Turk Blackmail “Deal” with EU

The Turkish government has started to halt the flood of invaders sailing to the Greek islands in terms of its “deal” with the European Union—proving that they could have done it all along and merely used the nonwhite invasion to blackmail Europe.

On Friday, March 18, Turkish police intercepted 3,000 invaders attempting to cross on land and sea in a major operation involving coast guard and helicopters, as the “deal” was being struck in Brussels.


Even so, some 1,498 invaders were still able to land on the Greek islands from March 18 to March 19, Greek “crisis teams” on Lesbos reported. According to the Greek coast guard, the increase is likely related to the fact that Turkey has undertaken to crack down on the invaders.

In terms of the deal, after midnight on Saturday, March 19, any invader who lands on the islands will no longer be able to catch ferries to Athens, but will be immediately “interviewed” by asylum officials or judges at new detention camps.

Presumably these “interviews” will decide which of the invaders are “genuine” refugees or not—even though it is abundantly clear that none are genuine, as they are all leaving a safe third country—Turkey—and are thus not fleeing for their lives at all.

In fact, there are approximately three million “refugees” living peacefully in Turkey, a fact which completely undermines the claim that they are “fleeing to Europe in fear of their lives.”

From April 4, deportations to Turkey are set to begin with EU officials expressing the hope that the process will take no more than a few days to complete.

Those who appeal against their deportations will be brought before Greek judges in “instant court” sessions in a €20 million per month project involving 4,000 staff—funded by the EU.

The EU-Turkey “deal” will mean that Turkey gets a €6 billion bribe to stop the invasion, while at the same time the EU has agreed to directly transfer some 72,000 “Syrian” invaders directly to the European mainland from Turkey. This exchange will only be stopped if the numbers of invaders deported to Turkey exceed that figure.

In return, Turkey’s 75-million strong population will be granted visa-free access to Europe from June 2015, as long as that country introduces “forgery-proof passports” in time.

In addition, the “deal” provides for the speeding up of negotiations to let Turkey join the EU so that they aim to be finalized before the end of June. Cyprus—still in a dispute with Turkey over the occupation of the northern part of that country—will be denied the right to veto Turkish EU membership.

Meanwhile, the Bulgarian army has been stationed along that country’s border with Macedonia in an attempt to halt the infiltration of the thousands of nonwhites trapped in Greece after most of the Balkan nations unilaterally closed their borders to all but those who could “prove” that they were “Syrians” (fake passports notwithstanding).

There are an estimated 46,000 such invaders waiting on the Greek–Macedonian border, and about 12,000 piled up at the border village of Idomeni.


africans-posing-as refugees-idomeni

Black Africans pretending to be refugees wait at the border between Macedonia and Greece, looking for an opportunity to break through the fence and join the parasitic hordes already living off the white taxpayers of western Europe.

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  1. This is a bs deal that will still result in the treacherous evil western “democracies” accelerating invasion into western Europe.

    1. Have no doubt about it, the whole migration issue is an Allah send for Turkey, Cheap illegal oil, provision of medical services to IS, no doubt at a premium, and now free money for providing very little. I doubt under the ‘new system’ the invaders being returned will be exactly grateful, the Turks are not reknowned for wearing kid gloves, ask the Kurds. The sooner the EU breaks up, the sooner a modicum of sense will be applied to this issue, one thing is for ceretain, the Turks will not be in a hurry to help!

  2. If Turkey joins the EU it will be time to say goodbye to White European Civilisation. Can’t help thinking this was the plan all along!

    1. This is the Couldenhove-Kalergi plan all along. Even Merkel and Rompuy got awards for their work towards it! The genocide of the European people to create a mixed race. Google it.

  3. Not only is this clearly blackmail, but the EU can spend taxpayers money with total disregard to what the people want. We only have to foot the bill.

    “Cyprus—still in a dispute with Turkey over the occupation of the northern part of that country—will be denied the right to veto Turkish EU membership.”

    This is what the EU considers to be ‘democracy’

    How much longer is this domination of the people going to go on?

