Turkey Threatens Europe with New Invasion

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has threatened to send millions of “refugees” to Europe unless the Europeans pay him billions of euros—and stop the Russians bombing terrorists in Syria.

Refugee Camp in Turkey

Making the threat in a speech in the Turkish capital of Ankara on Thursday, Erdogan said that he had threatened EU leaders at a summit meeting in November that Turkey could easily say “goodbye” to the “refugees” and send them on their way.

“We do not have the word ‘idiot’ written on our foreheads. We will be patient but we will do what we have to. Don’t think that the planes and the buses are there for nothing,” Erdogan said.

Greek news site Euro2Day earlier this week reported that at the G20 summit in Antalya in November, Erdogan had threatened European commission president Jean-Claude Juncker that Turkey could send the refugees to Europe.

The website quoted Erdogan as telling Juncker: “We can open the doors to Greece and Bulgaria anytime and put the refugees on buses.”

In his speech on Thursday, Erdogan said he was “proud of what I said. We have defended the rights of Turkey and the refugees. And we told them [the Europeans]: ‘Sorry, we will open the doors and say goodbye to the migrants’.”

Turkey already has around three million “refugees,” and Erdogan said that his country had already spent some $9 billion (€8 billion) on hosting them. Last year, the EU agreed to give Turkey €3 billion, but the funds have yet to be transferred.

The Turkish president also claimed it was “Russian airstrikes” which have “forced Syrians to flee to Turkey”—ignoring the fact that most genuine Syrian refugees had fled long before the Russian strikes started.

Contrary to Erdogan’s assertion, the biggest driver behind the “refugee” influx was the announcement by Angela Merkel that they all could come to Germany, no questions asked.

According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), by February 7, 2016, another 70,365 invaders had arrived by sea in Greece from Turkey this year, an average of 2,000 a day.

The numbers are still so large that the Greek government is now “considering” sending invaders picked up in the Aegean Sea back to Turkey, a government spokesman told AFP.

The Greeks were, AFP reported, “mulling whether to declare Turkey a ‘safe third country’ which would allow it to return any asylum seekers picked up in the waters.”

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  1. When I was twelve years old I read a book titled “Gallipoli” that mentioned the Turkish genocide of the Christian Armenian people in 1915. There is no evil act commited by the Turks that surprises me now in the least. I only wish that Phillip II had dispatched the Armada in 1588 to retake Constantinople instead of against our European English cousins.

  2. It was rather obvious that given Merkels encouragement to Turkey to jump into the EU fold that Erdogan would start using immigrants as a blackmail tool.
    Erdogan is desperate to stop the Russians hurting his cut from the stolen Syrian oil.
    It seems anybody who has any say or control seems to have accepted the Rothschilds counterfeit and worthless $ to promote the zionist plan of global chaos.

  3. Europe leaders are to blame for sleeping with the people who started all the mess in MidEast. The leaders are chosen by the people.

  4. We supposedly have armies. put them on the border, shoot if they have to !
    In a shipwreck, a full lifeboat, is rowed away ! That is because the fleets know, that desperate people, will sink the lifeboats, as they try to get on board.
    How many low IQ muslims, can Europe realistically employ ? They are never going to benefit the EU in any way.
    Time to forget the inept EU and enforce our own borders.
    Erdogan is desperately trying to provoke a war with Russia, in the hope Nato will help them, as they use the confusion to open the floodgates. Hopefully Nato can see through the Turk – Isis plot !

    1. @Holger Danske
      Yeah I always wondered why do EU have borders and warships (coast defence) if those are useless since apparently all can enter Europe.

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