Tunisians Refuse Fake “Rescue Ship,” Want to Invade Italy Alone

A group of eleven Tunisians spotted crossing the Mediterranean Sea in a speed boat refused to be “rescued” by a fake charity ship, instead demanding to be left alone to invade Italy by themselves, Italian media has reported.

According to a report in the la Repubblica newspaper, the eleven Tunisians refused to board the fake charity ship the Aquarius despite having been at sea for two days, with very little food and little water.

“Rather than getting on board a humanitarian ship, without knowing where and when they would be disembarked, they preferred to take the risk and continue sailing towards Lampedusa,” the la Reppublica reported.

The invaders were later picked up by an Italian coast guard patrol boat which took them to the island of Lampedusa, their original destination, from where it appears they will be deported home.

The mayor of Lampedusa, Totò Martello confirmed to the newspaper that the nonwhite invaders from North Africa are now landing “continuously” on his island, which is a much shorter ride from the African coast.

The same day that the eleven Tunisians landed, another 98 nonwhite invaders landed in Lampudesa, all falsely claiming to be “refugees” and demanding that the Europeans give them food and housing.

Meanwhile, the report continued, Tunisian authorities stopped nine Islamic “extremists” who tried to board a rubber boat to reach Italy across the Mediterranean Sea.

The Muslims were part of a group of 15 intercepted by the Coast Guard and the anti-terrorism team in Bizerte, in the north of the country, the report continued. The nine, aged between 21 and 39, were handed over to the National Guard Unit investigating terrorism crimes.

The Tunisian Maritime Guard also intercepted another boat carrying 11 Tunisians, including 3 women and 2 newborns, south of the Island of Lampedusa. A statement from the Tunisian Ministry of Defense said that the invaders had admitted that they had left Tunisia in an attempt to illegally reach the Italian coast. The 11 Tunisian citizens were handed over to the National Guard of Zarzis and reported to the Tunisian judiciary.

The number of invaders landing in Spain has quadrupled since Italy closed its harbors to the invader-aiding fake charity ships, and more than half of the 14,900 nonwhites who invaded Europe in July, landed in Spain.

Yesterday, the Aquarius docked in Malta after EU countries thrashed out a “deal” to take in the 141 nonwhite invaders onboard.

According to Reuters, “loud cheers could be heard from the ship as it pulled into the Grand Harbor in Valletta,” five days after the invaders, most of them Somalis and Eritreans, were taken off boats along the Libyan coast.

Malta and Italy both initially refused to let the Aquarius dock in a re-run of the standoff seen in June. But Malta agreed to reverse its decision as France, Germany, Luxembourg, Portugal and Spain offered to take in the ship’s latest invaders, along with 114 others who arrived on the island on Monday.

The invaders were unloaded from the Aquarius straight onto police buses, to be taken to a reception center where they will be distributed among the five countries, officials said.

Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has vowed that the Aquarius will “never see an Italian port again.”

The Aquarius suffered a setback this week when Gibraltar said it would no longer be able to operate under the British territory’s maritime flag.

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  1. Deport them all, they will never work, all they want and demand is EVERYTHING FOR FREE INDEFINITELY. Even if they do find work it will be of unskilled, low paid manual work that will then entitle them to claim assistance from the state, plus free healthcare, education for their offspring etc….They will always TAKE FROM THE SYSTEM FAR MORE THAN THEY EVER PAY IN.
    In addition the tax payer will be left footing the bill for their criminal activity, and our healthcare and education systems will have to provide extended support when they indulge in producing offspring, and engage in FGM, etc…..many their females require corrective treatment for this barbaric mutilation, as well as treatment for deep infection. They also drain our resources due to needing interpreters as they are largely illiterate of their own spoken language, let alone the language of the host nation they are invading.

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