sides of the story, and make up their own minds.

It is this freedom to which the controlled media now objects, and their objections tells any observer all that they need to know about the motivations behind moves to shut down the Internet.

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  1. Sorry , you leftie-liberals but adults with a brain aren`t fooled by childishly silly stories and phoney polls. We`re perfectly capable of sorting out the wheat from the chaff unlike your immature `no borders` teenage followers.

    1. easy answer to these media…NEVER give them news stories or interviews or appear on their rabid TV shows..Just look after your friends Donald! the rest can go to hell!! That applies to all real leaders not the eu puppets and bbc….. Play them off,they will soon learn where their bread is buttered!

    2. Listening to the British parliament debate as to why Trump should not be allowed to visit the UK, I was surprised by the prevailing ignorance of people who are supposed to lead that country when this reason was given: “Trump is anti women rights and anti Muslim”. That statement in itself is dichotomous and fails the sanity test; think about it!

  2. The media are TOTALLY responsible for racism and riots, by their blatant lies and anti white prejudice, combined with not allowing comments on important articles, such as terrorism and muslims!

  3. The best way to handle the media morons mostly run by hymies is simply
    not to buy their crap. Hurt the hymie in
    the pocket. For them that’s where it
    hurts most.

    1. Most newspaper and TV money is made by ads. Far more than from the nominal price. Don’t just ignore their crap: make it clear if possible you won’t buy from advertisers who use them. If you can. That will really hurt.

  4. The other day I was in the gym and “breaking news” on CNN, “Trump team in disarray”, and it was total bullshit. They’re trying their best to scare voters and anyone else who happens to hear this fantasy stuff. They even blame him for going to dinner with his family the other day and not telling the MSM about it. I have never seen such blatant disrespect for anyone. Blatant anti white racism and fear mongering. Do this; just randomly put CNN on at any time, and they will be talking about “racism”, every time.

    1. Just before the election Katie Hopkins did an interview with Gorani and called CNN the Clinton News Network.
      It was hilarious because of the anchor raising her voice to try and talk over Katie who wasn’t having it and carried on. They are totally in the pocket of the (soon to be ex) ruling class.

  5. Let them fabricate their garbage. I have not watched a MSM newscast in YEARS! And probably never will again. These morons were the ones the put barry in the Whitehouse and lost all credibility with me 8 years ago. With the internet and endless news sources it’s just a matter of time before they end up as a history note somewhere.
    They will describe their death as failure to report the news, but become so bias they lost the trust of the public.

  6. Humpty Dumpty sat on Trump’s wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
    The New York Times, Huffington Post & the Daily News
    Were flushed full of lies into the swamp
    And drained of the pus that they ooze.

  7. Donald did not mention among the foreign leaders he had talked to, the great leader of the EU ,
    Madam Merkel, the agitprop functionary of the former GDR. She announced yesterday to a
    dumbfounded German public her intention to put the world’s affairs in order. Hurry up,
    Donald, unless you want to miss the bus.

  8. Yeah, my God bless the Internet, lefty uses to spy on everyone… good for them…. Jackasses!
    Trump will go down in history as the man that saved the United States of America, tweet that Lefty!

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