Trump/Israel: Racist Jewish Hypocrisy

Jewish condemnation of Donald Trump’s “bar all Muslims” remark is pure racist Jewish ultra-hypocrisy, because Israeli law bars Muslims from Iran, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip from entering Israel, even if they are married to Israeli citizens.

Furthermore, Israel’s immigration laws specifically bar all non-Jews—Muslims and Christians alike—from settling in Israel, all in order to preserve and maintain the majority racially-Jewish nature of that state.


The first major Israeli reaction to Trump’s comments came from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who took to Twitter on December 9 to formally reject the American presidential hopeful’s remarks, saying that “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejects Donald Trump’s recent remarks about Muslims” (Twitter, PM of Israel [email protected],  10:14 AM – Dec. 9, 2015).

Netanyahu followed this tweet up with another remark that the “State of Israel respects all religions and strictly guarantees the rights of all its citizens.”


More outspoken was Knesset lawmaker Michal Rozin from the Israeli Meretz party, who started a petition (now signed by more than a third of the Israeli parliament) urging Netanyahu to condemn Trump’s “racist” comments and to cancel a proposed meeting with him. (The meeting has in the interim been cancelled by Trump.)

“Imagine that a country or a candidate would say entrance to Jews is forbidden. The whole world would stand up in protest, saying this is a racist anti-Semite. A racist like this has no place here among us,” Issawi Frej, another member of Meretz, told Israel Radio.

Omer Bar-Lev, from the Zionist Union, also went public with his opposition to Trump’s visit, tweeting: “As far as it depends on me, this racist @realDonaldTrump should not be welcome in the @knessetisrael.”


The American Jewish Committee’s director of policy, Jason Isaacson, noted the timing of Trump’s statement, which called for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States,” coincident with the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah.

“As Jews who are now observing Hanukkah, a holiday that celebrates a small religious minority’s right to live unmolested, we are deeply disturbed by the nativist racism inherent in the candidate’s latest remarks,” Isaacson said. “You don’t need to go back to the Hanukkah story to see the horrific results of religious persecution; religious stereotyping of this sort has been tried often, inevitably with disastrous results.”

Other Jewish groups condemning the comments included J Street, Bend the Arc, the National Jewish Democratic Council and JAC, a Jewish political action committee.


Trump’s comments also sparked criticism from all leading American Jewish organizations, including the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). Jonathan Greenblatt, the ADL’s chief executive, issued a statement which said: “Mr. Trump’s plan to bar people from entry to the United States based on their religion is unacceptable and antithetical to American values…In the Jewish community, we know all too well what can happen when a particular religious group is singled out for stereotyping and scapegoating. We also know that this country must not give into fear by turning its back on its fundamental values, even at a time of great crisis.”

However, Israeli law—not just the comments of a would-be candidate, but actual Knesset-endorsed law—forbids settlement in Israel of Muslims from a large number of countries, including from the West bank and the Gaza Strip.

Israel’s Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law 5763, was first passed by the Knesset on July 31, 2003.

That law makes citizens of Iran, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, the West Bank, and Gaza Strip ineligible for residency in Israel, even if they are married to an Israeli citizen.


The law was most recently extended in June 2015 (“Controversial citizenship law that bans Palestinians married to Israelis from living in Israel extended by the Knesset,” The Independent, June 17, 2015).

The extension forbids Palestinians married to Israelis from living in Israel, or becoming Israeli citizens.

Furthermore, the law also forbids Arabs who have Israeli citizenship (those who were not forcibly expelled when Israel was created) from being allowed to bring their Palestinian spouses into Israel or obtaining Israeli citizenship for them.


As if all this was not enough, Israeli immigration law goes even further, and specifically limits all immigration to that state to those who can prove biological—in other words, racial—Jewish descent.


Israel’s immigration laws are controlled by the “Law of Return” of 1950, as amended in 1970, and the 1952 “Citizenship Law.”

The Law of Return grants the exclusive right of entry and settlement to people who could show Jewish ancestry, while the Citizenship law determines who can qualify for Israeli citizenship.

