Trump Order to Stop “Separating Families” Gives Invaders Legal Status above that of US Citizens

US President Donald Trump’s about turn on the issue of separating the children of illegal immigrants from their parents while in detention has created a new set of legal battles which can only result in the invaders being given special status over that of American citizens, an analysis of the new executive order’s implications shows.

Under the new order, parents and children caught crossing the border illegally will now be kept together at federal detention centers for the length of their criminal proceedings.

However, a 1997 federal court decision known as the Flores settlement prevents the government from holding children in custody for more than 20 days.

As most illegal immigrant criminal proceedings take far longer than 20 days, the executive order immediately implies that the children—and possibly their parents as well—must be released after the 20-day period is up.

Trump knows this is an inherent problem, and as part of the executive order, he appealed to the U.S. District Court to overturn the Flores settlement, allowing illegal immigrant families to be detained indefinitely.

However, should the court fail to overturn the Flores settlement, then the government will have two choices: either to release the children, or keep them separately once again, or release the entire “family.”

Any of these options places the illegal immigrants in a special legal status above that of American citizens—who are automatically separated from their children if arrested for any criminal act.

* Because federal immigrant detention centers are not large enough to hold all of the flood of nonwhite invaders, the executive order also calls on the US military to provide any existing facilities, and construct more facilities if necessary, to house detainees.

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  1. Sick n tired of the special privileges of illegals. One cohort of boat ppl, did Oz up the bottom for $7 million in compensation for ‘being held’ unlawfully in detention. The tax payer having just kept n fed them, is now, sliding into epidemic homelessness in order to feed n house these global locusts.

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