Turkey Deports 15,000 Afghan Invaders, Exposing “Refugee” Claim as Hoax

At least 15,000 Afghan invaders in Turkey—trying to swindle their way into Europe—have been deported back to their home country, definitively exposing as a hoax all Afghani claims to needing “asylum” anywhere.

According to a report by Afghan Analysts Network,  Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu made the announcement on Turkish television in response to a 400 per cent increase in arrivals of Afghan invaders to Turkey during the first quarter of 2018.

In April and May 2018, thousands of Afghans were sent back on charter flights from Turkey to Kabul, mostly from the city of Erzurum, eastern Anatolia.

The HurriyetDaily News has quoted government officials saying that over 20,000 “undocumented” Afghans crossed through Erzurum in the first three months of 2018.

There are currently about 157,000 Afghans in Turkey, the second largest foreign group after Syrians, and most have made their way there seeking to emulate their brethren who successfully invaded Europe in the wake of the “open doors” policy instituted by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Until now, Turkey has classed registered Afghans under a “temporary protection regime” category, rather than the “international protection regime” which is used for all non-Syrian invaders.

This number of Afghan “protection seekers” consists only of those who have managed to register in Turkey and maintain that status throughout their stay, and it is likely that there are thousands more Afghans in Turkey who do not fall into the category of “protection seekers.”

The Turkish Directorate General of Migration Management says 46,495 “undocumented” Afghans have been apprehended between 1 January 2018 and early June 2018.

The Afghan Analysts Network report revealed that the Turkish government increased its efforts to stem the Afghan invasion coming through the Iranian border in April 2018, when a group of Afghan officials arrived—at the Turkish government’s request—to issue travel documents to Afghans detained in Erzurum’s removal centers so that they could be returned to Afghanistan.

The arrival of the Afghan officials to Erzurum was followed by high-level bilateral visits between Turkey and Afghanistan. On 8 April 2018, the Turkish Prime Minister Binali  Yildirim said during a joint-press conference with the Afghan Chief Executive Adbullah Abdullah that the two countries “have reached an agreement on the matter of sending back those who arrive illegally.”

In order to reach Turkey, most Afghans cross over from Iran by foot. It is the final stretch of a journey that spans Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran into Turkey, “with Europe as the preferred final destination,” the report added.

The deportations are being carried out with the knowledge and help of the United Nations’ International Organization for Migration (IOM) which recorded 1,142 Afghans being returned from Turkey through its Assisted Voluntary Return Program during the period 1 January 2018 to 2 June 2018.

All of this confirms the fact that there is no need for Afghans to seek “asylum” anywhere, because if their country was really unsafe, the UN would not be assisting in their return and they would not be deported by the thousands from countries like Turkey.

It is only in the liberal white West where their patently bogus stories of “asylum” are entertained.

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