The Law of Return uses the same definition of Jewish ancestry as used by the Nazis in the 1936 Nuremberg Laws. This is not surprising, as the German Council of Jews helped the Nazi government draw them up in order to promote Jewish nationalism and the colonization of Palestine.

The Citizenship law describes how Jews, once they have come to Israel under the Law of Return, qualify for Israeli nationality.


Israel also outlaws all marriages between Jews and non-Jews, and the legal loophole which allowed non-Jewish spouses to acquire Israeli citizenship through marriage outside of Israel was closed in 1999.

Clause 5 of the Citizenship Act is the only other avenue for non-Jews to obtain Israeli citizenship. This clause says that any non-Jew who wants to settle in Israel has to apply to the Interior Minister in person.

The law specifically does not give any guidelines for the making of such a decision, leaving it completely open to the minister’s personal discretion—and also making it legally unchallengeable.

Furthermore, the non-Jew must also have been living in Israel for at least five years before applying for citizenship—something which is impossible given the Law of Return.


A briefing paper prepared by the Jewish Tel Aviv-based immigration lawyer Ari Rosenberg, says of the Clause 5 rule that the “granting of such status is at the complete discretion of the Minister of the Interior and is rather rare.”

Furthermore, the Israeli-based Jewish immigration law firm Dotan Cohen, in a dramatic understatement, says that citizenship grants to non-Jews under Clause 5 are “rare.”

The Jews therefore know very well that letting Israel be flooded with Muslims will destroy that state—and organizations such as the ADL fanatically support Israel and this political position in the Jewish homeland.

But these same Jews oppose any attempt to create a similar policy in non-Jewish countries, such as Trump has proposed for America.

In other words, Trump’s policy of barring Muslims—for which Israeli politicians and Jewish organizations in America have so strongly condemned him—are in fact mainstream law in Israel.

All of these Jews must be aware of this fact, and once again, no other conclusion is possible except to say that this is yet another deliberate hypocrisy: one law for the Jews, and another for the non-Jews.

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  1. What about my “small religeous minority” eg Christian.?.What about our rights to live unmolested by other religions….What about the blatent Racism towards us white people……? Donald Trump is so right, there are complete no go areas in England for White Christians / This is my Homeland yet i am being denied to live here without being molested and hated by others……

  2. Had enough, you are so correct. I also am fed up with Christians being persecuted for just about anything. Christ can be maligned, insulted etc. And we must bear it but just say Mohammed was an assassin(true) and you fall foul of he law. This in US. You can not insult this so called prophet????? No more freedom of speech nor religion except for Islam it seems.
    Have you heard of the demonstration in Paris a few. Days ago.? Over 7000 Catholics and other Christian groups praying on their knees in the streets???? much to the consternation of the forces of order. Journalists amazed but you hear nothing. My French friend let me know this and she lives there. They said they were fed up being insulted and decided to do what the violent cult does five times a day, holding up traffic, annoying others and never stopped.
    (They tried this nonsense in Milan but the police stopped it presto. Want to pray, go to your mosque.)
    I was so happy to see this happening, and it may continue in other cities of France it is hoped.

  3. I did not see any reporting about the Paris protest…Good for them..! The bias and propaganda of the press is truly shocking and HYPOCRITICAL…!So many English people do not have a clue as to the reality and truth about this 3rd world invasion of criminals,cowards rapists and haters….I have lived with others of different faiths and cultures, so i know the reality…For me, the irony is the left, who welcome this destruction in the strange belief that everyone is good and wonderfull ,they will be the first to have their freedoms taken away…Life as we know it is now over….Traitors……

  4. Netanyahu – People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Open the gates of Israel to
    Syrian , Afghan and Iranian refugees. Show the world Israel is not racist and xenophobic.

  5. The fewer Muslims reside in the vicinity of Israel the better for Israel. That seems to be the reason why Jews in America support the Muslim immigration to America (and Europe).

  6. Trump is surrounded by Jews. Those ‘protests’ by Jews are obviously faked. It’s all just a pretence! If Trump ever discusses what Jews do, we’ll finally be getting somewhere.

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