Trump Moots Using US Army to Build Wall if Congress Doesn’t Cooperate

While speaking to journalists aboard Air Force One, Trump was asked if he was considering using the Army Corps of Engineers to build his border wall seeing as Congress has so far only provided $3 billion of the required $25 billion needed to finish the border wall.

Trump said that he was “considering” using military resources to finish construction of his long-promised border wall instead of relying on Congress to fund the project through the Homeland Security Department’s budget.

“We have two options,” Trump told the journalists. “We have military, we have homeland security.”

“I would prefer to fund it the old-fashioned way – get it from Congress – but I have other options if I have to,” he said.

“The possibility of diverting Pentagon funding and assets to build a border wall is a card the president is holding but has never directly acknowledged before,” a media report said, adding that Department officials had already confirmed that Army Corps of Engineers could take on the task.

“They build levees that hold back massive walls of water,” one said of the agency. “They can build one to hold back drugs and human traffickers.”

* Last Friday night, Trump told a crowd in Sioux Falls, South Dakota that he was going to build the wall no matter what, saying that “It works so easily! They say walls don’t work? Tell Israel.”

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