Trump is not “Alt-Right”

Donald Trump is not part of the nebulous “alt-right” movement, and Hilary Clinton’s claim that he is, is just a “typical lefty campaign ploy,” Jared Taylor, head of the American Renaissance webzine has said.

Speaking to the media after being featured prominently in Clinton’s latest video attack on Trump, Taylor said he was grateful that Clinton had called “attention to the message I have for America.”


Interviewed by the extreme-left Guardian newspaper, Taylor said Clinton’s speech was “a typical lefty campaign ploy,” and pointed out that Trump was most certainly not part of any movement associated with what is now called the “alt-right.”

“Is Hillary Clinton responsible for the views of everyone who supports her?” he asked the Guardian.

Asked to define the “alt-right,” Taylor said there were “areas of disagreement,” but that “the central element of the alt-right is the position it takes on race.”

He added that he did not think Trump was solely responsible for the alleged growth of the alt-right, but, he said, it “is encouraging because here we have a candidate for president who is saying some things that we have been saying for years.”

The Guardian said that their (the alt-right’s) “common ground with Trump is on immigration policy—deportations, the repeal of birthright citizenship, and Trump raising the ‘question of why we need more Muslims in this country.’”

For Taylor, and other members of the alt-right, race is an inescapable biological fact, which has consequences, the newspaper continued.

“The races are not equal and equivalent. If a nation changes demographically, its society will change,” Taylor said.

In her speech, Clinton cited the U.S. Olympic team as an example of strength in diversity.

Taylor however pointed out the obvious, that it was an example of the different capacities and abilities of races. He said that while black people are good athletes, whites and Asians have higher IQs.

“Races are different. Some races are better at some things than others,” he told the leftist newspaper.

Taylor also sees the racial separatism he strives for as a matter of “freedom of association,” and denied that the alt-right is a “hate movement,” as Clinton has claimed.

“If a white person says, ‘I like being white, and I prefer my associates to be white,’ that’s hate? Why?” he said. “It should not be taboo to talk about these things.”

The Guardian went on to describe Taylor’s activities as follows:

In articles—many written by Taylor—at events and in podcasts, the website stresses white people are discriminated against, black people are inclined to crime, and mainstream conservatives who deny these assertions this [sic] are culpable and headed for disaster.

In a separate attack piece, the Guardian also quoted the American Renaissance leader as saying that “we are a dissident movement,” and that “whites are becoming a minority.”

“We’re being told to celebrate diversity. For whites to celebrate diversity is to ask them to celebrate their declining numbers and dwindling influence. No sane person celebrates its march toward oblivion.”

Taylor described Clinton’s speech as “a spectacular error on her part.”

“The idea is to discredit Donald Trump by blaming him for his supporters … They’re going to say, ‘Look at this Jared Taylor fellow who supports Donald Trump. And look at his loathsome views. And so we must suppose Donald Trump shares the same loathsome views.’ That’s completely illegitimate. It’s guilt by association.”

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  1. If Clinton was not such a hypocrite and really meant she valued diversity, the first and possibly only thing she could say about Mr Trump is how fantastically diverse were his opinions, compared to her own, politically expedient diatribe.

  2. I was giving up hope that anyone with influence was on the same wavelength as ordinary whites. Someone capable of expressing our frustration with the constant leftie-liberal cries of `racist` guaranteed to automatically shut us out of all meaningful debates.
    Thank you Jared for putting the case for whites in a rational, cogent and honest way without any bombast.

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