Trump, Salvini, Ally against Invasion

Italy’s Northern League leader Matteo Salvini has received Donald Trump’s official endorsement at a rally in Pennsylvania—with the Republican front-runner saying he hoped that Salvini would be Italy’s next Prime Minister.

The move places Trump firmly into the anti-invasion political camp, as Salvini is part of an alliance which includes the French National Front (FN), the Dutch Party for Freedom (PVV), the Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ), Belgium’s Vlaams Belang (VB), and the Polish Congress of the New Right (KNP).


According to a report in the Repubblica newspaper in Italy, Salvini met with Trump for more than half an hour on Sunday evening as the Republican candidate wrapped up his Pennsylvania primary campaign, where he is set for a landslide win.

During the rally in the Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes-Barre, northeastern Pennsylvania, Salvini was photographed holding a “Trump: Make America Great Again” poster and in several other places posing with Trump posters.


In some of the pictures, Salvini was wearing his famous “Stop the Invasion” t-shirt as well.

During their meeting, the two leaders declared themselves in “total agreement” over the nonwhite invasion of Europe.

Salvini assured Trump of his support, to which Trump responded, “Matteo, I hope you become Prime Minister soon.”

Their discussions also touched on the need for policies targeting the populations of Third World countries which would be aimed at preventing them from fleeing from hunger and poverty.

Salvini arrived at the Trump event together with Amato Berardi, the president of NIA-PAC (National Italian American Political Action Committee).

Several posts on Salvini’s Facebook page also revealed the extent of the two men’s friendship. One post, featuring a picture of Trump and Salvini, both with thumbs up, was captioned, “A greeting from friends in the United States. Go, Donald, go!”


Yet another post, featured a composite series of images, referred to current far left Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi: “Renzi chooses the disastrous do-gooders Obama and Merkel; I prefer the legality and security proposals from Trump!”

Currently, the Northern League stands at around 17 percent in opinion polls—a massive amount in the fractured Italian political landscape, and certainly large enough to be the major party in a coalition government should an election be held today.

The next Italian general election is due to be held no later than May 23, 2018.

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  1. Thank you President Trump! He’ll have his work cut out for him just cleaning up the White House after those pigs leave.

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