Tunisian Museum Refugee-Terrorist Arrested in Germany

One of the nonwhite terrorists who carried out the March 2015 ISIS attack on a museum in Bardo, Tunisia—in which 20 foreign tourists were gunned down—has been arrested in Germany, where he has been living pretending to be an asylum seeker.

Police vehicles outside the Bilal Mosque in Frankfurt.

The arrest took place early on Wednesday morning during a massive police raid on 54 apartments, business premises, and mosques in the state of Hessen.

Premises in Frankfurt, Offenbach, Darmstadt, and Wiesbaden were searched, with the intention of detaining 16 previously identified individuals who were all active in the Salafist movement, police said.

The Bilal Mosque in the Griesheim district of Frankfurt played a focal part in the raids.

At least ten of the wanted suspects were arrested, and are being held on charges of supporting a foreign terrorist organization and the preparation of “serious state-threatening violence.”

The Bardo Museum attack terrorist, identified as Haikel S. (36), is also accused of having contacts with ISIS and acting as a planning center for “external operations” and other attacks in Europe.

It was only after his arrest that Interpol data came to light revealing that he was wanted in connection with the deadly 2015 attack, where three gunmen burst into the famous Roman Museum in Bardo and opened fire on white tourists.

After the attackers had killed 20 Europeans, Tunisian police managed to kill two of the gunmen, while the third managed to escape. It is now presumed that the refugee-terrorist arrested in Frankfurt was the third attacker.

CCTV footage of the three gunmen inside the Bardo Museum, March 2015.

Haikel S. is also wanted in connection with another terrorist attack on the Tunisian border town of Ben Gardane in March 2016.

It also emerged that Haikel S. had been arrested in Germany in August 2016 on assault charges, and that an attempt to deport him back to Tunisia in October of that year had failed because Tunisia refused to accept him back.

In a separate police action, three nonwhites were arrested in Berlin in a swoop on several premises in the German capital just hours before the Hesse raids.

The now infamous mosque in Berlin-Moabit was also searched—the second time in less than two months that police had raided that particular mosque.

According to police, the terror suspects arrested in Berlin were “constantly in that mosque,” just like the Christmas market truck attacker Anis Amri.

All three arrested were in the final stages of leaving to go to Syria with the purpose of undergoing training to carry out a terrorist attack in Germany, police said.

At least one of those arrested was a Turkish citizen.

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