Turkey Suspends Greek Part of EU-Turkey “Refugee Deal”

The European Union’s “deal” with Turkey on “refugees”—in terms of which Turkey was supposed to clamp down on the mass invasion of Europe via its territory in return for Syrians directly flown to Europe—appears to be on the point of collapse after Turkey suspended the readmission agreement with Greece.

According to a report in the Turkish Hurriyet Daily newspaper, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu suspended the “bilateral migrant readmission deal with Greece in response to a decision by a Greek court to release eight former Turkish soldiers who fled the country a day after the July 2016 coup attempt.”

Cavusoglu however confusingly claimed that the “migrant deal” with the EU was still in force, even though the readmission deal with Greece—which allows that latter nation to send back failed “refugees” to Turkey, and which is a key component of the arrangement—is no longer in place.

The deal says for every Syrian migrant sent back to Turkey from the Greek islands, one Syrian in Turkey will be resettled in the EU.

“We have a migrant deal with the EU. It is being implemented. We have a bilateral readmission deal with Greece. We have now suspended this agreement. The process is not fully over but our works towards Greece will continue,” Cavusoglu said, unhelpfully.

Hurriyet pointed out that given “the fact that Turkey and the EU could not accomplish the Readmission Agreement (in return for visa liberalization for Turkish nationals) due to differences over the definition of terrorism, the cancellation of the Turkey-Greece agreement will make the implementation of the migrant deal much more difficult as the Greek government will no longer be able to send Syrian refugees back to Turkey.”

At the same time, the Turkish government has also rounded up another 590 invaders on their way to Europe. Among them were Afghan, Pakistani, Palestinian, Iraqi, Moroccan, Algerian, Sri Lankan and Vietnamese nationals.

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