  4. I’m sorry but the stinky EU has run afoul over its own stinky so called ‘human rights’ laws – which legally bind all member states. Amongst over provisions these laws state that all ‘asylum’ claims must be processed in the country in which they were lodged, that ‘asylum seekers’ are ‘entitled’ to an appeal if their claim is rejected – and they must stay on receiving nation soil during the duration of the appeal process, and that ‘collective expulsions’ such as the proposed horse-trading of landed Syrians for Syrians in Turkey – must never be contemplated.
    So it seems that these desperate, half-baked, stupid measures will be struck down by the European Court.
    On another note, why are Syrian fakers being discriminated against like this when Nigerian, Pakistani, Afghan, Bangladeshi etc fakers are not?

  5. The traitorous governments wont be so smug when bullets start coming their way…either from the betrayed population or the invaders…!!!

  6. For very many years I’ve said that what politicians say publicly has noting to do with what they think and do privately. Politics is corrupt, no country can claim otherwise. Every one has a particular bandwagon they want to follow, and woe betide anyone that stands in their way. The most extreme of these has been Merkel’s “Immigrants are welcome”, and still she insists that nothing will stop her from making EVERY country in the 28 bloc to accept her directive.
    Turkey, being a country that would know more about corruption than most, (awards for government contracts right across the Middle East are usually given to the company giving the biggest bribe) so it is not surprising that they are hell bent on blackmailing the rest of the countries to accept their application to be part of the EU. The world is disintergrating before our very own eyes and what the children, grandchildren of today will make of it as they grow older is worrying.

    1. Modern day politics is TOTALLY corrupt.
      By accident or design, the European invasion is right now providing welcome cover for ever more shady deals.
      If we`re always playing catch-up, we can never hope to beat the so-called `elite` at their own game Which means every one of us should learn about the who / why / when plus all about this evil agenda.
      The following website has answers to most of questions.

      The following treats intended for us are in the pipeline ready to further the One World Government.
      The secretive Bilderberg Group [`IIluminati ] to oversee all government appointments and each NATO country`s spending.
      Bilderberg and USA are right now pushing for Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership aka TTIP. Huge companies eg; Monsanto will determine their own policies. Our views will count for nothing.
      Every area of life affecting us all will be determined by these shadowy figures – all answerable to no one
      Media, industry, politics, banking etc; will all be under Bilderberg control.
      As voters we will be superfluous to requirements – having no say whatsoever.

      This has been a long time in the planning and preparation and it`s almost ready to come to fruition.
      The following statements are typical of the stark reality of their One World Government agenda.

      “We shall have world government whether or not you like it, by conquest or consent.” -(CFR) member James Warburg February 17th, 1950

      “In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill.” –
      A Report by the Council of the Club of Rome 1991.

      “We are not going to achieve a new world order without paying for it in blood as well as in words and money.”
      – Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., July/August 1995.

      WE ignore the impending TTIP deal and another meeting of the secretive Bilderbergers [aka Illuminati] at our peril. Coming very soon is have mapped out for the rest of us in their One World.

  7. Definitely consistent with the own rules of the EU without any transparency in violation of Treaties, Conventions or Declarations. See Articles 33, 55 and 62 of The European Convention on Human Rights.

  8. The deportation hasn’t started yet. Tspiras is waiting for all the police, translators and officials promised by the EU to deal with the logistics, But that hasn’t happened. You know what the EU/Brussels is like – takes an age-and-a-half to get anything moving. I reckon you won’t see deportations this side of May. I may be wrong and I hope so.
    Meanwhile the benefit shoppers find new routes.
    A duff deal done with Turkey out of Merkel’s desperation to clear up HER mess without having to admit to it. She knows she’s in trouble. Been in power far too long. It leads people like her to believe they can do no wrong. Same with a former German chancellor who seized power in 1935.

  9. EU boss is Merkel. Merkel boss is Soros. Soros boss is a bunch of oil barons from Arabs world who wants to islamise the world. EU has to go.

    1. Soros Boss is Arabs?? Are you on drugs, boy? Soros, the Jewish supremacist is the right arm of Jacob Rothschild. The Rothschild family, worth 500 trillion dollars, runs the world and has Saudi Arabia around its pinky finger. Do your research before you spread disinformation. The international Jewish mafia is deliberately destroying Europe, deliberately genociding white Christians in all Christian countries. They are the ones invading all white countries with non-whites for the purpose of white genocide. They used us to destroy Muslim countries and now they’re using Muslims to destroy ours.

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