Trump: US Must “Strengthen Israel”

Republican Party presumptive nominee Donald Trump has announced that America must “strengthen” its ties with Israel in the future.

Trump made the comment to a meeting of evangelical Christians in a speech in Washington DC last week—which was blacked out by all the controlled media except three Israeli newspapers.


The Times of Israel announced that Trump, “speaking mostly from a teleprompter,” had told evangelical voters at the annual Faith & Freedom conference in Washington that the US must strengthen its alliance with Israel to ensure its security, and added that the entire world must learn how to deal with radical Islam.

Most of Trump’s speech was spent attacking Hilary Clinton, and boasting that he had now received endorsements from Christian leaders, including Jerry Falwell Jr., who leads Liberty University.

Nonetheless, it was his comments on Israel which made the headlines in the Jewish state.


In its coverage, Israel’s YNet News said that “Trump calls to insure Israel’s security,” quoting him in full as follows:

“We must continue to forge our partnership with Israel and work to insure Israel’s security. Keeping people of faith safe from threats like radical Islam, whether protecting them here or standing by Israel, all of us need to confront together the threat of radical Islam.”


The Arutz Sheva (Israeli National News) repeated this theme, while the Jerusalem Post added the “strengthen ties with Israel” to its coverage of the Trump speech.

The remarks were, not unsurprisingly, completely suppressed by the controlled media in the US.

At the same time, the Times of Israel has announced that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is determined to conclude the “negotiations” over US military aid to Israel with the Obama administration—but “not at any price.”

“Plain and simple—we want to finish it with the current administration—but not at any price,” acting National Security Adviser Yaakov Nagel told diplomatic correspondents, the Times of Israel said.

Nagel’s comments came amid a controversy over US military aid, and in particular assistance for Israel’s missile defense system, after the White House said it opposed a move by the House of Representatives to increase funding for Israeli missile defense procurement by an additional $455 million above the administration’s budget request for the 2017 fiscal year.

Netanyahu earlier dismissed widespread “panic” over what he called inaccurate reports implying the US government was refusing to increase financial aid for Israeli missile defense, the Times of Israel continued.

Due to “multiple misleading reports,” the Prime Minister’s Office issued a statement insisting that “there is no cut in US aid.”

Rather, there is an “internal debate” between Congress and the White House over the size of the annual increase for the American missile defense program, which would impact on the amount earmarked for Israel.

Netanyahu is seeking to anchor the additional aid to Israel as a part of his ongoing negotiations over the extension of a US-Israel memorandum of understanding, which regulates US military aid to Israel, the PMO’s statement noted.

“Not only will the security assistance for missile defense not be cut, it will be increased,” it said.

The Israeli “negotiations”—bizarre in that no other recipient of US aid engages in “negotiations” over the amount of “aid” they get—are being delayed because it is clear that Netanyahu is banking on his personal friend, Donald Trump, winning the November presidential elections.

If this comes to pass, it is clear that Israel will get whatever it wants. However, the Jewish lobby has cunningly backed both horses, so if Hilary Clinton wins, there will also be no real change in this important part of “American” foreign policy.

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  1. I say vote Trump anyway. What choice do we have? Maybe (and this is HIGHLY UNLIKELY) Trump who has always been a loose cannon and an ego maniac anyway, will let all the ‘saviour’ talk go to his head and decide to go off script once he’s in office. In that event his assasination by his puppet masters might wake a few more people up, though the way it’s looking, the floodgates are already opening. Obummer can’t even look the cameras in the eye anymore!

  2. Shouldn’t be any surprise to anyone knowing who really runs the US. As mentioned earlier in another article by The New Observer even Trump’s campaign chief is Jewish.

  3. Let’s hope Trump isn’t just another Jewish puppet. He does at least have a mind of his own: I don’t see how he can possibly be as bad as Clinton or Obama. Fingers crossed. Many politicians give different speeches to different groups. But I wish he’d be a bit more outspoken. And he has to get the pitifully gullible Christian votes – there are a lot of them, and they seem unable to think about anything.

  4. Whilst I can agree with many of Trump’s assertions and statements, (as a Brit), I can’t help but remember the expression, “Motor-mouth”. I believe the expression came from the US originally. I can appreciate the desperation with the US voter who simply need’s an ‘honest broker’ and a root and branch change to the political system but Trump? Please!

    1. Aarrgghh!! “but Hillary Clinton? Please !”
      Her hectoring tones would drive you crazy……imagine listening to umpteen repeats of that screeching voice. The suicide rate would rocket.

  5. I certainly support Trump re the scourge of the world Mudslimes and their vile Islamic ideology.
    The Jews are of the same mindset in order to preserve and protect Israel.
    If we need to be on the same page to achieve different aims then so be it – with the proviso it`s thus far and no further. Like Israel the western world neither needs nor wants to be taken over by Mudslimes / Islam / and Islamic practices.
    They must be coerced into living and staying in Islamic countries where they and their ideology are welcomed.

    1. Quote:…..:”Look, now there is the Islamophobia malady in the West … Its aim is to stop the further spread of Islam. But they will not be able to succeed.” — Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, June 4, 2016.
      If Erdogan`s comments aren`t threatening enough to convince our western lily-livered politicians and limp-wristed liberals we must reverse the dangerous policy of swamping the west with Mudslimes then it`s obviously time for a total clear-out of the lot of them followed by a root and branch reform of our immigration policies..

  6. In my opinion Germanic people (largest national ancestry in the United States) have to fight – otherwise they end up in self destruction.

    Sometimes I wonder why they call us “Germany”, cause all the other nations like Benelux, Britain and Scandinavia are Germans too.

    1. “Deutschland” comes from just one tribe of us: the Teutons. But even the Franks (France) were a German tribe, like the Angles of Britain. Dutch and Deutsch have the same root word.

        1. The Germanic people have a lot of patience. It could be described as “over-patience.” That’s why they let so many things go through. But when the psychological threshold has been passed then things will be turned upside down. Great changes are about to come. Nothing, absolutely nothing of today’s world will stand. Reality will change completely.
          I deeply recommend anyone to look more into the history of the Germanic/ Celtic people. Amazing visions have been foreseen by them about this age.

  7. So, if I take all the Germanic peoples who migrates into the USA beside so called “Germans” and add them to German-Americans, than clearly USA IS A GERMANIC country! And if there’s one enemy of us – it MUST be the same enemy for you!

  8. We compare a National Socialism of 1940 with our time?
    Nobody has ever seen a “modern” National Socialism!

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