Turk Arrested for Latest Islamic Terror

A Muslim “immigrant” from Turkey, Arcan Cetin, has been arrested for the latest Islamic terrorist mall attack in America, in which five people were gunned down in a Macy’s store in Burlington, Washington state.

The controlled media has already started with the “mental problems” excuse, is blaming “America’s gun culture,” and even initially identified Cetin as “Hispanic” in their attempt to hide the truth.


The Muslim terrorist—acting in accordance with recent instructions issued by ISIS and Al-Qaeda to attack the “civilians of Crusader states”—opened fire in a Macy’s store at the Burlington Cascade Mall on September 23.

The shooter was identified after police examined surveillance video from the mall and spotted a car connected to him.

cetinCetin was born in Turkey, and legally emigrated to the U.S. with his family a number of years ago. He went to the Oak Harbor High School, and is a legal permanent resident of the U.S.—yet more evidence of the danger posed by legal Third World immigration.

The attack follows several other Muslim “lone wolf” attacks in the U.S., all in line with the ISIS / Al-Qaeda orders which were issued in their online publications and news services.

In spite of all the facts, the controlled media, aided by the establishment, will pretend to “look for a motive” for as long as possible.

A report run by the Reuters news agency, for example, said that “authorities on Sunday were still working to determine what prompted a 20-year-old man to open fire in a Washington state mall, killing five people” and that “the FBI said while they had no indication the attack was a ‘terrorism act,’ it could not be ruled out.”

Other establishment spokesmen had tried to blame “America’s gun culture” for the attack—ignoring the growing list of Muslim terrorist attacks being carried out by legal Muslim immigrants in the U.S.

The establishment and media bias can be seen clearly if the racial origin of the perpetrators were reversed.

Say, for example, there was an international white terrorist organization in existence, and it had called on its supporters all over the world to carry out terrorist attacks.

Continuing this theoretical example, say that following those orders, individual whites started carrying out attacks like those which have occurred recently in the U.S.

Can anyone doubt that the same media—which endlessly discusses the “motives” of Muslim terrorists—would be running banner headlines screaming “white terrorism strikes” and so on?

As in the Cascade Mall shooting case, because the perpetrators are not white, and because the truth does not fit the “multiracial peace” narrative that the media promotes, they will persist for as long as possible to hide the reality.

Fortunately, the power of the Internet has now smashed the controlled media’s grip on information, and the public can now see the facts for themselves.

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  1. “authorities on Sunday were still working to determine what prompted a 20-year-old man to open fire in a Washington state mall, killing five people”
    Hhmmm ……difficult one that if you`re trying hard to avoid saying it…..lol !! Just spit it out…he`s another muslim – a so- called `extremist`.
    All Muslims are extremists… they follow the murderous religion of Islam.

  2. The USA is now more left and crooked than China/Russia LOL Vote that liar Clinton in and watch the USA as well as the whole world really go down the drain.

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