Trump Reneges on “Dreamer” Invasion

President Donald Trump has indicated in a new tweet that he is prepared to renege on his election promise to halt the Deferred Action for Child Arrival invasion scam—which has let at least 800,000 illegal immigrants live in the US—if Democrats agree to the funding required to build a border wall.

In a tweet dated December 29, Trump said that the “Democrats have been told, and fully understand, that there can be no DACA without the desperately needed WALL at the Southern Border and an END to the horrible Chain Migration & ridiculous Lottery System of Immigration etc.”

President Barack Obama created DACA through a 2012 executive order. The program allowed hundreds of thousands of “young” nonwhites people who were supposedly brought to the United States illegally as children by their parents (although it has been shown that many came as “unaccompanied minors” nby themselves).

Trump ended the DACA program in September 2017—after a further 200,000 “youths” had applied for protection since he became president, but even then, he deliberately left the door open for them to continue living in the US, saying that it was time for “Congress to act” on the matter.

Trump’s latest tweet is the clearest indication to date that he intends to use the DACA program as a bargaining tool with the Democrats in Congress. Trump has previously said that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan have already agreed to a “deal” to make the DACA program permanent.

The move is not surprising, given that Trump does not have any deep understanding of the long-term implications of mass nonwhite immigration into the US. Like most “conservatives,” he appears to labor under the illusion that the Third Worlders can eventually all “become Americans” just like the European founders of America, and might even “vote Republican.”

This race-denying political position ignores the reality that with each passing year, more than 700,000 new nonwhite voters are added to the voting lists across the US, and at this rate, it is only a matter of time—a few decades at the most—that political power will pass permanently into the hands of a coalition of Third Worlders and far leftists—and whatever Trump presumes will be his legacy, will be ground into the dust in a renewed, vengeful, anti-white rage.

Trump might consider taking a lesson from his good friend Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of the Jewish ethnostate of Israel in this regard. Israel not only has a wall, but has racially-based immigration policies designed to ensure that the Jewish state remains racially Jewish.

Netanyahu and the Israelis understand the importance of racial homogeneity in keeping a civilization intact. Only when European leaders understand this principle—and follow Israel’s example—will white, western, European civilization be saved from being extinguished by the Third World tsunami.

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  1. Trump will allow the illegal “dreamers” to stay because he’s nothing more than a puppet. To the stupid mass media public, he’s trying to make it seem like he’s working a deal. He’ll allow dreamers to stay if the democrats support legislation that ends chain migration (the subsequent migration of invaders’ relatives) and e-verify, an electronic system that checks immigration status before hiring at a job, capping the refugee intake rate at 50,000 annually…oh, and of course, “the wall”. This is NOTHING and will make zero difference. There are already over 50 million non-Whites in America with 1 in 5 of all Americans now being foreign born. Even if we never took in one more non-White person from this day forward, Whites will still become a minority in the next 20 years because of huge birth rate disparities. Without an active and massive deportation program, anything else is just useless political theater. At the same time, the overwhelming majority of U.S. migration is legal via the U.S. Immigration Act of 1965 and the Refugee Act of 1980, as well as the greed card system, student visas, H-1 worker visas and so on. In fact, the U.S. issues 83,000 green cards per month! Our biggest threat really isn’t the people sneaking across the border, but the gigantic populations the government brings in legally every year. Trump is going to tell Americans he’s “won” because he got his wall and will be “limiting” the number of refugees taken into the U.S. on a yearly basis to 50,000. What Americans don’t know is that with the exception of 2016, the average number of fake refugees brought to the U.S. via the Refugee Act over the last 20 years has been….you guessed it…about 50,000 annually. So, he’s not really changing anything, but then, that’s the whole idea…to maintain the status quo, while convincing the sheep real change is happening so they stay asleep.

  2. This is all making beds in a burning house. The inner city negro plague is the issue. But, no one will touch it. They are a permanent burden both in $ and blood.
    The truth will always emerge. I just hope it’s not too late.

  3. Dems will never agree to the funds for the wall so Trump will scrap DACA & then sort the funding for the wall. When negotiating there are more than 1 or 2 objectives. Ttrump will win in the end, and with him America will win.

  4. My only reservations about Trump was his ‘DEAL’ making ethos/strategy. A deal maker may not be effective enough for conservative , Americans First, govt. To me , it meant he would be giving away really good stuff, in order to get a kickback, that may not be of the same value to USA. I’d have preferred a leader to say – ” DACA is finished – I made an election promise. We don’t give American jobs /untold welfare, to 3 million DACA’s and their rellies. Next ? ”

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