“Trump’s Failed Coup in Iran”: Eric Margolis

The so-called “uprising” in Iran was fake news manufactured by the defeated parties in the Syrian proxy war—the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Britain—and emanated from Washington DC, famous American journalist Eric Margolis has said.

Writing in a column on his personal website, Margolis—who was contributing editor to the Toronto Sun chain of newspapers, Huffington Post writer and frequent international TV commentator—said said that anyone listening to the “state-‘guided’ US media” would “believe a series of spontaneous anti-government protests broke out across Iran.”

The protests, Margolis said, “according to President Donald Trump and his Israeli allies, were caused by `anger over Iran’s spending billions on wars in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon and helping the Palestinian movement Hamas.’ Trump tweeted that Iranians were finally rising up against what he called their hated, brutal regime.”

“Talk about manufactured news,” the veteran journalist continued.

“Most Iranians were elated and proud of their nation’s role in thwarting US plans to occupy much of Syria and overthrow the government of President Bashar al-Assad. By contrast, the other side in this long proxy war – the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Britain – was smarting with defeat and seeking ways to exact revenge on the hateful trio, Syria, Iran and Russia.”

He pointed out that the “so-called news of protests over Iran’s military spending did not apparently originate in Iran but rather in Washington which spread it far and wide to our state-guided media.

“This was clumsy, but the US and Israel were so eager to get this piece of made-up good news out that they forget the basics of propaganda management: wait for the event before you proclaim it.”

He went on to explain exactly what had happened in Iran during the protests.

“Restive minority groups in Iran’s Kurdish, Azeri and Sunni Arab regions, most far from the big cities, have been demonstrating and protesting severe economic problems. Iran is a big, resource-rich nation of 80 million people that should be booming.

“But it has been under economic siege warfare by the US and its allies ever since a popular uprising in 1979 overthrew the US-British backed monarchy that was raping the nation and keeping it a vassal of the western powers.

“Iran’s new Islamic Republic was deemed a dire threat to Western and Israeli strategic and military interests (think Saudi Arabia). The very idea that the Islamic Republic would follow the tenets of Islam and share oil wealth with the needy was anathema to London and Washington.

“Israel’s intelligence agency, Mossad, ran Iran’s dreaded, brutal secret police, Savak. The crooked royal family looted the nation and stored their swag in California.

“The West’s first act was to induce Saddam Hussein’s Iraq to invade Iran, in Sept 1980. The West (including the Gulf Arabs) armed, financed and supplied Iraq.

“As I discovered in Baghdad, Britain and the US supplied Iraq with poison gas and germ warfare toxins. After eight years, 250,000 Iraqis were killed and nearly one million Iranians died.

“Ever since the Islamic Revolution, the US, Britain, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Arabs have been trying to overthrow the Tehran government and mount a counter-revolution. CIA and Britain’s MI6 has ample practice: in 1953, the CIA and MI6 mounted an elaborate operation to overthrow Iran’s democratically-elected leader, Mohammed Mossadegh who sought to nationalize Iran’s British-owned oil company.

“Mobs of specially trained anti-Mossadegh plotters poured into Tehran’s streets. Bombs went off. Army commanders were suborned, lavish bribes handed out.

“The 1953 coup went perfectly. Mossadegh was ousted with backing from the Army and Savak. Iran’s oil remained safe in western hands. The successful Iran uprising became the template for future ‘color revolutions’ in Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Russia, Poland, and Romania.

“But in 2009 a US-engineered ‘color revolution’ in Iran went badly wrong even though it used all the latest arts of social media to whip up protestors and deploy them in the streets.

“Something similar happened in Iran this past weekend where mobs of 20-somethings, agitated by US and British covert social media, poured into the streets of dingy provincial towns.

“As of now, this medium-sized uprising in Iran looks to be over, though it could re-ignite at any time. Young Iranians, at least 40% of the population, suffer due to 50% unemployment. Iran’s $1 trillion economy is extremely fragile and in some cases barely functioning after decades of US-engineered economic warfare and boycotts.

“High unemployment is a result of US economic warfare and bullying other nations not to do business with Iran, producing 13% overall unemployment and a 40% inflation rate. The latter and wide-scale corruption were the spark that ignited the latest riots.

“In two more weeks, President Trump, who makes no secret of his hatred and contempt for Muslims, must decide whether to reaffirm the multilateral nuclear energy deal with Iran or heed Israel’s demands and refuse to certify it. His cutoff this week of US military aid to Muslim Pakistan bodes ill for Iran.

“Many Iranians observing the current US-North Korea nuclear standoff will wonder if their nation was not better off continuing its nuclear program and holding the Saudi oil fields at risk to deter a US attack. “Trump’s wild, inconsistent and often infantile responses on this issue are making matters murkier…and ever more dangerous,” Margolis concluded.

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  1. Let’s all thank the communist liberal, Margolis, for informing us of what we already know. Let’s not forget he wrote for the (((Huffington Post))) and the (((Toronto Sun))). Of course, this article was posted on his blog, not in those communist, anti-White rags. Read whatever he writes with a very careful eye, better yet, don’t read it at all.

  2. It was immediately obvious to me that the demonstrations in Iran were another attempted ‘color revolution’ concocted by Western government intelligence agencies. Apart from using social media to organize the demonstrations they have their agents in the universities agitating among the students.

    It is always worth consulting the CIA World Factbook to verify the truth of what is stated in articles like this and in this example the gloomy prognosis for the Iranian economy is not justified. Here are the figures that they provide for 2016. Per GDP is $19,300 which makes Iran a middle income country comparable to Argentina for instance. GDP growth per year is 12.5% which puts it in the top 20 fastest growing economies of the world. Manufacturing makes up 34.3% of GDP which is comparable to the share of manufacturing in Japan’s economy and far above the 8% share of GDP in the UK. Public debt as a proportion of GDP is one of the lowest in the world at 13.4% and compares favorably to the UK’s public debt/GDP ratio of 89.8%. The main cause of economic distress that might provoke unrest is unemployment at 12.5% and youth unemployment among 15 – 24 year olds at 26.1% not 50% as the article erroneously states. It is also worth bearing in mind that the majority of people in this age group in the West are not working because they are in education. The consumer price index shows inflation at 9% and not 40% as the article erroneously claims.

    If life in Iran was really so awful huge numbers would be emigrating but Iranians are conspicuous by their absence amongst the hordes of fake refugees invading Europe. In fact net emigration is only 0.2 per 1000 of the population which is less than the the figure of net emmigration for most of the countries of Eastern Europe and South America. Believe me when I say that Iranians are a smart and industrious people who will one day become a great power like China despite the handicap of a theocracy and economic sanctions.

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