Trump Warns of Invasion “Caravan” and Kills DACA “Deal”

US President Donald Trump has warned of an invasion “caravan” on its way to America through Mexico, urged Republicans to change Senate voting rules to end Democratic obstructions to passing immigration reform laws, and announced that a deal on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was now off the table.

Trump’s Easter Sunday announcements—made via Twitter—made specific reference to the “refugee caravan” of thousands of nonwhite invaders—mostly from Honduras– marching north through Mexico from Honduras to try and beat the January 5, 2018 expiration date of an offer of “”Temporary Protected Status” (TPS) to nationals from that country.

Congress created TPS in 1990 to prevent deporting foreign nationals to insecure and dangerous countries as a result of natural disaster, armed conflict, or health epidemics.

According to a video posted on Facebook by the “Pueblo Sin Fronteras” (People without Borders) group, the “caravan” was in Tapachula. Southern Mexico two weeks ago, where they were “prepar[ing] to be a strong, united team for the 2018 Refugee Caravan.”

According to an account from the Center for Immigration Studies, Mexican authorities have allowed the migrants to drive north “with relative ease.”

On Monday this week, Pueblo Sin Fronteras posted a video with the caption, “The Refugee Caravan knocking down borders yesterday in Huehuetan! Immigration agents abandoned the post when they saw us coming. The people celebrate this first small victory!”

Trump’s first tweet dealing with the topic said that border patrol agents are unable to do their job properly because of “ridiculous liberal (Democrat) laws like Catch & Release.”

The situation, he said, was “Getting more dangerous” with “Caravans coming.”

Trump went on to add that “Republicans must go to Nuclear Option to pass tough laws NOW”—a reference to the fact that current Senate rules mandate that 60 senators, or three fifths of the 100-member Senate, must agree in order to end debate and move forward to a vote on a measure or piece of legislation, a process known as invoking cloture.

By calling on the Senate to invoke this “Nuclear Option,” Trump means that the Senate must change its voting rules to allow a simple majority to move forward on a measure, rather than allowing the Democrats to stall everything all the time.

The final part of his first tweet announced in capital letters “NO MORE DACA DEAL!”

This is being taken to mean that the failure to reach a compromise between the White House and the Democrats in Congress to fund the entire border wall in exchange for an amnesty for the DACA “Dreamers” is now at an end—with the logical consequence that all 1.8 million invaders now face deportation.

Trump then followed this tweet with a second one which said that the Mexican government was doing nothing to stop the invasion over their southern border and they are laughing at America’s “dumb immigration laws.”

Trump added that Mexico must “stop the big drug and people flows, or I will stop their cash cow, NAFTA. NEED WALL!”

Finally, Trump added that “These big flows of people are all trying to take advantage of DACA. They want in on the act!”—a tweet which was not directly referring to the Honduran caravan, as they seek to qualify under the TPS program, but to the general invasion of America from Central and South America.

It remains to be seen how the US border authorities will react to the invasion caravan as it tries to cross the border, as a failure to forcefully halt it will inevitably lead to a renewed mass invasion of the sort seen in recent years in Europe.

Once again, the “caravan” invasion brings home the reality that this phenomenon has nothing to do with “refugees” or “asylum seekers.” There is no “migrant” crisis, just simply a mass nonwhite invasion of white nations, of nonwhites fleeing their own self-created disaster zones to parasite off the wealth and order created by white people.

If this process is allowed to continue, all that will happen is that the chaos and collapse so endemic in the nonwhite world will be transferred to the First World, and then everywhere will look like the Third World, and Western Civilization will be exterminated.

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  1. The filibust “60 votes” rule is a load of rubbish. The Republicans have never had 60 votes, the most they’ve had in the Senate is 56.

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