“Trump’s Wall” Built in Munich

A four-meter (13 feet) high wall—higher than the Berlin Wall—is being built to separate nonwhite invaders from local Germans in the Munich suburb of Neuperlach Sud, the Merkur newspaper has reported.

One couple told local media: “Donald Trump wants to build a wall for Mexico, and we in Munich Neuperlach build one to keep us safe from refugees.”


Residents said they need the wall to protect themselves and their houses from the “noise and behavior” of 160 so-called child refugees being housed in the area.

Local race-denying liberals are up in arms at the wall, which they say negates Munich’s earlier “welcome refugees” image.

However, the invader center dispute goes back more than two years already. When the government first announced that it was building an invader center accommodation in the area, local residents got together, petitioned and started legal action, forcing the center to close.

Due to the invasion of 2015, the government reopened the center and housed 160 invaders who claim to be unaccompanied minors.

The local residents then went to court, saying that they needed to be protected after an increasing number of incidents with the “youths.”

Furthermore, the residents said, the value of their homes would plummet if there was nothing to separate them from the invaders who could be there for years to come.

They added that they were also objecting to the “noise and behavior of the refugees.”

After being presented with all the evidence, the judge of the Administrative Court in Munich agreed with the residents, and ordered the construction of the wall to go ahead as planned, adding that it should be constructed in such a way as to prevent the invaders from using it as a climbing center, or to use it for “ball throwing games,” or other “leisure use.”

As a result, the wall is being built out of smaller stones gathered together in wire boxes, and will be covered in vines and other plants when completed.

At least 300,000 more invaders are expected to arrive in Germany in 2016, in addition to the more than a million who arrived in 2015.

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  1. Pathetic and unforgivable: That a people has to build a wall to protect themselves from alien invaders imported by their government which is supposed to be putting their best interests above all else. With regards to the radical-leftist Western governments there is a word that we need to be putting more and more into our thinking and dialog: “Overthrow”.

  2. “Yes”, said the Marxist Traitors, “We understand you’re upset because we’ve imported Swarms of Termites to eat up your house and gang-rape your children, but don’t worry! We’re going to wall up part of your house for you to live in, and give the rest to the Termites. Problem solved! What do you mean “SEND THEM ALL BACK”? The poor darling Termites? How cruel and racist you are! Of course they won’t just climb over the wall to attack you! Now, hand over your tax money, there’s a good serf.”

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